has anybody gotten note velocity to work properly in receive_midi? when i send values 0-63, i get 0.  when i send 64-127, i get 1.

i've decided to start using Framework instead of doing things the old fashioned way.  where do i find out how to do volume control and feedback that works with setting a track offset?

Does anybody know if I can use framework for listeners or does this have to be done manually?

Does anybody have a specific example for using connect_script_instances?

Had a problem with my script not running when I open live or open a set and always had to re-select it. Here's the fix: you can't get a song instance while the set is loading, but it'll try to do it anyway if you call from init. So set a flag in init that you need a loading method to run and call it from update_display when true.

does anybody have any experience with tracking a clip's playing position (via listener maybe?) and sending the data out via sysex? i'm wondering how you go about throttling it so there's not such a flood of outgoing data.

Does anybody know much about framework? I've had a lot of success without it, and haven't really looked into it much so I don't know it's purpose. Are there listeners and whatnot that I can hook into or is at not really its purpose? I'm going to read up on it more but I'm wondering if someone has a quick description.

found a nice blog for learning about using liveapi:


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