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Planning and Networking FTW!
Impressions from a Different Ingress Op

Operation PapaSmurf went off in the very early hours of October 4.  Planning for this began back in August, with the same designer/planner who’d done the previous Ingress operation I have blogged about.  During September, the original planner had to drop…
Operation PapaSmurf went off in the very early hours of October 4.  Planning for this began back in August, with the same designer/planner who’d done the previous Ingress operation I have blo…
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Saying bye to my Island by going out with a bang - Part of my Bucket List

+NIA Ops+Joe Philley+Anne Beuttenmüller

I decided some time ago to move to Canada, questions started coming like an avalanche. One of them was what I would like to do before going… hmmm. Yes my Bucket List. One of points was to make blue blanket above my home city of Dublin.

The response was quick. A few people said lets do it. We started thinking, planning and chatting. Hangout was made  date set up and plan created,

But NiA didn't want us to be slacking. When the shards were released we had to focus on more important event so after small break we decided to come back mission.

Date set up for 5th April. Easter. Why not.

Morning came, the team had been assembled to clear a paths, not wanting to let others do all the work i took it upon myself to get up and travel out to bray to hike up bray head to kill a blocker.

I hiked up bray head and killed the portal then it was time to head off to Athlone to meet with @falconire to get in place for the fields.

We took out local blockers then i was given the keys and made my way to the start point as @falconire was called away last min to kill a new block elsewhere. In the mean time some agents appeared in Wicklow on a weekend trip, some had been in Donegal, some decided to play ingress in the South. All that allowed us to go ahead.

Intel gave the signal and I began to capture all the portals and setting  them up.

@MadMarlow was positioned in Killybegs so when orders came through we launched the plan into action once the first field was up we knew we did it. But 1 field is boring. Lets make more.

 I started putting up the layers with delay due to the signal being a bit patchy but it was done. After a while @falconire came back from his small mission and he also added layer.

Once it was done we headed for what we thought would be the final field where i traipsed through a flooded field to get to the portal and made the final field. At least I was thinking it will be last one.

We got wind that the North Ireland ENL were going for the killybegs anchor so with that we defended till it was flipped fields were down but @MadMarlow had as usual a backup plan. He always have the same like spare battery. He went to another portal Izé and was able to launch a link to bardsey lighthouse and redo most of the fields leaving one last one for me to close.

Best part of it was that we already achieved 2 of 2 targets. Nice platinum badge for me and Dark Blue blanket over Dublin and as a cherry on top we managed to get me Black badge and fields made the checkpoint which was never planned.

So id like to thank absolutely everybody involved in making it happen every single person who was involved helped this happen it was a team victory and a very nice going away gift that i will never forget also it got me my onyx illuminator badge after only arriving with  the gold at the start of the day and going up bra head was something I had wanted to do for a while.

Thanks for nice words from ENL agents on com afterwards also.

Agents involved in any random order (if I missed any one please forgive):

@Falconire, @ekul, @MaxKapell, @B34STY, @Ecne, @proinnsias, @Bastet7, @RobotApeThreat, @MrBlueSkies, @Irishgeezah, @davork, @serek, @Calico007, @NoGimmicks, @smilingpenance, @StaticJay, @MadMarlow, @gingercrouton, @hjundaj, @Dilallio, @Asassin13, @RandyGamer, @Keyboardwarrior, @Bororo007,@Morningale,@MrsMax,@Debaser and me @ToughSchmidt

Special thanks to Phil Jones for some special items.
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Great job!  Welcome to Canada, eh?
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Cenk Caglar

Resistance [EN]  - 
Happy birthday to my dearest friends and famous Turkey resistance players +Tamer Oz​ and +Işıl Orhanel​ !
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you are very happy
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Adam Mcdaniel

Resistance [EN]  - 
True, but I live in one of the biggest cities of my state
There should really be more portals to hack so you don't have to drive around everywhere for portals and xm
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Piotr Dembski

Resistance [EN]  - 
Nice work agent @Psuj :-)
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joe hunt

Resistance [EN]  - 
Hey. I'm in Princeton Minnesota and I'm wondering if there's anyone in the area who could have any tips or anything. There's one Portal I believe to be a level 8. Any ideas on taking it? 
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create portals !
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Anna FotoNerdz

