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We built this chest to last! The solid catalpa wood construction is ½” (1.3cm) thick, nailed together and surrounded by galvanized (painted or bare) iron brackets. This ensures that the chest will be able to hold a very heavy load and will not be easily broken into.
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I've just launched my first game, Deadville, on Kickstarter. Deadville is a dice game in which the players compete against each other to capture various city locations that were overrun with zombies.

Check out the game, share with your friends, and offer your support. With your help, I know the campaign will be a success.

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Right now I'm working on a journalistic short story about a geologist, soldier, and cadet who crash on a planet after being sent to discover new resources. I will keep this updated, and if anyone has any good ideas, they can post it. Thank you.

Hello everyone, thank you for joining this community. Have fun sharing ideas and getting creative. This is supposed to be a community that has fun with writing and board gaming. Also, their will be no cursing, inappropriate talk, mocking or making fun of other peoples ideas.

I also have a blog on here. Just search Game Boarding and it'll be their.
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