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Hey, Warriors! I know, I haven't been to active lately. So, I'm throwing a contest, to brighten up the community! :3 Please draw a scene from Omen of the Stars 3.! It can be anything, as long as it is THAT book specifically. No other books are aloud ((unless, if you're a mod, you may do any from Omen of the Stars)) Have fun, and remember, try your hardest, and no matter what I KNOW I will love it!
                           Good Luck, everyone

Okay, I am so sorry this turned out badly... I might close it down, I'm sorry to all of the newly joining people. None of us are active anymore, including me. I hope you can forgive me.


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(Open to anyone)
Emberflight was outside enjoying sunshine near a pond until she heard a rustle and someone charged towards her making her fall toward a pond and then...

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Name: Whispersong
Gender: she cat
Crush: Vixenheart +Kitsune of ash 
Clan: What Clans r there?
Rank: warrior
Kits: none
Personnality: gentle, shy , soft, understanding

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Introducing Vixenheart!

Name: Vixenheart
Gender: male
Age: 17 moons
Rank: deputy
Clan: Foxclan
Personality: quiet, kind, responsible

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Name Otterkit, Otterpaw, Otterpelt, Otterstar
Gender Male
Age 38 moons, (around 3 years)
Clan RiverClan
Rank Leader
Personality A good leader, not bossy, kind, caring, good neogotiator
Family Mother - Dewears, Father - Lightningeye, Brother - Rainpelt, Brother - Sharktooth (all family is dead)
Bio His family was killed by rogues, so he now hates all rogues. He was very young when they were killed, but remembers it well. He is still tormented by nightmares of them dying.

How many cats are we allowed to have?

Welcome all new members! X3 We'll be nice to each other here, so don't worry! But be sure to read the rules before you do anything else :3

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Name- Greykit/ Greypaw/ SmoothSnake/ SilverStar (please put *stars :3* around what you are now :3!
Gender- Male
Age- 48 Moons
Rank- Leader
Love: Open :3
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