Resistance [EN]  - 
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Victor Trifan

Resistance [EN]  - 
This is how a green portal goes down. resonators sinking, counter-attacking till the end. IOR Park, Bucharest Romania.
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Agreed. This is really well done! :)
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Billy Harlow

Resistance [EN]  - 
My #Ingress agent profile. Hello there been playing as a resistance agents since February
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Michael Ballard

Resistance [EN]  - 
1 oz. (30ml) Tequila 
1/2 oz. (15ml) Blue Curacao 
1/2 oz. (15ml) Peach Schnapps 
3 oz. (90ml) Sprite
1 oz. (30ml) Cranberry Juice
1/2 oz. (15ml) Sloe Gin
Smurf Gummies 
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muy geniales

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Melodee Jacobson

Resistance [EN]  - 
Any Military Resistance players in Northern West Nevada, North East California? We need your help!!
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Any Raleigh-Durham NC resistance activities going on this week or next?
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Adam Mcdaniel

Resistance [EN]  - 
There should really be more portals to hack so you don't have to drive around everywhere for portals and xm
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Unless your iPhone. They don't have that capability yet
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Congrats to all Oklahoma and Texas Resistance agents involved in the 6 layers, 17.5 mil MU fields covering North Texas and part of Oklahoma. 8 fields, and 8 different regions. Well done!
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how many link amps were needed?
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Jason Hudgins

Resistance [EN]  - 
Anyone playing from Holly Springs Ga?
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Kim Darby

Resistance [EN]  - 
any Resistance in florida?
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+Juan Delgado 125 black in pembroke pines
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Bryan Meyer (bcmeyer)

Resistance [EN]  - 

-- [OP “Ununseptium”] –

+Brandon Badger   #Venezuela   #colombia   #ingressreport   #ingress   #ingressresistance  

This element is synthetic periodic table element (117) also known as "Eka-stat". This operation was in itself unique and special: again two countries, a unified resistance!

For their synthesis it had to wait several attempts: it required the collaboration of a Russian Laboratory one in USA. Time synchronization of both groups and the delicate process of sending a radioactive element (with all customs issues to say at least) to finally achieve the goal. The process took about 6 years to complete.

Similarly, this operation required several attempts and tests before with more than two months of preparations including three agents going around Venezuela and several difficulties reaching the very complex required vertices (portals)

Although not all goals were achieved, the operation was a success and covered the majority of the anticipated goals and exceeded others. A very complex operation. Interesting and educational for us all.

Based on 17 primary agents (h4ck1ng, ipsilon, bcmeyer, lozanorincon, ascadenia, bernardxor, derekmedina, jesskeka, rommelgher, jmsb, atat, jessuzo, blacktrick, djmartinez15, catireplc, goliate, trebloid) and more than a hundred agents in the two previous months previous preparing the way to “117”

-- [Main Goals] --

1) About the Control Field Itself: 

1.a) To Create a CF that covers the largest population in Venezuela and Colombian Territory possible with available resources.

1.b) To create the biggest South America CF between country borders (and possibly Latin America)

1.c) To Identify and use complex access portals,  but equally difficult for both the enlightened and the resistance.

1.4) To Increase the time we can maintain a CF due to the selection of locations, time and execution time.

2) Concerning the resistance organization in Venezuela and contacts abroad: 

2.1) To strengthen the international contacts Venezuelan resistance has created, showing the ability to organize these and we keep adding new contacts.

2.2) To consolidate the work of the national resistance looking forward further operations and new teams to be included.

2.3) To increase the complexity of operations and level of preparation( readiness) both at execution time and “post-operation” response capacity.

2.4) To identify new mechanisms to reduce the impact of the enlightened activity when operations are in the final implementation phase.

3) About the next operations (already in preparation and pre-execution phase)

3.1) Get essential elements for the following two operations already in preparation and progress.

3.2) Identify which other elements, technical, tactical or operational will be required

4) About final execution

4.1) To Handle and manage multiple contingency plans (A, B, C) for pre, implementation and operation support.

