Very powerful discussion today with @Geniusworks - on the #gamification strategy - iteration 2!! and the mind shift for the integration of the 'purpose' for points and the 'purpose' for badges- and then the deep dive into 'so what' - what's the overlay for that? The 'Innovate Anything Series' is really a piercing powering programme!!

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If that date dies not suit you... Then try
The #Gamification Crafters Guild Novice level 1 - 'it's not about chasing butterflies' training course outline is ready ... Let us know if you want a copy. - this is part of the strategy

So this series of +Gamification is starting to get really exciting! launching next week. #MythsMysteriesMethods. We are beginning an epic journey - in the name of @fun - can you afford to miss this one? See you next week - +Gamify.WS Gamification API +Gamification Co +Gamify +Gamification
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