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Vegan Summer Festival is now up. With inverted rows, pushups and pull-ups go have a look.

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Simple way to boost cancer survival rates: diet and exercise, studies say

The take home message from this study (can you guess?). Do some exercise, avoid meat and refined grains, eat more whole vegetables...
This should be your basic plan already. I suggest an 80:20 diet where you eat 80% whole food, 20% other stuff. That way you will not feel so restricted that you never eat a slice of pizza or a donut, or drink a glass if wine. Be sensible, eat 'mostly' healthy foods and do any form of exercise you prefer, it is a relatively simple idea, yet so few manage to do it.

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Here is the plan for the Brighton event this weekend

Saturday Inverted row contest

Sunday Push-up contest

Sunday Morning talk by Ste Coote on the main stage

All weekend long Pullup Challenge (win a prize if ladies get 3 reps or guys get 7 reps)

All weekend stall

Saturday evening - we can go eat at a vegan establishment in town.

That's the plan, come and join us...

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Hmm, this study found 6,000IU's of vit D3 were needed to achieve a healthy vitamin D level in the blood (for those with normal BMI, if you are bigger, you needed more).
Consider, this is still only one study. At the moment I suggest 1,000IU's as a minimum unless you have issues? But maybe at some point we'll need to suggest more?
Interesting stuff...

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Here is the write-up of our adventures at Bristol Vegfest
Our next outing is the 3-4 June at the viva festival in Brighton

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Packing t-shirts for the this weekend. It will be fun visiting Norway. We are doing a push-up contest, have a stall and Nathan Loughton will be doing a talk for us about exercise and getting fit, so come along and check it out
#oslovegetarfestival #veganbodybuilding #exercise #pushupcontest #vegan #pushup #health #fitness #norway

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Brighton Vegfest 2027 weekend is finally up. It took 2 computers (one broke, the next had an update and the keyboard stopped working), dealing with a dodgy router, suffering a tummy ache (I rarely get tummy aches?). Having to install programs and stuff into new computer, learning to use video editing software....phew, it was tricky getting it done.
We had around 100 winners of the pull-up challenge and 25ish entrants in the inverted row contest.
Anyway here it is

Special thanks has to go to who helped us out immensely so far this year (use code VEGANBODY2017 - that's not an affiliate link, we make nothing, you just save 35% using it)
Enjoy the look at our weekend

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Spent today setting up at Come along tomorrow for the inverted row contest (3rd floor 5pm) & come and visit the Vegan Bodybuilding stall for the push-up challenge for a small prize (7 reps for males, 3 reps for ladies), that goes on all weekend!
#brightonvegfest #vegfest #veganbodybuilding #veganicity #viridian #pullup #vegetology #invertedrow #pulsin 

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Just a quick note to say that the Veganicity discount code has changed, you still get 35% off
Use the new discount code of:



They now have protein powders, superfoods powders (super greens, super reds) as well as just about every supplement you need.
Final point, this is a discount code, not an affiliate link, we make nothing from you purchasing, we just support these guys. They have supported our contests since we met and continue to help us promote fitness and health within the vegan community.
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