-- [Preliminaries & Planning] –

The initial operation involved two Control Fields: From Colombia side, one starting from Cucuta to Venezuela and another originated from Cali to Venezuela, with the prior keys exchange (described and executed in OP Eka-Radon).

The selection of the two Venezuelan vertices was more complex. It relayed on the acceptance of a portal in the east of the country sent two months ago (PLAN A), and obtaining keys for the flagship portal “Lighthouse at Cape San Roman” in the northern mainland Venezuela (from where you can see the Aruba island at the distance).

In the case of the East Portal it was finally approved, we had other two selected portals thanks to the Venezuela-East team but we keep them in reserve for future operations. 

For the second Portal (Cape San Roman) the main problem was: access and data. The area does not provide any Venezuelan mobile services and it is almost in the middle of nowhere. It´s  required to use the barely weak cellular signal from Aruba in the Caribbean using voice and data roaming to reach the goals. Agent ipsilon was in charge to go there twice before the operation (about 10 driving hours each time) to assure we had enough keys and to test data services available.

The other vertex, in Cúcuta/Colombia was already in control of both agents Lozanorincon and bcmeyer (from operation eka-radon). 

A lot of previous integration and communication work with regional teams was made thanks to the work of agent ascadenia who defined multiple plan versions, several options, defensive  strategies, and kept the regional teams aligned to the plan.

-- [First Attempt] –

There was an unsuccessful attempt to this operation that was tried last month. We saw it as a practice rather than a failure. A different East Vertex was chosen (possibly weaker too!!).  Despite the mobilization of 7 agents in several cars around Venezuela from that experience we redefined the plan, targeting larger, daring and more effective goals!!!

-- [Second Attempt] –

The second attempt required a mobilization of such magnitude of agents in Venezuela that the time and starting day was the most complex to coordinate. It must to be executed on a Sunday and completed before 1:30 pm but not too early. Accesses were partially restricted to eastern vertex and thus compromise both the execution and the goal of letting the enlightened not to reach It the same day.

At the Cucuta/Colombian vertex time was also important. We already studied which enlightened players were able to take the portal:  studied their movements and action areas. We wanted to maximize the CF active time.

In the northern corner of Venezuela (Cape San Román) accesses are complex for many reasons and it was the primary place to take the CF down.

During the Saturday before the final execution both agents h4ck1ng and bernardxor went to Puerto La Cruz (Eastern Venezuela) in order to be ready next Sunday 8am. It was a 10 hours bus ride. Not easy nor pleasant trip on one single weekend.

The same Saturday, agent derekmedina was focused on the center-east of Venezuela (Guatire) to limit the ability of "preventive links" from the enlightened faction.

On Saturday and Sunday, and agents rommelgher jesskeka had a similar goal, but additionally they needed to neutralize an “inaccessible site/portal”: the enlightened can get / take this portal but we can only knock down it from the distance. They use this portal to run multiple offensive and defensive operations.

Several preemptive cleaning operations were executed during the previous week mainly in Caracas, Charallave, Los Teques, Guatire, Guarenas, La Guaira, San Juan de Los Morros comprising much of Aragua, Miranda, Vargas States and the Capital District.

Agent jmsb made a "preventive" link to Adícora in Falcon to protect without clearly announcing the area of Paraguana Peninsula where Cape San Román is located. That required a new task for the Mobile team in that area before the final execution.

Agents: atat, bcmeyer, rommelgher and ipsilon were the team initially selected as mobile team. For Saturday, rommelgher for personal and logistics reasons changeover to "plan B" in the central-eastern region. So atat, bcmeyer and ipsilon would definitely act as a mobile team.

But on the Saturday, the enlightened operations in the Western side of the country, prevented the ultimate goal: 3 Control Fields were appearing between Lara, Zulia and Trujillo that in the morning did not exist. Enlightened Agents in Caracas were moving outside their usual areas of play (particularly zoorbox). On Sunday we discovered that even another agent had shifted to an unusually Lara state. We assume that was part of its preparatory action for an operation (that probably was truncated due our actions).

