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Gowtham Hegde

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Ingress is getting older, so let's look at some #randomFacts .

First chat messages ever?
2012-11-15 12:55:12 Klaatu<ENL> hello
2012-11-15 12:55:33 Klaatu<ENL> help world
2012-11-15 12:55:38 golaclippers<RES> hi there from venice
2012-11-15 12:56:19 Klaatu<ENL> hello from my. view
2012-11-15 12:56:30 finn<ENL> it's alive
2012-11-15 12:58:21 Klaatu<ENL> indeed
2012-11-15 14:21:06 neo<RES> I'm Neo. This is your new reality.
2012-11-15 14:45:10 kat<ENL> hallo
2012-11-15 15:21:27 dogfart<RES> I hate blue
2012-11-15 15:26:30 potatoyaks<ENL> it is on Blue
2012-11-15 15:33:08 Warlax<RES> it's on!
2012-11-15 15:37:26 mengo76<ENL> Hello world! :)
2012-11-15 15:45:21 ucoo<RES> so good to be back!
2012-11-15 15:48:09 Taral<ENL> There's a funny bug.
2012-11-15 15:46:26 Taral<RES> Time to grind...

Most @mentions in Chat ever?
Morka<ENL> with over 18,000 mentions in chat!

And who writes all that stuff - besides of ItemShom90d1<RES> with over 54,000 messages?
For example, nightrider2001<RES> or kifug<ENL> with each over 22,000 sent messages.

But besides chat, what's about the beginning of game play?
First capture and first link ever:
2012-11-15 13:03:30 golaclippers<RES> captured Binoculars
2012-11-15 13:05:32 golaclippers<RES> captured Ballerina Clown
2012-11-15 13:08:07 golaclippers<RES> captured Cool Fence
2012-11-15 14:07:20 golaclippers<RES> linked Ballerina to Cool Fence

Sometime later the first field was created:
2012-11-15 16:43:04 Zorkstation<RES> created Field (1 MU)@Dais at Peace Gardens

Playing with the same name all the time is boring, so let's change it!
9MPTS<RES> did this seven times.
- ResVendettaa
- batt0jutsu
- ResVendetta
- JubeiKibagamie
- PakTuanSyed
- JubeiiKibagami
- JubeiKibagamii.

HagieKhiei<ENL> only six.
- ReanKhiei
- OiberKem
- KhieiNgian
- VoidParadise
- ReJinKhiei
- NomadKhiei.

So ignoring that, how many players are there?
Over 7,186,000 players! And only about 5,451,000 portals to play at!

Luckly, not all of them are still active:
Player appearance in Comm within the last 24h:
RES: 84,259
ENL: 84,796

Within the last 7 days:
RES: 170,584
ENL: 174,670

How to know all this?
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prateek sisodia

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Not Playing Innocent, But Neither Am I Guilty - Your Honor.

May 8, 2014 morning, the day when most Ingress agents rejoiced for the rolling out of access level 9-16, I got an email from NIA-OPS, that I've been terminated from Ingress, due to: "Section 2. Use of the Products - Permissions and Restrictions. This includes, but is not limited to, falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Ingress clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software."

Now, let's go bottom up on this:
  0. Using 3rd party software: I may have used apps to notify septi-cycles' checkpoints, apps to calculate portal link length for given resonator levels & link amps and the likes. None of them uses any privileged data fetched from Ingress' servers, and are implementations of simple arithmetic/logic - anyone can work that out with pen & paper - the apps are just an automation. I fail to consider if they are of any trouble.
  1. Tampering with scanner or backend response: I'm capable of, but haven't yet given it a try. Doesn't seem too tricky or unmanageable - thus, not too interesting to try.
  2. Using Emulators: Not at all interesting. No, haven't tried them. Have seen people doing, and wasn't fascinated.
  3. Falsifying location: Capable of; and perhaps one of the rare few agents who can confidently manage to spoof on Android 4.4. But, my trials were purely theoretical, non-crucial to player/cell-score & once I got the formula/procedure figured, I lost interest on that too. I'm fairly certain, that I've never used falsifying location to gain any gameplay advantage.

So, all in all, do I know how the cheating works in Ingress - oh, yes! I'm Enlightened for XMs sake... knowing is my business, and business it good. Have I used those knowledge to gain unfair advantages in the game? No.

Unlike many Ingress agents, I didn't choose my faction depending on the available choice of color (in fact, Green isn't). For me it's a philosophy, a manifesto that I've been day-dreaming since my late childhood - handcrafting the advent of a superior sentience... whoa!

Knowing right AND wrong, & then being able to make the correct choice is my modus operandi (and I wish to believe, that's the case with most Enlightened agents).

