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Drago: is on my ship docked near the research facility when the explosion happens and I get knocked into a wall and pass out. I wake up several hours later what happened (open introduction rp)
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theme song: heart of courage 
original name: Drago
new name: (open to suggestion)
age: unknown 
weapons: assault rifle, spartan laser, plasma rifle, void sword 
original gender: male
new gender: female
weight: 140
height: 6 foot 1
skills: highly trained soldier he was trained in heavy weapons, mechanics, demolitions, snipin, and hand to hand combat has the power to come back to life but it was not given to him willingly deppendin on how he dies is how long it takes him to come back
Bio: he was originally a spartan back in the times of Rome he died a soldiers death in battle centuries later the daughter of black beard did a voodoo spell on him and now he cant stay dead although he does die hes actually blown his own head off multiple only to come back a few weeks later and now he is a bounty hunter doing what ever he can to make a living.  and when he was younger he got along much better with machines then he did people especially after what happened to dragon team.was docked near the research facility when the explosion went of and woke up as a girl  
hair color: dirty blond 
eye color: blue 
facial features: his right eye was slashed out by a lucky enemy he was shortly after obliterated.
Helmet: gungnir hu/rs
left shoulder: security 
right shoulder: mjolnir mk. V
chest: assault/commando
wrist: tactical/tacpad
utility: tactical/softcase
visor color: blue 
knee guards: fj/para
colors: silver< gold
equipment: jetpack and drop sheild 

The Nevada its it a large ship 550 meters to be exact and that is about 1804 feet 
UNSC Nevada was launched in late 2553. Notably the smallest UNSC vessel to be equipped with Integrated Shield Technology, the Nevada was specifically intended to provide escort cover for the new flagship. The Nevada’s new energy shielding meant that the ship would be much more capable of absorbing damage from plazma and beam weapons (which the Covenant had used to such devastating effect), especially when in the vulnerable position of deploying troops/equipment on a planet surface. However, the UNSC were keen not to stray too far from the few key features which gave their older warships their limited effectiveness against the technologically superior Covenant fleets. Therefore, armor plating was retained in key areas, adopting the old US Naval ‘All or Nothing’ armor principle. In other words, the most vulnerable areas of the ship (such as the engines) were covered with the thickest plating available, whilst other more redundant areas had virtually no armor at all. This meant that the ship carried, on average, 40% less armor than its predecessors and so could significantly out-perform them in terms of speed and maneuverability, yet if the ship were to crash land on a planet’s surface, it is predicted to have approximately 60% chance of remaining largely intact.

Offensive Capabilities

The MAC gun, or Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, is standard equipment on most modern UNSC vessels. During it's intial construction, the Nevada was retrofitted in 2552 with an updated configuration of its MAC system, famously innovated by the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Most MAC systems had to recharge the magnetic fields between bursts, but the Nevada had a system modified to fire 2 MAC rounds on a single charge. Magnetic field recyclers and booster capacitors allowed for this one-charge, two-shot advantage. The Nevada's MAC munitions were light rounds of an outer layer of tungsten carbide concealing a ferrous core.
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ok this is my oc as he is and one picture of his ship my request is that i be able to have my ship and ill come up with somethin like i was docked near by and the explosion happened then drago was turned into a girl but i havent come up with a name i will have a girl picture for when i post his profile 
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Original name: John Noblesse
New name: Agnes Noblesse
Age: 23
Occupation: Floor Inspector
Original gender: Male
New gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual (Technically likes Girls and Guys who look like Girls)
relationships: None
Bio: John lives in a one bedroom apartment and works commission inspecting flooring conditions. Now as Agnes, she lives in a one bedroom apartment and works commission inspecting floors.

Sitting in the parking lot of a closed down Walmart waiting to start today's job

Just wondering, but has anyone played GBDNATE?

a blue 69 charger Daytona parks in front of the lab a female stepping out wearing a t-shirt and shorts (open rp)

Original name:Andrew Rusef
Newname: Amy rusef
Occupation: computer tech at lab
Old gender:male
New gender:female
Sexuality:straight before explosion but that might change
Bio:Andrew was at the lab fixing one of the computers when the explosion hit. When he awoke he was a 6ft 1" female with c cup breasts,short brown hair, and green eyes. Now that she was female Andrew changed her name to amy. Apart from allso being a computer technician for the lab she also fixes classic cars.

is visiting my old home when i see (anyone want to join)

+Roxas Everstorm (Terra Sora Riku and Ven) sleeping next to Roxas, peacefully
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