From "The Species Conflict" by Mohanji:

Species collision is the biggest, highest and most devastating disaster the earth has ever seen beyond the ice ages. It is irreversible too. This is totally man-made. No other species on earth trusts human kind. This lack of trust between our species and others is alarming, and crippling our existence on earth. With our insensitive life patterns, we have created such vast fields of distrust between ourselves and all other species on earth. Every human walking on earth is responsible for species collision. It is an inherited curse. This breach of trust started about the same time domestication and farming of animals beyond the boundaries of ethics began. Because of lack of sensitivity, we have lowered the vibratory levels of the surface of the earth. We have violated the harmony of the vibratory plane between other species and men.

From "At the Feet of the Master" by Mohanji:

Where do we find a true master? Essentially, within yourself. Your soul. Then, outside yourself, the extension of your own soul, the true master. A true master is a true reflection of yourself – Your SELF. The master who appeared in your life is the right one for you. What ever you get to listen are the right messages for you. What ever you read are the right words for you. You may feel fascination about other Gurus as well. Well and Good. Respect all masters. But, do not ignore your own master, Guru, who ever it is. Understand very well that the one who appeared to you, is the only one who can take you to the next level. Your class teacher is the most eligible one to teach you in that class, which you have reached by your sincere hard work and hard earned merits. Let us not run after the teacher of the next class now. You are not his responsibility at this point of time, be aware. By ignoring your class teacher, you cannot score any merits in your given class too. It is that simple. Be aware of who you are, where you have reached and keep thanking existence for providing the right guide. Existence always does, you see.…/…/at-the-feet-of-the-master/

From "Religions Are Many, But God Is One" a shared experience with Mohanji:

Life is not a punishment, it’s an enjoyment. It’s a great journey of discoveries and miracles! My whole perspective on life changed positively after meeting Mohanji. I feel truly blessed to have a real master in my life who made me see my own potential, who made me believe in myself who gave me the possibility to discover my abilities to heal myself and others in life, the ability to make a positive difference in this world by just being you… He gave me clarity in discovering my purpose and showed me the way… I can’t thank you Mohanji enough!
I’ve always had faith but I also had doubts. Mohanji showed me that having faith means there’s no 0% doubt! With this in my heart I reached total acceptance and surrender. I dropped judgments and expectations and this is the way to go higher on the path of liberation.…/religions-are-many-…/

From "Listen to Your Soul, Not the Mind" a Q&A session with Mohanji:

So firstly, you pay the debt of your existence, to your parents and to your children. Secondly you pay your debt towards the Earth because you are using the Earth for expressing and experiencing. Hence this is important, very important.
That is why most religions suggest doing something for the world, by way of selfless service. People escape to the Himalayas or other places where they meditate, shed and become liberated, but often they come back because they haven’t taken care of their debt to the Earth. They come back to fulfill this. So even if you leave as “JeevanMukta” and give up your body, you come back because you have something to clear here, just like a rented a house. You rented a house, stayed there and left without paying the rent. So someone reaches out to collect the rent. In this case, Earth catches you and brings you back. In contrast, say you paid the rent while living, and I am not talking about elaborate selfless services, paying millions for services. It could be the simple act of buying a meal for a poor man. Do what you can afford. When someone is hungry offer food or buy water, perform spontaneous acts. It does not have to be that you will do “Annadaan” for a hundred people. You could if you desire to, but that is not asked for. Do what you can for the world, according to your capacity. This will keep you liberated. It is also part of Karma yoga.

From "Why Don’t We Know We’re God?" a Q&A session with Mohanji:

If you say I am God intellectually, it is ego. Actually, it’s an experience. You experience the God element in you, and at that time you call yourself enlightened. However, before that if you call yourself God, it means you are trying to become egoistic, you are trying to portray what you are not. You have not understood. Somebody says you are God, so you say I am God, but what is God? God is the substratum. Everything is formed out of him, and everything will dissolve back into Him. That is what Krishna says in the Bhagavat Gita, “You can offer even a leaf or a flower to me, but understand that it belongs to me anyway! Please offer, there is no problem, but eventually it is all mine!” Who is that mine? The Supreme God, the “Para Brahman”, not a finite form which we call Krishna. He is talking in the terms of The Supreme “Para Brahman”. Likewise Krishna also says you can make an offering to any deity you like, your “Ishta Devata”- a deity that you like, you can offer them anything, it all comes to me. So who is this Me? The Supreme “Para Brahman”, from where all forms arose, all forms came out, and eventually into which all will dissolve back. So this is the process of existence. We come out of somewhere, we shed the body and dissolve back somewhere.

