I guess i'm new or something :P


Polysoup for Download?

what about 1.9 release :(

Where Do you Create Marble Blast's Custom Levels?

has the game been updated recently?

Does OpenGL work as an api for mbu? I tried forcing it in main.cs but the application crashed.

Using OpenGL would reduce CPU usage when running it on macOS via Wine emulator.

Just found this on PC and I love it already. However, I noticed that the game seems to dislike tabbing out. The game music still runs in the background, but when I try to tab back in or click on the taskbar icon, the game doesn't show up. I can't even close it with the red X, I have to go into task manager and force it to shut down.
Is this a known bug? Not trying to be rude, but I feel like this is the kind of bug that would have been fixed by now.

I'm running the Dev Build 3 for 1.9 on Windows 10. I've also tried 1.8.3, but it had the same problem.

Can't find a way to download it. I WANT MEH GUD GRAPHICS xD PLATINUM AINT GUD NUF

Is there any chance of an update beyond 1.8.3? Or am I missing something? I highly enjoy this game. Would love to see more progress.
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