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Goes to bench and Patching myself while im heavily wounded

sneaks Ryuto and Pippi

Planting Herbal Medicine

Anyone wanna chat?

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Quotes: find peace if that fails .....kill everything in sight.


Nickname:the boogy man

Preferred name: genji

Age: 18(cant age anymore than 18)

Gender: male

Race: neko

Sexuality: straight

Powers:shadows and the light

Weapons: almost anything

Personality: nice and clam (light side)
Mean and angry(dark side)


Voice:clam and shoothing(light)angry and fear racking

Abilities/ skills:regeneration and speed

Likes: none

Dislikes: none

Weakness:i dont really know

Strength:i dont know

Home: none


Bio: parent's did not love him so they threw them out so he lives alone with nobody to help him with life so he went here to hide his powers from the world as he can destroy life or make life.


Dad: none

Mom: none

Brother: none

Sister: achicu india(i think thats how you say her name)

Lover: none

Kids: none


Mentor: none

Apprentice: none

Friend(s): none

Best friends none

Enemies: none


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Name: Tsuny Dere
Club: Drama
Dere: Yandere/Tsundere
Crush/Lover: secret (she'll be stalking her lover/crush)
Weapons(if u a Yandere): Knife
Dislikes: People who touch, breath, talk to her Senpai
Likes: blood, people who don't get near her Senpai
What you keep on you at all times: knife, and phone

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Making a Snake Blade

Tsuny Dere was stalking her Senpai who was talking to his childhood friend and then Tsuny Dere grabbed her knife
Grr she's such a b*tch she talks to my Senpai she gets a stabby stab laughs insanely then stops before anyone notices

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