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So, did you guys have a chance to see this week's lecture? Any thoughts on it? 

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Hi, I've just read the first document "Gears of My Childhood" by Papert

I don't know how we should work as a group. It's supposed we should share our reflections about these materials.... Let's find out how it works!!!

IMHO, the main subject is about leveraging your previous skills/knowledge to learn something new (he tells us how he used his knowledge about gears and mechanics to learn new mathematical concepts: "The gear can be used to illustrate many powerful advanced mathematical ideas").

You can always use the association technique to learn something new (it's very important that Papert discovered it on his own very soon)... but every person has his/her own body of knowledge to associate with.

This is, for me, the more fascinating part of the article, the "interest-based learning":  "I fell in love with the gears" ... when he was two years old!!! It was the foundation of his "body of knowledge" ... but what provoked it? ("Something very personal happened, and one cannot assume that it would be repeated for other children in exactly the same form").

I'll always remember an informal lunch (12 students) with guitar player Narciso Yepes. He was inspiring. He told us how, when he was a child, his only obsession was playing a guitar. He played guitar with a stick!!!!. You must understand his story in its historical context: a modest family in a modest village far away from any educational oportunity. He was supposed to be only a ordinary farmer ... but he only wanted to play guitar.

I hope my reflections are not too long, and my English not too bad :)
Greetings from Spain

I spent today with a major manufacturer in the French aeronautics industry explaining to an invited group of suppliers how, as part of a Union European innovation program, the manufacturer wishes to create an ecosystem around its product. About 90 small and medium size companies in France responded to the invitation. The ecosystem would help the major manufacturer to satisfy customer needs that are outside its core competencies, in much the same way as Apple uses its developers to create apps.

What was interesting was to observe how difficult it is to move the mindset from the classical one of responding to an RFP to a mindset that can respond to the challenge, "Here is our product, now create a product or service of your own, that we cannot even imagine, that will make our product better for the customers to use and we will give you the support you need to introduce it into our markets worldwide."

We have some workshops planned with the suppliers who come up with the best initial ideas and I will see how much of the kindergarten stuff I can integrate.

Just catching up with today's video. I am a digital designer and life-long learner working in education technology and software. Looking forward to new ideas, sharing, interaction and collaboration.

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Hello everybody!

My name's Ivan, I'm an innovation researcher based in London. I found out about this course in an article in Lifehacker and figured it might be interesting to learn a few things and maybe meet some interesting people!

Looking forward to working with you all!

(thought I might test out the group and present myself here instead!)

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Hey 475! Here is the introduction to the course from this morning. 

Today's lecture gave a good outline of the course. It's going to be interesting to see how kindergarten creativity will help us to be more creative industrially.

hello everybody !
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