Hi there! I really want to share something awesome that happened last night, cross-faction. I am an Enl player and my vehicle's battery was dead when I got to it after work last night. I put a call out in our slack and on the Ingress Comms channel for a jumpstart/ momman and MollyTov (both Res players) responded immediately! They contacted another player, Ttalis through their Res channels and he willingly came to assist right away! I feel so much gratitude to them for helping, for their kindness and willingness to help another player in the name of "cross-faction love". Words fail to express the respect I have for these players, for the Res team, to extend assistance to an Enl player in need. As Ttalis said - we all play the same game regardless of blue/green colour. A huge shout-out to momman, MollyTov and Ttalis!! You have my respect and gratitude, ten-fold!

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More prizes/swag/raffle items added to June #IngressFS  at Banfield park. We've added a brand new 5 port 40W anker car lighter adapter chargerhttps://plus.google.com/events/coq5dbk04br4sd1n78uqmflcrlc
Come play, eat, drink and capture in this fun social Xfaction event!
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At the recent #ingressfs  event put on by +Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association I debuted the latest #Lego   #ingress  gear item, the VR Shield! I was happy that it was overshadowed by such a successful event that included visitors +Fev Games and +Linda Besh and our highest turnout ever for a xfaction event. Final AP scores of 3,007,574 for Res and 3,057,406 for Enl with +Fevenis Silverwind winning most AP overall, plus 5 levels gained by blewbs and newts alike! 
Please also check out more awesome #yyj  Ingress creativity by our local luminary +Erin Wolanksi Langstaff's prize painting: 

Instructions will follow eventually, probably in the same format as the portal key: https://plus.google.com/+JosephWilliamsVictoriaCA/posts/57PkNoWDQ1A

+Ingress +Leo Chu +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger 

Hello all. Going to join the Ingress world and was wondering which side is currently more dominant right now. I would rather balance the fight then continue a one sided swing. If they are about equal i will just choose based on flavour preference. Thanks.

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Congrats on being the first LEVEL 16 RES on island +Wompeter T​!!!! I'm sorry @NoHoDads you still lose complaint of the day

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Come on out to our #ingressfs event, this time the crown jewel of Victoria, Beacon HIll Park. A social meetup will take place at Beacon Drive In between 10 am and 11:30, before the actual event. After a nice brunch and some social time, we'll head over to the Beacon Hill Park Stage & Band shell (look for the portal decoration!) to register players and start the event. Z-Crew will go out to clear the field approximately 11:30, event proper starts at noon and goes till 2pm. Trophy and bragging rights for highest AP gain, as well as prizes for the most lvls gain, for levels 1-8 for each faction. We have a couple special guests from Fev Games coming. Come on out and join us!

There will be a donation jar with the scorekeepers/event admins. Please consider bringing a few bucks to go toward supporting future events. Stickers and pins should be available via donation. All VIIPA donations will get used exclusively to cover future event costs, prizes, etc.

10:00 am - X-faction meetup at Beacon Drive In
11:00 am - Group photos, coffee, snacks, social, gear trades, register
11:45 am - Official AP and Level check in.
12:00 pm - Level-Up Bootcamp Competition
2:00 pm  - Check-out cut-off time (strictly enforced)
2:30 pm - Approximate start of awarding of prizes for most level ups from between levels 1 to 8, and highest AP gain.

10:00 AM  Cross-Faction Meet-Up:  Meet at Beacon Drive in just outside the park. All levels are encouraged to join. Grab a bite to eat, meet local Agents face-to-face-to-face, learn how to play Ingress or teach a new Agent the ins and outs of Ingress and share Ingress stories.

11:00 AM - We will gather at the Beacon Hill Park Stage & Band shell in the middle of the park for group pictures, and registration/Check-In etc.

11:30 AM - Ingress ZC (Zamboni Crew) get sent out. The goal is to turn all Portals gray. Then return to Check-In with the Scorekeeper.

11:45 AM Official Check-In Begins : Each agent will check-in with the designated Scorekeeper from the opposing faction. The Scorekeeper will verify your Agent name and record your starting AP by checking your scanner. This is the only information that will be recorded or viewed and the Scorekeeper must personally check your device/scanner. Codes will be handed out during check in.

12:00/12:30 PM - Factions head out.

2:00PM - Cut-off and check-out: Come Back to the stage by 2pm to your scorekeeper to have your AP tabulated for the final faction score.

2:30PM - Awarding of prizes.

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Exciting News! Ingress is coming to the Northwest FanFest. Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association is proud to collaborate with Vancouver Ingress to host a table at this exciting con! We will be doing a burst type event. More information to come but if you have time to get off the rock we'd love to see you there!

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Guess who has a table at this? VIIPA.

I am so excited about this event

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Cluster map and portal list has been posted, please feel free to download the cluster map
Announcing the Cluster Map for the 2015 GottaCon XM Burst

Here is the cluster map for the 2015 GottaCon XM Burst, taking place on February 28th from 1pm to 3pm.  Below is a listing of the affected portals in the cluster.  Please feel free to download the cluster map image and share with your teams.  Further information to follow after 1700hrs Pacific Time tomorrow, including point values and an event timeline.  Good luck, Agents. May the best faction win.

Link to the G+ Event: 

"Our Emily" Emily Carr Statue
Climbing Rose Garden
Tournament of Roses
Kwakiutl Bear Pole
Tea for Pope
Bengal Lounge
Wolf Dancer Totem
Seagull Mosaic
Empress Hotel
Leaping Frog
Steam Punk Rocket Man
Whale People Totem
Whale People Plaque
Haida's Clan Totem
VIIPA HQ - GottaCon 2014
Awesome Coffee
Crystal Garden
Aria Fountain
Canadian Pacific Lawn Bowling Club
Cridge Park
Church of Our Lord
Synthesis 1063 by Elza Mayhew
Fountain Sculptures at Winchester Gallery
Sit Ubu, Sit
Millos Windmill
Bust in Wall
Bartholomew's Fountain
The Falls Waterfall
Bug Zoo Totem
Haida Clan Pole Plaque
Nootka Court
The Union Club of British Columbia
Fairmont Empress Arbutus Tree
Belmont Building
Miniature World
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