+Monika Limmer emailed me the other day asking how to adjust the script to accommodate the New Google Form and the option to automatically collect email address. This would require making some small changes to the script and Monika figured it out!

Here are her steps:
1. Move form to new forms by ticking box, then set form to collect the email and delete 'what is your email question', and view form by clicking on eye button
2. collect 1 email response by filling in/submitting form
3. Edit the script so it says the right field name (Email Address) in the reply function formsubmitreply, SAVE script
4. move the email address column that was automatically created in step 2 and delete the what is your email column
5. Save all
6. Have a glass of wine and admire your form
7. Repeat step 6

I can definitely appreciate steps 6 & 7! Thanks, Monika!

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I recently implemented this system in a school district with great success. I use Todoist to track my action items and added a function to send items to my next actions list. This is pretty quick and dirty but might serve as inspiration to export tickets to Evernote or any system that receives data via email.


Feature Request

h/t to +Buster Flynn for suggesting this via email.

Currently, once you resolve a ticket you have to manually cut/paste it into the Resolve sheet. Buster suggested a way to have it automatically move to the Resolve sheet once it is marked as resolved. I'll look into how this can be done via the script and let you all know.

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Create an Automated Online Help Desk w/ Google Apps

While working at a public elementary school as a Technology Coordinator back in 2013-2104, I wanted to find an efficient (and free) way to implement a help desk support system with Google Apps. I created the Automated Online Help Desk w/ Google Apps. Read on to learn how you can easily create one for your school!

#GoogleEDU   #GAFE  

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