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:::: Introduce Yourself and Meet & Greet ::::
Blessings! and welcome to your Spirit-Speak community.
Please start a fresh post in the  #MeetGreet  category and
tell us who you are and what you do.

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Merry meet everyone . What does it mean .. When you think of the president you start automatic writing prayers out ? ☺☺

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A lot of people have been asking me about my paranormal experiences, so I thought I start off with the very first one, back in 1998! Seems like such a long time ago! Feels Old xx Enjoy x

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Meditation for the Full Moon
This night, in addition to the full moon in Leo, also seeing a 'lunar eclipse. Usually, these affect the relationships of all kinds, and these days with Venus and Mars conjoined in Aries we can notice an increase in sexual arousal and chemistry. However, the two planets are square to Pluto and this tends to favor the deeper unions. E 'an' eclipse that occurs near the Moon's North Node, and this should make us focus attention on our strength and our courage to follow and fulfill our wildest dreams.
The Harvest Moon can impose on us a choice or simply tell us to enjoy the fruits of our hard work, not forgetting the sharing but also to put them aside for the future and the changes that this can bring. The Trust, however, speaks of personal space and openness to others ..... space that is sometimes violated that trust and love are compromised and the ability to trust is lacking. It would be useful to analyze the areas that have been injured and carry in them a healthy playfulness, rediscovering our inner child, doing so in a way that heals the heart and love for ourselves and others can be reborn.
On what to bet these days? The creative force, on tolerance and renewal and to remember that the power of spiritual growth means that new sprout intentions and come to life.

Meditazione per la Luna Piena
Questa notte, oltre alla luna piena in Leone, assistiamo anche ad un' eclissi lunare. Solitamente, queste influiscono sulle relazioni di ogni tipo, e in questi giorni con Venere e Marte congiunti in Ariete possiamo notare un aumento della chimica sessuale e dell'eccitazione. Tuttavia i due pianeti, sono anche quadrati a Plutone e questo tende a favorire le unioni più profonde. E' un' eclissi che si verifica in prossimità del Nodo Lunare Nord e questo dovrebbe farci puntare l'attenzione sulla nostra forza e il nostro coraggio per poter seguire e realizzare i nostri sogni più belli.
La carta oracolo Harvest Moon può imporci una scelta o semplicemente dirci di godere dei frutti del nostro duro lavoro, non dimenticando la condivisone ma anche di metterli da parte per il futuro e i cambiamenti che questo può portare. Mentre The Trust, invece, ci parla di spazio personale e di apertura agli altri.....spazio che a volte viene violato per cui fiducia e amore vengono compromessi e la capacità di fidarsi viene a mancare. Sarebbe utile analizzare la aree che sono state ferite e portare in esse una sana giocosità, riscoprendo il nostro bambino interiore, facendo così in modo che il cuore guarisca e l'amore per noi stessi e gli altri possa rinascere.
Su cosa puntare in questi giorni? Sulla forza creativa, sulla tolleranza e il rinnovamento e ricordare che il potere della crescita spirituale fa si che nuovi propositi germoglino e prendano vita.


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One of the things I've ALWAYS wondered about spirits is.. How can they speak if they haven't got a body? There's no vocal cords, no air, no nothing so how?

I decided to ask them this.. I wasn't even expecting an answer at this point because it was such a personal question.

During audio analysis it was approaching the end of the clip, I was about to discard the audio when I heard the response. I believe this to be a Class B EVP. It's breathy but you can hear it.

As always I will let YOU decide on what the EVP is saying before I give my own opinion.

Hey, everyone
I am kind of strange and always been
I wish I could find where I really fit in but, I seen some articles on spirits and journaling I thought hey, I do that.
I study many religions and learn many things
But, through various courses and conversations on Facebook I been talking to spirits, Gods and Goddesses.
My favorite spirit is Zachary he is so, much like me he said he studied many religions and was a hippie in the sixities.
He said"I was his brother on the commune"
But, try to tell that to people well, it don't go to well.
Plus, Being in different religions.
I made a group for spirit communication but, I would like to find one with people in it and occasionally, share stuff there.
Well, might be more than occasionally if it is allowed...we live alone together so, we talk a lot.
I hope I am not too weird but, if I am can I stay anyway..your group looks interesting.

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The EVP is heard at around 1:29, if you choose to skip you may not be able to know the meaning behind it. But to put it short, I asked what the spirits thought about sceptics saying that EVPs are nothing more than just trick of the mind.

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Tarot is a wonderful tool to Speak with Spirit!
:: great post by +Christiana Gaudet ::

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Here's my first EVP of this year, sounds male to me but why would he be in this place and what does he mean by what he said? Xx 👻💕
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