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I got approval from Norco Branch Public Library to use their meeting room for a beginning class, intro to RasPi. It's a start :)

The date is January 19th at 10:30 AM. I will use the remaining time to gather signups of kids, and of adults wanting to help. Anyone wanting to help may get in touch with me here, or at the blog. Or, as of now, at the Riverside Raspberry meetup on

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Hello, and welcome. This site is a combination of a concept and a community.

(This note is cross-posted from, same goals, just in blog format. We'll take whatever works)

The community consists of people with experience in technology, particularly computers, programming and electronics; educators looking at standard CS/ICT curricula and wishing for a little bit more; inquisitive kids and their parents. This community, for a start, centers around Norco, Corona, Riverside. There is value in online resources, to be sure, but also great benefit in the local connection, in people giving back, right here and now.

The concept is Raspberry Pi. Very briefly, computer science education has suffered badly. One reason is computers are not accessible to kids to tinker with, because they’re become appliances. Solution: bring back a modern day equivalent to the very accessible, open machines that so fascinated an earlier generation. Bring back something that is not so locked down that kids can’t experiment – and cheap enough that parents are willing to let them!

So, Riverside plus Raspberry. A few local people willing to try an idea, plus one very small, very inexpensive computer may not qualify as a complete solution. However, it’s a start.

Much more to come on the device and on the local community of like minded individuals who see this potential.

So again, welcome, and join us.

John Bowen

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

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