From "Fruits of Tradition" by Mohanji:

Vamadeva had no interest and he was getting deeply settled in the pool of inner silence and making his mind float on it like a log of wood, unattached to anything. Slowly but steadily, as his dependency on the outside world reduced, his mind was getting dissolved into the pool of silence. His mind matter became lesser day by day and finally, it totally dissolved in the pool. The technique of swimming in the inner pool of silence was delivered by his guru Shantananda in silence. One day, Shantananda nodded to Vamadeva to come to him in his room. When he entered his room, he was sitting on the floor in lotus posture with his eyes closed. He stood in front of him until he opened his eyes. It took a good half an hour. He nodded Vamadeva to sit facing him. When he settled down in lotus posture, Shantananda looked into the eyes of Vamadeva. He was measuring the depth of the pool of silence. His eyes penetrated through both his eyes into the inner ocean. Vamadeva sat mesmerised. Shantananda plunged into the ocean of silence that was waiting to be explored inside his disciple Vamadeva.…/03/fruits-of-tradition/

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From "Shree Raja Yogi Mohanji Yantra"

A yantra is the symbolic manifestation of an idea or principle. Each deity has an associated yantra that depicts the essential characteristics of that deity. Scriptures and many Saints declare that the deity is not different from the deity’s name, mantra and yantra. On the surface, yantras consist of geometric shapes that together produce, attract and amplify particular vibrations. But by continuous use of the yantra, many truths are revealed that can only be experienced rather than been taught. But for the sake of understanding the purpose and meaning of a yantra, the very first lesson learned is moving away from form.

This yantra was inspired by MohanJi during communion with him during Power of Purity meditation. Although there is physical distance, MohanJi is always in us, guiding and communicating with us. The presiding deity of this yantra is MohanJi, and it contains his energy, love and compassion. There is no difference between MohanJi and this yantra.
Shree Raja Yogi Mohanji Yantra
Shree Raja Yogi Mohanji Yantra

From "STRIP Before You Enter" by Mohanji:

About 200 years ago, in the current Pakistan region lived a saint who observed silence most of his life. He lived in a small hut, along with his wife. They had no children. He had a long beard and was partially blind. His house only had 3 rooms. But, the land in front of his house was open, and he paved the floor with cow dung, which is a natural disinfectant. There used to be a line of planted shrubs which served as the fence and there was a small gate which always remained open. The shrubs grew so tall that from the gate, one could not see the inside of the compound. And the ground was nine steps high from the gate. At the gate, instead of “remove your footwear here”, which is common in front of all ashrams and temples, there was a distinct signboard “STRIP before you enter”.

The saint always sat in the front of his house, stark naked, looking at the gate. And he spoke nothing. All the visitors would come in silently, sit on the floor in the open yard of the house, clothed, looking at the saint and spoke nothing. The only message that the saint ever conveyed was that of nakedness and silence. The difference between the visitors and the saint was just physical nakedness. The saint was naked inside and outside.…/strip-before-you-ent…/

From "Children of Mother Earth" a Q&A session with Mohanji:

The problem is when we are trying to teach children, and most of the time we are teaching them what we cannot do ourselves. For example, I could not become a doctor, so I’ll make my child a doctor. Thus we twist and bend, move up and down, and we create a doctor. And he is never happy. This is why we have too many old-age homes now. Children put their parents into old-age homes because their parents manipulated them when they were young. There are a lot of factors involved in this, but insecurity plays a major role. Most of the time, if you look at the whole of society, it wants to create people in frames. Parents say learn this, become independent and earn money. They are constantly under pressure. You can see that stress in society – the stress of trying to prove something. What is the core of success? How can you be successful? If you are perfect in what you do, you are successful. Who are the people we remember or have recognised? The original people. Only those people have delivered something to the Earth.…/children-of-mother-e…/

From "An Unforgettable Miracle with Mohanji – Bharti Kapoor":

As I started to drive, from a distance I saw a gentleman with white attire, right in the middle of the road bending to pick up something. Usually, while driving alone, I do not stop and pass by any such situation, but as I was drawing more closer to the place of the incident, I parked my car, and moved towards him, feeling as someone very known to me. To my utter surprise, it was the body profile of my Master – Mohanji. A common man may think of this as hallucination and may write it off, my every step moving forward towards that gentleman whom I do not know, was giving me a feeling of no fear but a divine light. None other than my Para Brahma Mohanji, HE turned around and loudly called the driver of Innova, his car parked on the left side. It was indeed the most familiar voice of Mohanji!…/i-have-gone-through…/
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