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Falcon Pro v2.1.3 available form 

Changelog :

- Updated Twitter4j to 4.0.2 with SPDY support
- Smoother scrolling
- Better image loading handling
- Better threading policy
- Fixed quick preview being larger than the screen
- Fixes for internal browser
- Other fixes from crash reports

If I have bought the falcon pro, I have to pay the same than somebody who haven't bought anything? Really? 

Got the app. It's absolutely gorgeous. But I am s little confused. How do I get to the settings? 

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@joenrv: Decided to rewrite Falcon Pro from scratch for the lulz. Let's see where that takes me. #xmasproject

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Can someone help me

+Joaquim Verges​​ should make a new falcon pro with material design like talon plus and get a whole new set of tokens and place it in the play store simple

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Since Falcon Pro stopped updating. Install Talon and one that makes us to be in Falcon Pro. 
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Should i be looking forward to a new update?
Or should i move on to another Twitter client?

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Excelente ver que Falcon Pro sigue recibiendo actualizaciones. Nice to see it's steel alive 
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