To All:
I am a Platform Evangelist by passion & profession, and I travel a lot. Most frequently between Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata, if within India. FWIW, I also lead the Mozilla Location Service in India ( - I understand the theory & in practice how the approximate location data-collection & triangulation work (& how spoofed data doesn't help it). Yes, my monthly travel itineraries are quite odd for most normal people.

It's difficult to understand what was the exact reason (rather, a false-positive) to get me terminated from the game, but if I'm to guess - it must have been mass-report from Resistance India due to my last month's ops & a couple of mega-fields. All of which were made me, were legit gameplay.

Although a shot in the dark, but if I was reported for the airport mega-fields, then check out the attached image of my recent boarding passes available right now in my backpack. Also, as the local Agent 47, summoned to take down difficult to access portals, I most often take videos, pics as trophies after taking down links/fields (for. e.g., but only if I knew which one I'm being charged for, perhaps I'd be able to provide more precise proof(s).

To Resistance India:
I've been a part of Enlightened India, came to know some great folks & top of the line agents & communicated with them frequently. I can assure you all (RES veterans, spreading the FUD & RES noobs digesting it): Enlightened India has never advocated spoofing. Unlike you, we don't have any secret spoofer recruitment+training hangout-groups to brainwash the prospective new agents after crossing level 5. Saying any more on that topic will reveal my Confidential Informants' details, and I don't want that; I just wanna make a point that: yes, I know how you operate and believe it or not - Enlightened Agents, at least in India, want to play fair - that's why the Khandwa, Hubli-Dharwad links stay up for weeks. Unlike y'all, we don't use suicidal double accounts to break them.

But let's go with data... have y'all noticed that the most literate states in India are Enlightened dominated? And the states/regions/cities with illiteracy, rape-violence, female-foeticide, religious-extremism etc. are dominated by Resistance! It'll be a fascinating infographics, if somebody makes one... ain't? :)

With me banned, hope y'all sleep better, for there will be one less (inter)national key-mule & less prospective long-distance OPs. And if any of you with self-respect, who have reported me, just because it was a request from the Resistance India, or as a herd-conformity - be ashamed, be very ashamed.

I am notorious. I am vicious. I get into dog-fights of 1:3 & still manage to win it. I get wildly vocal on COMM. But I don't need to employ cheating to get ahead of the curve.

Even more curiously, I also don't report cheating resistance players. So far I've only reported once, and that too, just to know how the reporting procedure works. Reporting Resistance for cheating is oxymoronical. Given a choice of knowledge vs. fear, y'all chose fear (or, were too ignorant to understand the terms) - that tells me all about you. I know what people, who are driven by fear, can and will do. I don't need to go to an authority, reporting you and crying for justice. I know I'm better.

Having a dark-veil around increases curiosity, no doubt. The inconsistencies & magic-factor of portal acceptance etc. aren't fatal and thus although unacceptable to me, I'd bear with that as a gamification-veil-of-awesome.

But when shit gets serious, when it's about virtually executing an agent from your ecosystem, one should expect a fair trial. A canned email, containing no real charge is all there is to convict & execute someone - how medieval witch-hunt is that!

To Enlightened India:
I was suggested to open a new account, and play again. Only, I won't. Seems like an acceptable compromise/solution to many, but sounds ridiculous to me - how, in pursuit of fighting cheating, NIA is encouraging parallel double-accounts for smarter agents, enabling easier switch in case of an account ban - one word to condemn it: lel.

So, to be precise, I have authority issues & I don't compromise. Either NIA unbans my account, or good bye Ingress & thanks for all the fish.

My badges can be taken down, but that doesn't make any less of a person that I am. Makes me think of Al Pachino's legendary speech in the Scent of A Woman (, but I don't think NIA is capable of amputating my spirit. One day, Ingress will be a passé, but I will not.

Yes, I am a proud narcissistic jackass; and you'd discover, which is probably the biggest blocker for me to cheat in game. I feed on my pride, and cheating doesn't make me feel proud. If I have to use cheating to win, I'll feel very uncomfortable & ashamed of myself.

I demand a fair trial. I demand to be charged with particular offenses I've supposedly have committed. I demand to be able to produce alibis & documents to prove that I'm not guilty. Go ahead and do public shaming, if I am - I'd probably do so myself if NIA doesn't do it enough, if I'm really guilty.

If we needed an unquestionable authority to worship, there are plenty of long-standing Abrahamic religions. Convince me, why do we need NIA-OPS for that again?

