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Name jake lee
Age 17
Race human
Powers portals healing and controlling kinetic energy
Abilities bladesmaster and marksman
Weapons a HF(high frequency) blade and sniper rifle
Bio a dimensional travel he wanders the worlds seeking adventure and making friends and occasionally saving lives
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Name Jackson blaze 
Age 25
Race human 
side: assassin
Powers pyromancy 
Weapons a clockwork greatsword and a sniper rifle
Abilities can build anything and is good with tech
Bio he is from a land far away the co-captian of the airship orphineon he leads his men with a lighthearted merriment and thinks of them as his family he loves friends and food 
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in the dead of night a giant portal opens in the sky over the ruined city and an enormous airship fies out two men standing on the bow hmmm one says jackson i don't think we got it right i say well you set the coordinates says jackson whatever i say ((open rp))

sits in a tree asleep starts to roll over and falls out of the tree waaaagh oof!!! ((open rp))

walks around the Kingdom looking for +Jaclyn Reighard

Sits on the side on the Mountain breathing fire in the air

sighs and looks around maybe I should serve someone

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Name: Corvo Attano
Age: 38
Gender: male
Specie: human
Position: assassin
Likes: climbing,family,sneaking,protecting,bananas,etc.
Dislikes: being shot at,being stabbed,being called assassin,etc.
Skills: climbing killing protecting etc.
Powers the ability to movie as fast as a blind if an eye,the ability to see thought the wall and people thought them, the ability to slow down time, the ability to turn people ash when being killed, the ability to not being seen in the dark, etc.
personality: sweet, loving, kind,brave, clever, responsible,trust worthy,and friendly
Reason why I am what I am : I lost my honor, my wife got killed, and my daughter Emily got kidnapped
Bio: I was The Lord protecter of my Empress/ wife , and my daughter Emily . Our city has a plague of rats and sickness.the empress was murder and Emily got kidnapped. The empress died in my arms and I was accused for her murder and sentenced to death. Six months later a group of outsiders broke me out of jail to find Emily to be empress again. After finding Emily they betrayed me and also kidnapped Emily and plus poisoned me . Samuel a friend of my from the outsiders stayed by my side and helped me get Emily back and now as Emily as the Empress and with my help we are finding a way to cure our city of the plague of rats and sickness. 
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Name: Kikoli Markana
Age: About 18
Gender: Girl
Species: (mutated human with powers if this is ok)
Position: Assassin
Likes: Weaponry, Earth, Space, Stars, Science.
Dislikes: Rude people, hateful people, Royals.
Skills: Weaponry, agility, incredible speed, and flexibility.
Powers: Ability to travel short distances.
Personality: Tough, Sarcastic, hard on others, quiet, mostly alone.
Reason why you are what you are: Kikoli detests Royals and the way they treat others, so she became an assassin to fight against them.
Bio: I am Kikoli Markana and I fight for the Assassins. It's not like I really had a choice, Royals were taking over and I had no way to join them. Their way of life reminds me of millionaire snobs, and makes me feel low. That is why I'm alone. My entire family died during the war, and I am now the last of my bloodline. I must fight to survive or become a slave. I intend to fight.

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walks around the destroyed City
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