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Falcon Pro v2.1.3 available form 

Changelog :

- Updated Twitter4j to 4.0.2 with SPDY support
- Smoother scrolling
- Better image loading handling
- Better threading policy
- Fixed quick preview being larger than the screen
- Fixes for internal browser
- Other fixes from crash reports

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Does your local trends show in this app? Mine's not working..

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Still using Falcon or you switched to other twitter clients?
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Still Falcon
Others, pls comment

I hope +Joaquim Verges is cooking some delicious update for falcon...

Falcon Pro v2.1.3.2 link in the official page is down:

(this one)

+Joaquim Verges would you mind fixing it, please?

Anyone still using Falcon? it has a new update.

I've been using this for years but I just got a Note 7 and added it but it's asking me to pay again. Ironically it says that my purchase makes it available when I get a new phone. Can someone remind me how to get it working again? 

Falcon will fly again! 

Check out @falcon_android's Tweet:

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