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There once was a production group named AtomicBeats
One of the pioneers in beats with hooks production, and pioneers in making beats with live instruments (Online)!
Other's tried to catch on but quality of Atomic production was unmatchable!
And then at the peak of our music "career".... PUFFF... we're gone
Misunderstandings, fights, accidents whatever got us down
But now we're back in ORIGINAL "setup"
And'll see what we prepared!
Anyway since we're starting from sratch we need your help and lol
So we prepared an offer you can't refuse!
But REALLY you can't!
Basically for one week only, for the price of 1 (ONE) beat you'll get.... No it just can't be public.
Just know that if you're serious, infact no even if you're not serious at all you can't miss this offer! Professional studio made beats with REAL musicians... Can't miss
If you're intrested in this mysterious offer sign up to this list

We'll contact you personally one by one.
Or send me email on my PERSONAL mail
*if you purchased anything from us in the past, price of this offer is 50% OFF. We'll check our database and contact everyone of you but still sign up or pm us just to be sure


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Hottest vid out GO PEEP AND SUPPORT, I appreciate all the love 💯

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Bringin Ny hip hop back, these young rappers straight from brooklyn ny got something to prove!!!

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Whats Up , check This out and tell me how you feel about it , took a lot of time to make so thanks if you did

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