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DOes anyone have a Middle East Hyperdoc?

I'm new to HyperDocs...I'm looking to change my grammar instruction up...I teach 6-8 Language Arts...where do I start? Anyone have anything for verbs- tenses, irregulars, agreement, etc. at this level?? Help?

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Student Designed HyperDocs (This one is on Climate Change but it could be adapted for most topics.
Student Designed Learning Experiences
Student Designed Learning Experiences

I am currently working through the ISTE Certification for Educators course.
What tools, specifically "ELL, culturally-relevant learning, social-emotional learning, special education, or students-with-disabilities, do you introduce to students OR what tools have you found to be beneficial?

Hi everyone, has anybody got a hyper doc on the Present Perfect? As well as any reading docs for Esol adults?

Anyone have a HyperDoc to teach low readers about building fluency. (Pace, Accuracy, Punctuation, Expression, Comprehension) Any help would be appreciated!!! :)

I am looking for a Hyperdoc on writing book reviews and/or writing book recommendations for 4th grade. Does anyone have anything like that? Thank you!

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The ISTE People Choice is happening now. Everyone can vote for sessions that should be added to the schedule. We need your help getting a great HyperDocs session featuring the HyperDoc Girls live! Sticky Learning with HyperDocs- Purposeful Lesson Design To Meets All Kids Needs
Please vote today following the link below.

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Not a HyperDoc by itself, but I think this could easily be part of any HyperDoc. How do you incorporate essential vocabulary into Hyperdocs?
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