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Hello base haters! (Sorry)

This is some of my art :3
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This question has been bugging me for a while: Does it count as using a base if it's yours, and you use it for that time only? Or drawing for others using your own base? Just wondering.

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I'm doing this so
Who's gonna be who, what's your character and stuff

I'm drawing flippy in this for +Animal boy
I need one more person

What about tracing? What do you guys think of it?
I personally don't completely despise tracing that much since it can make you learn something since you are doing something yourself, I just don't agree with people who post traced artwork, I've never traced before but if I did I wouldn't post it, it would be like a little practice

Like honestly I get that u use bases sometimes but I mean once in awhile. I never tried to use bases. I don't the that bases are right. In my opinion it's like "Here is my drawing use the position and everything but the clothing and hair". Well maybe not but that's just my opinion.


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This is the thing I'm talking about

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Thanks for the invite, i didn't use bases at the beginning, i started editing pictures, but for me, that wasn't art, i started copying some panels from the webcomic called Ava's Demon. People say copying is bad, but it isn't, it makes you learn better how to draw, trying to copy the same style from an artist you like, but i believe using bases don't upgrade anything, it's same as editing, you just add something and color to it. I was never good drawing myself if it wasn't copying an art, but copying did make my art better, not so good but, it did make it better, then, i gave up for a bit, i was just editing because i was getting good at it, then, i tried drawing myself with, i tried to copy again, but, the lines were "glitchy" because computers and notebooks are different, i saw it as a sign, that i should stop editing, and try to make art myself, my art is not the best, but look how it was before and how it is now, all of this, only took one year. I believe there is not good nor bad art, just art, what really matters is that you tried, and i'll keep trying until i reach my goals
the drawing i was trying to copy (the first) is an drawing by

Thank you for making this. Like omg aaaaa
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