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I had an idea for DCC achievements that I could use to give my players snowflake points (you can spend them to re-roll failed turn over the body checks) or Luck. Can you help me think up more?

There can be only one: Be the sole survivor of a funnel (all the other players lost theirs and you lost 3 of yours).
Who's a good goat?: Send an animal into a trap to trigger it and make it safe.
Fertile Imagination: Find a use for night-soil.
Skin of your teeth: Be the last zero level left to a player after the funnel even though you took damage.
Not something you see often: Survive the worst critical on any of the monster crits tables.
Might Small Works: Waste divine intervention on something ridiculous.
Dapper: Use haberdashery background to roll a d20 for a skill check.
Underdog: Survive the whole funnel experience having had 1 HP rolled at character creation.
Glad we brought them along: While still zero level, make a career based check that really helps out the party.
Not Junk!: Use a mirror or other zero-level equipment in a way that is really clever.
I'll Get My Coat: Use a sneak ability check to leave the rest of the party to certain doom.
Bless You: The party almost certainly would have been dead if it weren't for the bless spell.
Spider-man: Save someone's bacon while sticky.
Burned: Roll a 1 that botches an investment of 10 or more spell-burn.
Did you just punch-out Cthulhu: Roll a crit against a god.
Maximum Magic: Roll a nat 20 on a spell check, while being level 10, and having burned all your stats down to 1.
Friendly Mercurial Fire: Hamper an ally really badly with mercurial magic shenanigans.
Mercurial Mercy: Heal or otherwise help a bad guy with mercurial magic effects.
Begun, the Clone-wars Have: Defeat your own double, be they generated by a spell, or an analog from the monsters section, etc.

We could have adventure-specific ones too:
Feeling Indifferent: Give the egg to the forces of neutrality in Court of Chaos
Bull in a China shop: Destroy every last statue in Portal Under the Stars

XpertCliques (the link that claimed to be home to AFG goodies is no more. Where did those goodies go and what were they?

Anyone got a character sheet for a humble traveller?

Bugger! Just hopped online to buy a print copy, only to find they're all sold out. Ah well, guess I'll just have to settle for a new print of release 9. :-)

Hey how has everyone been doing lately?

Descent into the forested ziggurat of Soth has been interrupted by a wild IRL summer lightning storm. Evacuate the deck!

I have to travel this weekend and wont be able to game Fri-Sat.
Not sure of the status of Adventure Capitalism, but I hope it continues!

Cthonotron, baby!
Codex 3 was worth the wait.

For tomorrow's game, I present:  (rolled via std AFG)
Barnacle Corn, Hapless Fighter.
Phy 10
Cra 16
Spi 9   
(above average, baby :)
Way of Steel: 1

Hits (4 and a 3) 4+2=6
Protec: Med armor= 5+

Standard AFG kit, plus rolled twice on table, got 9,8.
3 spears, 6 daggers
Med armor, helmet, and add'l shield.
for my melee wpn of choice:  one handed sword.

I will be using roll20 for the first time tomorrow (I assume we initially connect via hangout?) so you may need to limp me along.
For that matter, I've got a secred agenda to digress into AFG mechanics as they come up since obi-wan and the varsity squad will all be present.

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The new FC/Additional Hits explanation!
With a lookup table to determine the FC!
Now, the table has four rows laid out in a way, four rows in a different way.
which of the two layouts do you prefer for the table?

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I hereby plant the AFG flag in the central Pacific Ocean region
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