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Free-Mart is a new paradigm in network marketing based upon caring and sharing. All of the traditional negativity associated with network marketing has been removed. What is left is a business model based upon honesty, integrity, simplicity and transparency.
• Free-Mart is like a buyer’s club that is free to join
• There are “never” any auto shipments
• Never an obligation to purchase a product
• Only those who want our products purchase them
• Products of the utmost purity and concentration
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• No group volume requirements to qualify for 9-levels of commissions
• You simply refer a member that makes a purchase and you get paid
• Refer a member that builds a large organization; get paid through 9- levels
• Policies and Procedures that protect the members
• Free-Mart is FREE to join Click the Link below:
Contact Information:
Dr. Awitan
Phone: +13866278698
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Hi.  I'm Rich Moyer.  I retired the first time 11 years ago after 32 years with a Fortune 50 company, 24 of them in IT.  I then worked as a Sarbanes-Oxley (SEC) Financial and IT auditor, and after that for six years I did "consultative selling" to multi-million dollar enterprise and international accounts including many branches of state and federal government.

I opened my real estate investment company, property management company, and IT and Small Business Consulting firm in 1997-1998, and have been helping small businesses get started ever since.  

My wife tells me this is the 3rd and FINAL time I am retiring, so I now blog, build websites, do network marketing, and keep Life Balance Network running - 25+ blogs, video sites, eCommerce sites, Web stores, and over 40 mini-sites.

I own two safelists: Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads, and also my newest venture, a combined Traffic Exchange and Safelist at 

I just started a closed FB group for users of SEO Optimizer Pro, and WorldProfit members.

Stop by and say HI.

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I posted a Press Release in IBO Toolbox: Introducing Upgrade and Referral Rewards at Giant Profit Ads, Mad Cow Ads, and

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Hi Everyone, I am new to G+ and to this community.

I am Ghislain Poirier, owner of Almighty-safelist.
To motivate you to try this effective credits based safelist, here is a promo code for you:
" +1ToAlmighty  "

Giving 1000 Credits to email 1000 members now!

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Great Offers For Your Affiliate Business And So Much More... See For Yourself. Free to Join!

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27 Ways To Drive More Customers To Your Business

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Someone sent me this link on Facebook...


It's completely free. But you need to sign up right now.

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I think this is integral for any safelist.  What say you?
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