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"Due to Capaldi's aged portrayal of the Doctor, the BBC show Doctor Who, has plummeted in viewers. Many of the teen demographic have stopped watching because the Doctor is no longer the heartthrob he once was. When asked about this issue the show's writer/producer Steven Moffat had this to say, "We had hoped with Capaldi that we (the Doctor Who staff) were bringing back the feel of the older Doctor Who series into the ten years young series. Sadly, that has driven a stake into anymore regenerations for the Doctor. We will be able to have a final send off this Christmas thankfully. The Christmas special will be bittersweet. Thank you to the true Doctor Who fan base for these past years they were fantastic."
The ratings had slowly dropped since Matt Smith's departure from the series and now are too low to see a continuation of this series." - Copied from BBC One's website.

Sad day indeed.

Comments disabled for a moment of Silence for the Doctor.


200 members? On our year anniversary? How perfect timing. I remember a year ago when we had 5 people. Now. A year later. 200 people. I can't believe it!

Hey! I'd like some feedback on this poem I wrote. Tell me what you think! :)

This day began
Just like any other
We were heading back
To visit her mother.

We brought her a gift
From a faraway place
It wasn't on this planet,
But somewhere deep in space.

But then came the ghosts
It was time for their shift
Rose's world started crumbling,
Torn by the rift.

So we set off together
To track ghosts as they passed
We had no way to know this
Adventure would be our last.

We traced the signal back
To a government location
Accidentally dragging Rose's mum
Into the investigation.

But then we were separated,
With Rose in the Tardis alone.
Looking back on it now,
I realize I should have known.

There was no way Rose would stay put.
She set out to find her mum and me.
She was discovered as an outsider,
But saved by the idiot! Rickey!

But then things started going wrong
We couldn't halt the ghost shift.
And we discovered that they had
A ship that could cross the rift.

Then the Cybermen appeared,
Trying to upgrade everyone.
But then, of course, as it must be
The Daleks couldn't be outdone!

The two rivals began to battle
Arguing with each other
So we went through the dimensions
Then Pete Tyler found Rose's mother!

Everything was complicated
But we had to save the Earth
We went back to the first dimension
Because we knew its worth.

The Daleks and Cybermen
Had both come through the rift.
If we could find a way to close it
We could send them back, with the ghost shift!

But in order to close the rift,
We first had to open it.
We both yanked on the levers
And it opened, bit by bit.

But the rift was stronger
Then we'd originally guessed.
It was going to be difficult
To complete this quest.

But the rift was sucking in everything
The Daleks flew inside
They were followed by the Cybermen.
No one was left behind.

But Rose's fingers were slipping,
It was pulling her away.
I could do nothing to save her
And I regret that to this day.

The rift's power was increasing
It was stronger than I'd feared
But as my Rose flew toward it
She suddenly disappeared.

The rift was sealed, but Rose was gone.
In the other dimension.
She was taken away from me
But it was for her protection.

So I stood there next to the wall
Listening for my sweet Rose.
She was taken from me. Gone.
I'm heartbroken, and it shows.

The only person in the world
Who loved me to the bone.
But now she's gone. Forever.
The last bridge must be walked alone.

So now, all this time later,
She still remembers me.
A dream brought he here to Bad Wolf Bay
To meet her by the sea.

I love her with both my hearts
But I'm terrified to show it.
I'll regenerate as she withers and dies,
I couldn't bear that, and she knows it.

So I projected an image
For one chance to see her face.
To remember all the things we did Travelling through time and space.

I'm in orbit around a supernova
Burning up a sun just to say goodbye.
So if it's my last chance to say it,
Then, Rose Tyler, I

Is whovanity back from the dead?

Hey guys. I haven't been on as much as I used to. I am really sorry about that. I see we are three members away from 200. Thank you all. Anyways, some important dates to keep in mind.
April 18 - Daivd Tennents birthday
April 23 - Day of forget

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We don't post much here...

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Thanks for the share +Jo Jackson
Love anything #DoctorWho . I think this is the first #meme of
#TheSilence I've ever seen.
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