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Ingress First Saturday happening this weekend! October 6th 12:30 to 3:30 at Saxe Point Park (see for more details)

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Sweet! Event starts tomorrow, badges for killing stuff!
let the pew pew fly!
Do you reliably get the 20% attack bonus when firing an XMP? Starting July 13th at 12:01 AM GMT and running through July 22nd at 11:59 PM GMT we are holding a special Cassandra Neutralizer event! Every unique Portal you neutralize will count towards your Cassandra Neutralizer medal. The medal will have three tiers (100 Bronze, 300 Silver, 1000 Gold) based on how many unique Portals you neutralize during the event. There will also be a new statistic that appears in your scanner to help you keep track of your progress.
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Hi there, I'm an Ingress player from the Moroccan Community, I know what i'm going to post is out of your group's topic, but one member of our comunity hit lvl 10 and we need ppl of lvl 12 and above to accept our portals application approval since we're really low on them, like 8 for the whole city where we live.
So if anyone is willing to help us, i'll provide in private with time wich will be in GMT and the name of the player, Thank you very much for ur help.

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Our researchers have been able to pull the following image out of the anomalous XM defected in Victoria BC Canada.

Agents, perhaps you can help us #FindTheKlue to these events?

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Our ifs activity have allowed our researcher to pull another image from the network


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Welcome to Ingress First Staturday! (IFS)

It's been a long time since Vancouver Island has held an IFS and are very excited to see this event happening! Thank you to Agents: playitloud and TruePirate87 for stepping up to the plate to act as host for the event !!

For the first Time Agents, Ingress First Saturday is a social event with some competitive aspects. It's an amazing place to gain AP and level up if your a newer agent - and a great way to get some unique captures.
It's also a great place to put a name to face and get to know each other a little bit more. We already know we all love Triangles. Who knows what other interest we may share!

Look for the Tent and VIIPA banner near the Main Parking lot.

12:30 am - Tables will be set up for checkin, questions, swag, etc.Take group pictures and tag #IngressFS.

12:45 AM Official Check-In Begins : Each agent will check-in with the designated Scorekeeper from the opposing faction. The Scorekeeper will verify your Agent name and record your starting AP by checking your scanner. This is the only information that will be recorded or viewed and the Scorekeeper must personally check your device/scanner. POSSIBLE SCANNER STATS SHARE FOR SURPRISE PRIZE

1:00 PM Level-Up Bootcamp: While we encourage agents to walk and play in the immediate area, there is no limit to where you play. Please keep in mind the following; regardless of where you choose to play and gain AP, you must return to the starting point and have your ending AP recorded by the scorekeepers by the cut-off time. If your final AP is not recorded, your score will not be counted for this event and you will not be eligible for the raffle.

2:45 PM Make sure you're getting close to the registration table so you're back in time!

3:00 PM Final AP Cut-Off (End): Agents will return to the grass below the center to check back in with the opposing Faction Scorekeeper to record their final AP, relax, chat and wait for winner announcements and prizes. Agents must be back to the sign-in area at 3:00PM or their scores will not count. Once you are in the check in area, you will have your score recorded even if it is after 2:00 pm. Once all eligible participants have checked in, we will tally the scores and have them verified and finalized by the scorekeepers.

3:30 PM - (approx.) We will hold a prize raffle for all eligible participants. After the raffle we will announce the final scores. There will be participation tickets which enter you into any of the swag draws. Extra tickets can be purchased. Only purchased tickets can win the 50/50. Any ticket can win swag and other prizes.

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Check out the music video Ingression 2017

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LANtasy 2017 is coming up this weekend! we've got an awesome event planned - for more details check out the attached link

Hi all,
I'm a lvl 13 Smurf from Hamburg Germany who will be visiting Victoria from Dec 15th - Jan 13th, would be great to meet some of you guys! Enl and Res alike. Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a SIM card I could use while in BC?

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