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Likes:reading,singing,the dark, the color black

Dislikes: dresses, heels, really bright colors and people who are rude and mean

Weapon: a sword

Bio:Violet I's a gothic like girl with brown eyes and black hair she is 5'6 tall and is very nice unless mad she lives alone in a small house she isn't very social she has a few friends but not many she likes wearing jeans and a t shirt with shoes but no heels her parents died when she was 12 and she only fights with one sword

Name: Aros

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18 or sora's age

Sexuality: straight (can go bi)

likes: sea salt ice cream, sora,kairi,riku,ventus ,roxas and vanitas and new friends.

Dislikes: Anything evil.

Weapons of choice: keyblad with green handles

wears black gloves, blue shoes, blue shorts, and a green shirt

Bio: got separated at birth from brother his brother is sora. hates being called a kid. got consumed by darkness.has a dark counter part called dark aros but call him dark for short. he has an anti form like sora but its called darkened aros. he has one his mission is to find his brother. (if you want i can give you info on dark)

walks to the closest thing from the portal hmmm

Name: Delta
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Helping People, Prototype Testing, A.I Testing, Pie
Dislikes: i plain like everything except: Timeline Raptures And Space Rifts
Job: Atlas QRF (Quick Reaction Force)
Weapons of choice: Atlas 45 Pistol, EM1 Quantum, Atlas Campaign Exo Suit in pictures
Bio: *Data Classified, Unknown Person In Database*

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Name: Fasha
Race: Saiyan
Age: 17
Power level:
Originally was: 18,000
Now: 20,000,000,000,000
Full power (ssjr):
Personality: arrogant, honest.
Alignment: good
Eye color: purple
Hair color: black
sexuality: straight
Weapon: ki blasts and Kamehameha
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Was training in the mountains glowing purple

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+Fantastic PartyMasterYou are in your bakery (I don't know anything about MLP. I just know anything about Sonic)

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Quote: "This Is What Happens When You Hurt My Friend! Take This!"

Name: Benjamin Dagon

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Human/Angel

Transformations: Angel Form

Moves: Instant Transmission Kamehameha, Angel Fist, Super Kamehameha, Meteor Team Combination, Omega Blaster, White Kamehameha, Primary Light, Destructo Disc, Special Beam Cannon, Neo Tri-Beam

Hero Or Villian: Hero

Theme Song: Too Good By Drake

Personality: Kind

Likes: Clouds

Hates: Villians
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Falcon the Hedgehog. Ready to go

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