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Relationship Status:
Relations: (All to reasonable Extent. Living and Deceased)
Mental Illnesses:
Qualifications: (Eg. Uni Degrees etc)
Criminal Convictions: (If yes Details)
Ownership of Apartment:
Ownership of Vehicle:
Registered Firearms Owner: (If yes Details)

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Name: Peter Calhoun
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Relations: Unknown, abandoned at a convent.
Mental Illnesses: Schizophrenia
Occupation: Priest
Qualifications: Completed the required steps to priesthood.
Criminal Convictions: No
Ownership of Apartment: Yes
Ownership of Vehicle: Yes
Registered Firearms Owner: Yes,
Biography: Abandoned shortly after birth, Peter was raised to be a pious man. He was beloved, in both church and school. He served the homeless, helped the needy, and always put himself last. However, selflessness takes its toll on a person. While working at shelter, he found a woman screaming for help in an alley. He tried to help, but was knocked out in the process. Wgen he awakebed in the hospital, Peter was told that the woman had been murdered but the men had bern caught. A new voice in his head told him to go see them, to absolve them. Assuming it was god, he did as it told. The men were later found dead in their cells. One poisoned by an unknown substance, the other commited suicide by swallowing his tongue. Since that day, Peter has continued to follow the voice by helping sinners find absolution in the form of death so that god may judge them once and for all.
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Name: Lila Means ‘Dark As Night’ or ‘Dark Beauty’ in Arabic

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Relations: Father Living - Currently In Alaska
Mother Deceased - Died From Heart Problems

Mental Illnesses: Depression

Occupation FBI Agent

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

Criminal Convictions: Suspected of 1st Degree Murder of a 19 year old man with no living family in the year 2016

Ownership of Apartment: Simple, 3 bedrooms

Ownership of Vehicle: Harley Motorcycle and Sports Car

Registered Firearms Owner: 2 Pistols as well as 1 Shotgun

Biography: Lila grew up a normal child...Somewhat at least. She had a dark sense of humor and a interest of dead things. Her parents took her to a therapists. Where they said they couldn’t do anything for her but give her some medication, Other than that they could only hope it a faze. As she grew up, She became cold to others and would start fights with the people who bullied her, once putting a boy in the hospital for a broken arm and nose. This made her become home schooled. When she graduated High School she waited a year before going to Trade School. She wanted to make her way into the FBI, she believed she could be useful there. And indeed she was. While in Trade School her Mother died of a heart attack, sadly she couldn’t make it to the Funeral as she was having Exams at the time. Later on she graduated with honors. Slowly but surely she made her way into the FBI where she is today. She doesn’t care about the case. Be it murder, molestation, whatever, She takes it head on. To some she tells them she’s a Book Writer but not in the FBI. She also does some of her work by herself, and because of this she always carries a pistol, bullets, and her FBI Badge

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Lia walked in the bar. A long day had just passed but it wasn't over just yet. She wore black pants, black shoes, a white blouse, and a black vest. She was ingesting a case. A male had told her where to meet him, he had information. She looked around. She went to the bar and asked for a drink of Irish Cream. It was the code for the male she was meeting

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do it. I dare you. Do it. DO IT


A late winter’s night. Lucas was downtown and had finally Decided what he was wanting. Ink. He went into a tattoo parlour passing over a design he had worked on the last couple of weeks. It was the Ten Commandments five on each shoulder and across the top of his back was the phrase. “I follow the commandments and punish the sinners.” In his line of work he saw it not as murder. But as punishment. Taking off his shirt he lay on his front as the needle was placed on his skin. After the hours of patience he was done.

Thank you

He was still laying there when he heard the door open.

+Harley Di Angelo

Lucas was returning home. His shirt bloody, his face tired, a new scar on his Cheek. A set of gold coins in one hand. His gun, slide locked and out of ammo in the other. Today had been to long

“Another Day, more Souls shown not To mess with Hades.”

Lucas had finally began working for the Continental hotel but chose rather to stay at home. He was taking contracts based on conscience more than the pay.

“Lucy! I’m home!!”

That was the Reason why.

+Cassidy Winchester

The Continental; a large Hotel with marble floors and granite counters. Wooden stairs and minimalistic rooms. Lucas felt at home here. It looked like his Apartment in some aspects but in other ways. A lot more sophisticated

“Business trip today. Two days maximum stay I’ll need”

He slides over a couple of gold coins to the person at the desk. Before heading up to his room he turned

“I’m expecting a visitor soon. Could you let them know where I am. Thank you.”

He took his key card and went to the room. Leaving his bag on the bed he stood at the balcony and watched the city go by in front of him. He heard a knock at the door. As a precaution he approached slowly. From the inside of his suit jacket pulled a custom 9mm Glock.

“Who’s there?”

His voice was calm and unwavering. He waited for the Answer.

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Asa sits in the booth of a bar after having received a tip off on a pimp's whereabouts. Hands folded patiently in fronf of him, he sips a Manhattan and waits for his prey to wander past

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