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Local agent who has been homeless for the past few years has finally landed a decent job, but needs some help still to secure a place to live. In the time he's been basically couch surfing or living on the streets, he's helped with countless anomalies and operations and is always there to offer whatever help he can to his fellow agents or friends. I started a gofundme to try to raise the money he needs for a deposit on a small studio apartment. Please help contribute and share this around to boost the signal. Thanks

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Planning and Networking FTW!
Impressions from a Different Ingress Op

Operation PapaSmurf went off in the very early hours of October 4.  Planning for this began back in August, with the same designer/planner who’d done the previous Ingress operation I have blogged about.  During September, the original planner had to drop…

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My #Ingress agent profile. Hello there been playing as a resistance agents since February

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Saying bye to my Island by going out with a bang - Part of my Bucket List

+NIA Ops+Joe Philley+Anne Beuttenmüller

I decided some time ago to move to Canada, questions started coming like an avalanche. One of them was what I would like to do before going… hmmm. Yes my Bucket List. One of points was to make blue blanket above my home city of Dublin.

The response was quick. A few people said lets do it. We started thinking, planning and chatting. Hangout was made  date set up and plan created,

But NiA didn't want us to be slacking. When the shards were released we had to focus on more important event so after small break we decided to come back mission.

Date set up for 5th April. Easter. Why not.

Morning came, the team had been assembled to clear a paths, not wanting to let others do all the work i took it upon myself to get up and travel out to bray to hike up bray head to kill a blocker.

I hiked up bray head and killed the portal then it was time to head off to Athlone to meet with @falconire to get in place for the fields.

We took out local blockers then i was given the keys and made my way to the start point as @falconire was called away last min to kill a new block elsewhere. In the mean time some agents appeared in Wicklow on a weekend trip, some had been in Donegal, some decided to play ingress in the South. All that allowed us to go ahead.

Intel gave the signal and I began to capture all the portals and setting  them up.

@MadMarlow was positioned in Killybegs so when orders came through we launched the plan into action once the first field was up we knew we did it. But 1 field is boring. Lets make more.

 I started putting up the layers with delay due to the signal being a bit patchy but it was done. After a while @falconire came back from his small mission and he also added layer.

Once it was done we headed for what we thought would be the final field where i traipsed through a flooded field to get to the portal and made the final field. At least I was thinking it will be last one.

We got wind that the North Ireland ENL were going for the killybegs anchor so with that we defended till it was flipped fields were down but @MadMarlow had as usual a backup plan. He always have the same like spare battery. He went to another portal Izé and was able to launch a link to bardsey lighthouse and redo most of the fields leaving one last one for me to close.

Best part of it was that we already achieved 2 of 2 targets. Nice platinum badge for me and Dark Blue blanket over Dublin and as a cherry on top we managed to get me Black badge and fields made the checkpoint which was never planned.

So id like to thank absolutely everybody involved in making it happen every single person who was involved helped this happen it was a team victory and a very nice going away gift that i will never forget also it got me my onyx illuminator badge after only arriving with  the gold at the start of the day and going up bra head was something I had wanted to do for a while.

Thanks for nice words from ENL agents on com afterwards also.

Agents involved in any random order (if I missed any one please forgive):

@Falconire, @ekul, @MaxKapell, @B34STY, @Ecne, @proinnsias, @Bastet7, @RobotApeThreat, @MrBlueSkies, @Irishgeezah, @davork, @serek, @Calico007, @NoGimmicks, @smilingpenance, @StaticJay, @MadMarlow, @gingercrouton, @hjundaj, @Dilallio, @Asassin13, @RandyGamer, @Keyboardwarrior, @Bororo007,@Morningale,@MrsMax,@Debaser and me @ToughSchmidt

Special thanks to Phil Jones for some special items.
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Happy birthday to my dearest friends and famous Turkey resistance players +Tamer Oz​ and +Işıl Orhanel​ !
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Any Military Resistance players in Northern West Nevada, North East California? We need your help!!

Any Raleigh-Durham NC resistance activities going on this week or next?

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True, but I live in one of the biggest cities of my state
There should really be more portals to hack so you don't have to drive around everywhere for portals and xm

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