Danganronpa THH Rules:

1. I will assign your characters. You must tell me which character you wish to be. OC's are acceptable.
2. I will be Makoto Naegi because I'm hopeful and shit and Monokuma since I'm the owner of this community
3. You're character can be from any of the games Danganronpa:THH/Danganronpa 2/Danganronpa V3/ etc.
4. You must post in the correct section of the community
5. I will start all of the RP's. I'll start CH. 1 2 ETC.
6. You must live up to your character. Failure to do so will result in EXECUTION (jk)
7. The story can go in different ways. It can go original to fucked up. Your choice
8. I will add your name to a list if you are proven guilty. This is your execution mark.
9. You will be EXECUTED (banned) if you don't follow these rules
10. Remember to have fun and enjoy your friendly game of murder!
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