With the multiple CFs that prevented our goal organize activities in Lara and Zulia agents: jessuzo, blacktrick, and jmsb to remove portals from Cabimas and other areas

These activities required from the team "mobile" a detour important to San Felipe (Yaracuy) over 5 hours drive to knock over a CF at night and stop at Adícora (about an hour from Faro del Cape San Román) . A mobilization in public transportation of more than 3 hours was required in Lara early Sunday morning by agent jessuzo to Acarigua.

In Cali, a last minute problem, prevented take control of the portal needed there, so that the operation was about to be halted at 6:00 pm Saturday. We decided the rest was still ready was sufficiently challenging, complex and interesting so we continued.

Before leaving the mobile group had a prior commitment. Agent trebloy needed 52.000 AP to reach level 7. This was part of the necessary contingency plans, so from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm agents atat and bcmeyer help him to reach this goal  and agreed contingency plans associated with preventive measures that would be necessary in Vargas State (that would control the agent then trebloid on stand-by). With a new L7 and the team could find his last member (ipsilon) and start the route to San Felipe – Adícora – San Román.

.-- [Final Execution] –

As the morning reaches, Eastern agents were in place, jessuzo in Acarigua, lozanorincon in Cucuta waiting, jesskeka and rommelgher ready in Miranda and ascadenia in “intel mode” and creating the last CF needed to misdirect the other faction. The rest was in stand-by mode.

First: disable Adícora preventive CF ..

Second: Create a preventive CF to mislead the enlightened (ascadenia)

Third: go as fast as possible to Cape San Roman, the road has changed a bit, there is a larger section of asphalt, but in the last part, as required arrival no way whatsoever. In the last few meters we decided to leave the truck back and get walking.

The wind is incredible, almost can take you away, the sand enters everywhere, but what you find is lack of voice and data signal... that's when our friends Caribbean telephone operators come into action. The view is incredible, the lighthouse, the Caribbean sea, Aruba island to the north, the sand, and almost nobody else around.

Calls to everyone to start actions and special note: use your own discretion due to the small size of the data in the area: we do have to use the comm’s information as a resource and not rely only in our data/voice communications.

To deploy the portal was rather slow and complicated, once achieved jessuzo finishes to knock Acarigua’s CF; jesskeka and rommelgher cleared the way to the East everything fitted into place.
Agents: h4ck1ng, bernardxor, djmartinez15, katireplc and goliate link from the East to Cucuta and to Cape San Roman. lozanorincon links Cucuta to Cape San Roman and there we have 9,786,002 MUs CF!!!.

A very complex operation, exhausting, full of detours but successful in its objectives.

On the way back, the Mobile team needed at least an hour to see the result since there was no connectivity around. 

After a few hours a small celebration in La Vela de Coro, with a nice lunch (first meal after more than 15 hours and sitted in a table). We shared with enlightened agent raasklaat and deployed a L7 portal so he could make some farming in the area.

The teams begin their return back: jesskeka rommelgher must be in Caracas before 1:00 pm; h4ck1ng bernardxor before Monday and the mobile team needed to rest at their homes.

The total travel of the mobile team, which began Saturday at 9:00 pm ending Monday at 12:30 am was 1,350 kilometers, without stopping to sleep, including more than five hours of traffic six hours of continuous rain and 15 hours of night driving. (more )

-- [Post-OP] –

There are several lessons learned that we need to review with this experience and to growth for the entire group, however, even after 97 hours the CF is still active!

Congratulations to all. Enjoy the pictures and hope we receive your comments!
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mint linking.! Be careful not to spend keys.!
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Caleb Spiess

Resistance [EN]  - 
An L8 ran through my 6-portal town today. In what used to be an Enlightened controlled town, it is now totally resistance controlled. Also, they took down the only L7 enlightened portal on the Western Slope. This was a good day. Other portals not shown, because they average out to L1 and I can't zoom out without losing sight of them. 
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You might not be able to zoom the map out without losing sight of those L1 portals, but most web browsers also have a zoom control. Zoom in on the map to where L1 is visible, zoom out on the browser to get the area of coverage you need.
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justin brooks

Resistance [EN]  - 
I am now a L3!!!!!
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So, go for the next 40k.
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