+Ingress +Ingress Enlightened +Ingress Resistance (Unofficial)  +Ingress Enlightened India +Ingress Resistance India
Sean Graham (Telek)'s profile photoJoe V's profile photo
Joe V
Yeah, you spoofed. Doesn't matter what you did or didn't do while spoofing, you got caught. 
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Matt Collins

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Although Ingress is still young (and still a closed-beta) Google's new AR offering is taking the world by storm. And although many of you are still waiting
Samy Vandecasteele's profile photocryptameria's profile photo
Not live in town with 6 portals..... Thats a big one
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Juan Calderon

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Launch & Capture is designed to load any website, capture it to images for a time lapse video, useful to record your intel map whilst your playing the game, download link is in Youtube the description, Launch & Capture , timelapse screen recorder , timelapse screen recorder
Juan Calderon's profile photoPeter Salvatore (UncleJerry)'s profile photo
So cheating as long as "you" approve is ok... that's what's wrong with people today!!!
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Andre Baptista

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Please visit the original post and had your ideas and wishes for improvements or new features in Ingress in 2014. Happy New year!
As we approach the end of the year 2013, we all begin to think of wishes for #2014. Has Ingress players, we all have some wishes for the game. What are your #Ingress #wishes for 2014? What do you really really want to see in the game that it does not have yet?

I can leave my wishes to start:
- Have the possibility to search portal keys by name
- Have favourites in portal keys
- Do not have alerts on the "All" tab of the comm among the other information, alerts only on alerts tab.
- Multi drop of items, like 5x or 10x, instead of one by one drop
- New tab on OPS menu "Friends", where we can save a list of codenames we usually use daily to talk in comm (this may require approval from other agent)
- have individual and group missions

Leave your wishes below on comments and happy new year! :)

#ingress2014wishes +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger 
 +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Ingress 
Thomas Peters (Bluesin)'s profile photoRyan Scarbrough's profile photo
The keyring thing has always been top of my list, but the ability to set keyring alerts would be so practical. I only want alerts for a handful of portals, and a more elegant query would return fewer results and might save time and bandwidth.
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Holland Morris

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Tip: this is a really good community for the Atlanta, GA USA area for both factions to report tips, concerns, or any issues while playing ingress so check out this community when you agents get a chance! 
Atlanta Ingress Watchdog: Enlightened & Resistance
A place for both factions to share stories about portals - whether humorous or a warning about agitated property owners.
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Forrest Hsu

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
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Caleb Hauser

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley a great idea for ingress: make the map so you can roam it with your fingers.
Reason #1. I feel heavily claustrophobic when I play ingress
#2. Say your playing in NYC. You have the little sign pointing "L5 portal 800m" and you take the wrong road. You would then have to back track and take the other road to the portal. If you had map roam capabilities you could see that you didn't want to take road A right from the start saving time and trouble. 
Dan “Shelltoedkid” Boutros's profile photoCaleb Hauser's profile photo
Share this and maybe will get a new update with it :)
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Waldini Porlanto

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
        On what this reminds you
Waldini Porlanto's profile photo
It reminds me of the portals →_→gray zone.!
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Les Zaldor

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Tonight I'll be premiering the first edition of The Ingress Hour - Live on TapDetroit - starting at 8pm ET (just a little over 30 minutes away) - Listen live on TapDetroit, and call in to share your Ingress experiences, talk smack, and more! Free Android app on the Play Store - search TapDetroit !
I'm live now on - Zaldor's World brodcasting LIVE from the heart of Detroit - featuring the premiere of The Ingress Hour coming up at 8pm ET! Listen to learn about Ingress, what's been happening, and what's to happen - Call in to talk smack and join the conversation! 313-429-0801 ! #ingress  
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Ryan Fain

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Anyone in the east bay up for cross faction artwork?
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Chad Barker (Phoenicious)

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Ingress - It's Time To Recruit:

The war has just begun. With new agents, new portals.
The next iteration of evolution has begin.

One only needs to seek it out, let's breath new life to this world.
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Andrea Iacocagni

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Dear colleagues, please maximum +1 to original topic
thanks for the courtesy 
good day
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D.S. Denton

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Dear colleagues, please maximum +1 to original topic. The entire Moscow region community (IEM and ETL Moscow) can vouch for her fair play...
Dear +NIA Ops!

My Ingress codename is  @Fenyok.

There was quite an amazing situation.
Second time this week you block my account , explaining that with standard phrases such as «falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and / or accessing Ingress clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software». Blah-blah-blah...

April 12th comes a warning letter [7-1127000003365].
April 22, I receive a letter notifying that my account is blocked [6-5829000003386].
April 23, my account has been reactivated . Thank you very much!
April 29th comes another letter about blocking [5-3389000003466].

This situation is not just surprising, it is shocking. I am astonished... I would like to know why exactly I was banned.

