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Jinchuriki are also something that needs to be established because we don't want 9 people saying that they have the 9 ninetales lol so

1 tail beast: +the god
2 tailed beast:
3 tailed beast:
4 tailed beast:
5 tailed beast: +Nakuso Otsutsuki- Hyuga​​​​​​
6 tailed beast:
7 tailed beast: +the contractor
8 tailed beast: +Dbo Ssjchris​​​​​
9 tailed beast: +Ryo Namikaze​​​​​​

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This is my OC Tamiko Aonuma. I somewhat resigned her by changing some colors. But there's somewhere in me that thinks that this outfit isn't very Naruto like. And I think it's too boring. Can you all give me your opinions on this? Should I change the colors? Should I change the outfit. Let me know on the comments below.

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Join!!!! The com just went through a reset so everybody's starting fresh

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giggles sitting witb Y/N and our daughter Y/N im happy out family is back together

Its been 5 years after the 4th great ninja war. A young girl and her husband an they're daughter have just moved into Konohagakure. 2 more tears pass the daughter is now 14
3. Her parents Me and Y/N are both 22. As they're daughter enters the Chunnin Exams to become a Chonnin she meets a boy with bright yellow hair his name is (Extra Person) Y/N they soon began to grow more attracted to each other as the Mother and Father found out they smile and allowed the daughter to travel with her love on a mission

1 more Female (Thats not me) for daughter and 2 Male for my husband and the Daughter's BoyFriend
No Hentai
Romance Only
The most important rule Have Fun
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Name: Mina Namikaze

<Clan> Namikaze

<Age> 18

<Rank> Akatsuki S-class Jonnin

<Blood Type> AB

<Family> Shina Namikaze (Mother), Kusunagi Namikaze (Father

<Species> Jinchuriki

<Birth Date> June 1st

<Bijuu> 2 Tails

<Personality> Shy, Adorable, Tsundere (Very Shy, and Adorable when angry), Nice, Sweet

<Bio> (Haven't came up with it yet)

<Birth Village> Hidden Leaf

<Current Village:> None

<Chakra Natures> Wind

<List of known jutsu>
Bod Fliker
Body Replacement
Flying Raijen 1-3
Wind Style Rasengan Regular Rasengan and RasenShuriken
Wind Style Wind Pheonix Slam

<Special Abilities>
Wind Connection Her Body syncs with the wind increasing her speed 90x as much

<Teammates> None
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((Open to a guy or gal who can roleplay with my Anbu Puppet Master.))


1. No one liners. Minimum of 2 lines.
2. State name, age, gender, description, and ninja class before starting.
3. You must have completed the Naruto Manga cause this takes place after the incident with the ten tails, 20 years in the future to be exact.
4. No controlling my character or such.

Kenta was leaning against the south gate and was scratching his heel into the sand. He was putting the finishing touches on his kabuki makeup and looked to the sky when he was finished. Gin, his ferret then scurried up his leg and sat on his shoulder, the bell around her neck chiming the whole way up. Kenta then smiled and took a small root from his apothecary pouch and fed it to her. She chittered and began nibbling on it. Kenta then looked back to his watch and sighed.

Where is this my partner? We were supposed to meet at this gate ten minutes ago...... I said and I then slid a hand back into my pocket. I then took out a scroll and I unrolled it. It had detailed images and schematics of all my puppets. I took a pen and started making notes on how to upgrade them and such and I soon got into the zone and was oblivious to everything around me. I was not sitting cross legged on the ground and was working on how to upgrade my Iron Tiger puppet to also send out chains from the tip of its tail. I then opened up my Razor Falcon scroll and tried to see if I could add serrated edges to the bladed wings. I opened the Striking Viper puppet scroll and saw that I could ass a poison sprayer to the mouth as well. Gin was curled up on my head and was continuing to nibble on the root I gave her. Her bell chimed as she turned and saw you walking towards us. She chirped and scurried back into my shirt and poker her head out the neck line. I soon felt a tapping on my shoulder and I looked behind me, quickly then took out my steel claws and had them on my hand and the tips were on your throat.

Never......... Ever....... Sneak up on me........... 
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Kazutoshi was excited. There's no point in saying otherwise. He was excited, but scared as well. He had floated his way through the academy. Was he ready to be a ninja? He didn't know. He did know however that he wasn't ready for all the training that came with it...but his father looked so proud at graduation...he was still unsure

All new genin report up front please.

he heard called out. This was it. He was being assigned to his team. He walked forward

(Closed except to +Nakuso Otsutsuki- Hyuga+Sarah Lynne​ and +Ryo Namikaze​)

+Ryo Namikaze+Nakuso Otsutsuki- Hyuga+Sarah Lynne​ guys! We HAVE to get the gang back together! Lets get this community up and running again too!

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Hey everyone. I need some help. I want to make a puppet master profile for some Naruto themed roleplays. I want him to be an animal puppet master with three main puppets, a tiger, a snake, and a falcon. But as a trump card, he can combine the three of them into a giant strong puppet that resembles a dragon. I have the puppets all down, but I need some help making the character himself. Could I get some help please? 
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