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Tylenol Use in Pregnancy Could Be Linked to ADHD in Developing Fetus 

The study did not prove causation, but did show a correlation between a mother’s acetaminophen use and ADHD symptoms in children.

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ADD & ADHD Health Center

Talking with the patient and family members may be the most important diagnostic tool doctors have for ADHD.

Please help me and become aware of ADHD!

Let me know if you feel there is such a thing as ADHD and cormorbid conditions to go along with it!

I had the honor of meeting Jim Valley...You know, the man who was with Paul Revere and the Raiders back in the 1960s.  Jim is a very insightful man and a man that wants to help children.  He has spent 30 years going aroumd the word making poetry into songs for children...Thank God Jim quit the Raiders" the world's children who he touched will never be the same!
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