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Guess who's back? That's right! How about we get this Community a-rolling again, ey?

So, how about a big cluster-fuck RP? All are invited to the RP but take it in turns. I will be there telling who will be talking and when Scene's Change. How about it?

It's me... 
Ive been wondering after all this time... 
Am I alone here? yes, yes I am

in library reading (open rp)

I feel like someone should start a rp topic in the afterschool section thing. XD I'll think of something if nobody is feeling up to it. (Trying to make this more... active? I dunno) Wait, I've got an idea. Why don't we agree on an anime topic and make a rp based on it? Someone make a poll? Just a suggestion.

Hello in new here :)

It's official. This place is inactive. Unless Damion is going to do something, I'm leaving. No point.

Hello I'm a new student my name is hikaru

Aww gawd!
I'm glad i'm back! 
Hows the Community here??

Just a question....
How many of you in High School?

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the war has just began
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