The Willingness To Change:  By:  Jaime S.
When you find the willingness to change you find freedom. When we confine ourselves to old ways of thinking And acting we close ourselves off from experiencing  all this life has to offer. We become stagnet, restless, and discontent, and our spirit slowly withers. Change can seem daunting at times, even downright frightening. But with it comes new opportunities, growth and wonder. If nature stood still and never evolved how would new life begin? We must embrace the same principle. Find the courage to let go. Find the strength to embrace life and all that it brings. Ask for help and guidance along the way. Laugh in the face of fear, knowing that as you walk through it you are becoming exactly who you are destined to be. Our spirit will never steer us down a path we can not walk down. And we never have to walk it alone. 

Knowing freedom is knowing how to let go. Letting go does not mean throwing up your arms and standing still - it is an act of discovering acceptance for the situations and the people we encounter each day. It is setting aside ego and reaching for humility and grace. It is smiling in the face of adversity, knowing that this too shall pass, knowing that what is waiting on the other side is far more wonderful than the illusions we concoct in our minds. It is being honest at all times, allowing others to navigate their own journeys, setting aside judgment and loving unconditionally. It is allowing our spirits to shine and our souls to receive true happiness. It is why we are here: a choice we have each moment. It is our gift - today and always.
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