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TDN Facebook Group Verification Code & Password Codes From The Preacherman:Earlieb Young, From And By:Legendary Preacherman:Earlieb Young, By Me Earlieb Young, "Our U.S. Constitution Values & Our Constitution Values Of The United States Of America & Lansing, Michigan From Flint, Michigan

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U.S. Constitution Values Of Biblical Teaching Of Everyday Life Learning About Mutual Covenant Agreement With Omnipresence GOD ~~~~ Omniscience GOD ~~~~ Omnipotence GOD ~~~~ Yahua Yahusha &
This is my championship fight in the Flint Golden Gloves League Of 1983 City Champion Of Champion Berston Field House Boxing Team Profile Boxing Picture Photo 33 KB Viewed By Owner Of Profile Picture EARLIEB YOUNG, From The Preacherman:Earlieb Young, From And By:Legendary Preacherman:Earlieb Young, Updated Status Golden Gloves Champion Of Champion

? How do you walk with God in your school?

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Sun News personality Ezra Levant will headline the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund fundraising dinner on May 24 at Canada Christian College in Toronto. The purpose of the dinner is to raise money for this legal defense fund as it financially assists Dr. Eusthathios (Steve) Tourloukis in his legal action which seeks to restore his parental rights. He is seeking a court order affirming his right to be notified in advance of what his young children will be taught in morally sensitive subjects, and if desired, to withdraw his children from any classroom instructions which may contradict his faith.

My prayer came from Colossians 1:7- not only for students but also for teachers: That the Lord would make you and I fellow servants in public schools and faithful ministers to those needing a word from the Lord.
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