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Ermac: floating through the underground

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Sombra: Really? Hes doing a musical based off of a fight he was in?

Chara: EGO!

Sombra: So he turns himself jnto what exactly?

Chara: An Anime.

Sombra: Okay then

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Sombra: Why are we playing a card game?

Chara: Because it'll be funny.

+Tori Vrbada

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You speak of Cowardice, do you forget whos domain youre in?

Name: King Sombra

Age: As old as the shadows

Soul: My soul is fueled by Hatred and Fear

Abilities: Im able to morph myself into a mist like form, able to engulf all who stand in my way in eternal night. I also possess magical abilities fueled by the hatred within my soul and the fear of all others who fear the night!

Bio: I was a troubled child, orphaned ay a young age. Only one friend, and even that friend left me. When i embraced my inner darkness, my power unleashed unbearable suffering to my home. Later on i enslaved my home and ruled it as a king. The king of the shadows! I discovered the mystery of This underground world by accident. And yet...i met this young one who seems to understand my view on life, destroy all who get in your way.

Name: Chara

Age: Demonic Entity

Abilities: Save and reset

Weapons: Real Knife

Bio; The first of many children that sad lady Toriel adopted. The one who started the war between humans and monsters. Those humans all of their hate into me, and turned me into what they wanted. A demon of destruction. Amd now, ive met a king who has the same views as me....Kill....KIll....KILLL!

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Name: Ermac

Power: soul magic, energy blasts, flight, levitation, telekinetics, telepathic ability, and reality warping.

Bio: We are a being comprised of 10,000 souls. We floated into the underground to have some peace and quiet from the chaotic world above. Little did we know, THE UNDERGROUND IS LIKE THE BEST ANIME UNIVERSE EVER!

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Ariela X

Bio: Another creation of the great Dr. Alphys. She's Mettaton's coworker. She sweet, shy, and straightforward, wouldn't even hurt a bug.

Additional Info: She's never had a box form.

Ariela: sits at a table, looking through a menu
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