I have been playing Ingress since February 2013. I never used third-party applications , informal clients or other garbage. I have never falsified my location, never used the vulnerability of the game, never created a second, did not play at the same time for both factions. I play fair and always use only the official Ingress client downloaded from Google Play and not mirrors.

I play with tablet HTC Flyer. It's an incredible pleasure, because it has an android 2.3 (Gingerbread). During the game, the blue fields acquire a pale pink hue, and the green one turn yellow. I can`t even breathe on the tablet. And you say «using emulators and third party software».

Moscow ingress community knows me well, those who play for Enlightened and those who play for the Resistance. I have repeatedly participated in field art projects, in operations like "Green Moscow", in your official events. Also, I am a member of EMT (Event Master Team), trying to make more fun for players who are bored. 

You catch bots, you punish ToS violators, you fellows. I want to know, what have I done wrong? 
You say «Keep ingress fun!». I would like to ask how?

In my case, your decision is unfair and seems to be trolling. I want to know where is my fault?
If this is an unfortunate misunderstanding or error, I would like you to reactivate my account. In this case, I agree to continue to comply with ToS.

+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Vitaly Kabernik 

Yours  @Fenyok.
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Nik Zantner (Nobol)

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Heyho, i'm currently working on a guide for ingress - and I need your help! translation, ideas and features you would want to see, share them here and get the exclusive beta apks ;-)

thanks for your time!

#Ingress #resistance #enlightenment #guide
Ingresss Pro Guide
The Guide to see the world around you. This project is meant to be a simple app providing a lot of informations about ingress for everyone!
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Igor “Igorpl” Olszewski

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Dear NIA,

The battle for XM and mind control has always been very intense here in Warsaw, Poland. We have experienced many fearless conquers, merciless revenge crusades and sleepless nights. We have had agents patrolling the city 24/7.

But something has changed, recently. What used to be a constant struggle between The Enlightened and The Resistance is no more. We have discovered that in certain cases exposure to XM transforms agents into automated machines that fight humans. This is a war that flesh-based organism will loose unless YOU ACT NOW.

Therefore we, the agents from both factions, have decided to conduct an experiment: for one week both green and blue agents refrained from capturing grey portals. Our western half of the city is no longer abundant in XM, no longer a colourful, living battle arena. It became grey desert of over three hundred portals, where only machines play against those few of us left.

Originally we wanted to conclude our experiment with a huge, cross-faction "GAME OVER" caption carved in our precious portal tissue. This is when spoofers and bots of both colours got lured and caught in our grey trap. Capturing hundreds of distant portals in minutes? No problem. Teleporting to make huge fields? No problem. Publicly discussing cheating techniques and mass item drops on bot-only instant farms? Obvious. In such circumstances normal agents prefer rather to meditate at their headquarters about the meaning of life, Ingress and everything.

Dear NIA, unless YOU TAKE A DECISIVE ACTION NOW against the cheaters spoofing their location and using bots, the grey may eventually become an Ingress future globally. Please, ACT NOW.

+Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 

#Ingress   #Warsaw   #Resistance   #Enlightened  
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Waldini Porlanto

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Vincent Matthew Hornbeck's profile photoWaldini Porlanto's profile photo
will not lol.¨!
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Daniel Tonkopiy

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Dear Ingress United Community,

We are 4 high-levels ingressers from Ukraine and developing a new augmented reality game "X-Rift". The game is set in a Parallel reality where you have to fight or to ally with others to control territories and protect yourselves from monsters. It's like "Ingress+Counter-Strike".

I would kindly ask for your opinion about the game. How do you like the idea? What would you recommend us to do in it?

PS If you want to try it, please register at and we'll send you an invite when get a stable version. 
Zane Newton's profile photoDaniel Tonkopiy's profile photo
+Zane Newton great! Don't forget to leave your email and we'll come back to you with a code soon.
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Chris “Compo” Baker

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
I hope people are leaving some open and low level portals for Noobs or they will loose interest quickly if unable to do anything
Eric Garbos (TaTonkaNH)'s profile photoJulia Morrigan (MorriganRaven)'s profile photo
In our lil city here in the UK we higher agents take the lower agents out on a hacking half-day or few hours. We blow the shit out of enemy portals and then let the newbies take them, gets their AP up, saves our kit etc
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Anna FotoNerdz

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Comment on the original post to tell your mind about the last update...
Screw the nearest portals !!! Make it optional to show on the map!!! I don't f$£%ing want to see every time that my nearest is at 899m from home and also the nearest tramway station I've got to take every morning! We shouldn't be obliged to see stuff like that if some of the players don't want to.... !!!! £<%$¥+>#$>+?|{.?£*~%$?£ !!!!!

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Jason BARNIER +Niantic Project +Ingress +ingress fans +Ingress TV +Brian Rose +Ingress Field Guide 
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