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read this. this is a really good story. it really makes you think about how great full you are to have parents. unless you are one of those who lost your parents like these kids did. if you are one of those who lost both parents i am very sorry for your lost and i hope everything is going great with your life since that terrible day. i don't know what i would do if i lost mine, cause i have a 13 year old brother and i am just 16 and it would be really hard on us. well anyway that's just something to think about.

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ok i i was at a church and the preacher told a story and this is what she said..........

The Plane and the People

there was 4 people on an airplane that was about to crash. a solider, a preacher, a boy scout, and a scientist so they looked for parachutes and there was only 3 of them. so the solider says "i haven't seen my family in years and i am about to be father again." so he puts a parachutes and jumps out of the plane. the scientist says " well i am the smartest person on earth so i am taking a parachutes." so he puts one on and jumps out of the plane. then the preacher tells the boy scout "i am ready to meet my maker so you can take the last parachute." the boy scout shakes his head and says "no you can take a parachute to, because there is two parachutes left." the preacher asked "how?" the boy scout reply "well the smartest man on earth just jumped out with my back pack." then they all landed safely well all of them but the smartest man on earth. seems to me he wasn't to smart.

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chillin in my yearbook class with my friend +laura way and "working on the yearbook". sounds fun right.

GOODBYE CHRISTMAS!!!! HELLO THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!! B'-( Kinda glad to be back at school. i am glad to see my friends and get see who my semester 2 teachers are but that is about where it all stops. well bye guys for now!

Hate my life! this is not how i wanted to start off my Christmas break! i am here at school working on test from the week i was sick. it sucks. all i know after today i don't want to come back here until time to come back here. well gtg have to finish theses test. by guys!!!!!!

working on Old test from weeks ago. i was sick i and i am still making them up. i am worried that i am not going to past this semester because i have like 6-8 test i have to try to finish. the sad thing is that i have to come to school over CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! Christmas break of all things. While everyone is out spreading the holiday cheer i am stuck in school doing test doesn't that sound like fun. just kidding it is not. well until next time. bye guys!!!!

right now i am sad. my friends are signing up for i school i am not good for. it make me feel like they don't around anymore.
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