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Just wondering if anyone actually used any of these instant adventures and if so how were they? I have owned them for a while but haven't put them to good use. Thanks

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Thank you +Shanna Germain for the entertaining and informative article. Somehow I have been living under a rock and hadn't heard of bullet journaling but after your article (and some research) I might give it a try.

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I did a cover to cover read of Worlds Numberless and Strange and posted my review up on my blog. Check it out if you are interested, and thanks in advance for the visit. Feel free to share your thoughts as well, here, there, or in any reality where there is a gate that leads to the review in question. 

Our campaign bends the rules a little, in that it begins in the Strange itself, with Earth and its Shoals being a distant destination. All the PCs are denizens of the Strange. So we use a version of "One Unique Thing" from 13th Age, as used in my occasional campaign of The Strange. You might call it "One Strange Thing".

For example, one PC, the Steersman, owns the chaos skiff in which the PCs travel. His One Strange Thing is that he has always been travelling...always. He doesn't know a time when he wasn't travelling. He might be immortal or just have had his memory erased...yet to be discovered. Another PC's body is in perpetual transformation (Enas Yorl, for fans of Thieves' World).

It's a fun twist and has already triggered plot turns and adventures.

It'd be interesting to hear what others think, both of the mechanic and the rules-bending. 

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A little delayed, but now back on track...
Preparing terrain for an ongoing campaign in *The Strange *

The Men of Leng, full time merchants, part time pirates and occasional devotees of Nyarlathotep, arrive at Port Lligat with a mysterious cargo.

In the background is the Fire Falls, a spectacular feature of the Strange that is visible from Port Lligat.

Rubber floor mat, spirals drawn in hot glue and coloured with acrylic paint. Metallic effect is pressed aluminium foil over box cardboard, with diluted black paint wash for aged effect. 
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Plot Hook for all y'all. In the process of writing a plot point campaign for my home game (and potentially for publishing). I ran Mastodon as an introduction and 3 of the 5 players wanted to keep the pregens going forward. This is the first plot point.

"When safety deposit box 410, a drop box for the Quiet Cabal on Earth, goes missing from a closed bank vault, Quiet Cabal member Elias Jackson brings Mastodon in to follow the rogue Lotan cultist to Ardeyn to return the powerful recursion-collapsing grenade."

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Carter, eh? There's something *Strange * going on here...
"And when he saw that crag he gasped and cried out aloud, and clutched at the jagged rock in awe; for the titan bulge had not stayed as earth’s dawn had shaped it, but gleamed red and stupendous in the sunset with the carved and polished features of a god.
Stern and terrible shone that face that the sunset lit with fire. How vast it was no mind can ever measure, but Carter knew at once that man could never have fashioned it. It was a god chiselled by the hands of the gods, and it looked down haughty and majestic upon the seeker. Rumour had said it was strange and not to be mistaken, and Carter saw that it was indeed so; for those long narrow eyes and long-lobed ears, and that thin nose and pointed chin, all spoke of a race that is not of men but of gods."

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An article I wrote for you to use as inspiration in your games

I am gearing up to GM my first game of the Strange and using the Cypher System in general. I realize that one of the main features of this setting is Translation and having players gain not only new equipment and appearance in other recursions, but (and especially) new Foci.

I am curious if anyone has experimented with the idea of allowing non-Standard Physics foci to exist on Earth (such as Rides the Lightning, Abides in Stone, etc), or if there is an optional rule for doing so.

I realize this is a little counterintuitive to the setting, but my concern is that many players may very much enjoy the non-Standard foci more and, if a good portion of adventures take place or start on Earth, they won't have access to them. It would be easy to say to just feature the other recursions more, but that doesn't help if multiple players have different favored Foci from different recursion Laws.

This may not even be an issue, but knowing my players it might be.

Any thoughts?? Thanks!
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