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Join us in Copenhagen, April 2nd. #Ingress #Obsidian #Enlightened #Copenhagen - Peter Schjøtler (GaLaReN) – Google+
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Brian Salazar (ElmoRapz)

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Meet Lacey, member of the United Houston Enlightened Movement. Friday Jan 8th at 4:15 am, she passed away, I never made any memories with her but just hearing the way she impacted others made her family among all of the Ingress community. The sad part is that she was only 17 hears old. So early for this soul to leave.
Her agent name Kalydeco not only was her In Game Name, but was the medication that was helping her live. She suffered from Cystic Fibrosis, which is a very nasty disease. I would never wish it upon anyone, and this young angel didn't deserve it either. In consideration to her unfortunate and heartbreaking pass, local Enlightened and many of us Texas Mid-Costal Resistance agents are planning a mission day and field art. The Mission day will also be a fundraiser for the 65 Roses Cystic Fibrosis Association. This all kicks off on the 23rd. if you're a player, I do urge you to come out, give a little, and remember this beautiful angel. If you're not local, than please try to help raise funds for the association so that no other child or adult ever has to be put through this. Every penny counts. Thank you for reading and please share so that other agents may find this and be aware of their fallen angel

Funds can be sent to:

Thank you
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Aradia from homestuck

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Lvl 3 now 
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Thomas Hawk

Enlightened [EN]  - 
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#Ingress #Niantic   #nianticproject    

+Niantic Project  +NIA Ops  +Ingress Polska  +Brandon Badger  +Brian Rose  +Joe Philley  +Susanna Moyer  +Roland Jarvis  +Anne Beuttenmüller

I write to you because my account is banned. Now I live like without hand.

When I got mail where you say that my account is terminated - i was shocked. 
I'm loyal local player in Warsaw and worked really hard to achieve L10 (almost L11). I can say Ingress almost become big part of my day routine and life. I'm using Ingress in bus, car, bike and when I walk.

I don't know what could I do to violate ToS - maybe that was something when I started playing and I did something wrong, but with time I was getting knowledge from more experience players what I can do and what is wrong and I must not do. They also show me and explained points at ToS that was not clear enough for me to understand (I'm not the best English language user).

I can only say that I never did anything intentionally against the rules. I removed long time ago anything except Ingress app what i found at google store when I started playing, and for safety in future I won't let anyone login into Ingress from my device.

I wonder if you could let me play and help by share my experience and knowledge to other local (and other also) players.

Ingress is always best for bad day to get smile on the face and to meet many great people.

Best regards
Enlightened agent @ZoxHD
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Heather C. (Red Sonya)

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Are there any groups in or around Waukegan, IL and Lake County, IL? I found this game on my own, and I don't know where to go online or in-game to learn about it's rules/mannerisms. It's also obvious to me that there are no other noobies like me around. Help. please?
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There's a ne il, se wi group on g+
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Joshua Creel

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Joshua Creel originally shared:
Gulf coast blue fields up and ready to be taken down!
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I believe it lol
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Joshua Creel

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Tallahassee Florida Enlightened HERE
Whatsup to all mt ENLIGHTENED brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!
Agent name: Dedfreddy
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D.S. Denton

Enlightened [EN]  - 
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D.S. Denton

Enlightened [EN]  - 
There's a russian proverb, quoted by Bismarck: "a Russian man harnesses the horse slowly but drives fast"

We hereby want to present our contribution to #Lighthouse Operation, a project codename East-West. About hundred of agents, about five months of planning.

Objective: To establish a tiny set of fields over Russia from Vilnus to Sakhalin at November 16th
Outcome: A general success with minor problems.

We faced a strong confrontation with resistance forces, especially well-known agent @Toxyd, as unight8 and our ops interfered with eachother in Severouralsk (where the hell is that?), thus we were unable to put some fields according to the plan.  Also, Intel Map was unable to properly render how awesome those links were, we had to write down all existing links, fields and portals and create a screenshot with an alternate mapping software :D

On a bright side, our agent @raspberries  was stubborn enough to re-establish her part of the the megafield and also cover hometown of @Toxyd  with a cozy green blanket next day.

Link to ops album:
Link to next-day sitrep (in Russian, bunch of screenshots and gifs):

Full SITREP to follow.

We want to thank OPS organizer, +Dmitriy T for making this happen, as well as +Kent Long for the idea of #Lighthouse.  For the Enlightened!

#IngressBirthday #Ingressreport #SITREP #Lighthouse #EastWest #EnlightenedRussia +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Ingress 
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Nice work 
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Theo Veenstra

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Cant make pic of my screen.sorry guys
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Sam Dauscher

Enlightened [EN]  - 
This is aradiafromhomestuck on my phone but anyone in the Allentown area wanna help take down a huge resistance field the main is the covered bridge but here are 2 portals connected to the huge field 
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Archie Dasal

Enlightened [EN]  - 
On November 14, 2015...
The Enlightened Philippines from all parts of the nation has come together in the Abaddon Anomaly...
Emerging with another impressive victory...
Proving all possibilities with unity and teamwork.
Congratulations, ENL Philippines! #ingress 
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Aradia from homestuck

Enlightened [EN]  - 
just some screen shots i took from my dads house and my moms house and driving to my brothers new apartment (dont mind skype my friends are doing Steven universe thing)
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Raziel Kain (Razi3L2)

Enlightened [EN]  - 
OP H2H (Heart yo Heart), linking midtown of 3 major french cities (Paris - Toulouse - Montpellier)

There was something like 60 layers for ~150M AP

#H2H #HeartToHeart #enlightened

Operation report Heart to Heart

For every operation, there’s a beginning. It’s often a challenge. Resistance agent @MaxFS63, upon leaving Toulouse, during a cross-faction farewell dinner, dared @pano12 to link from Toulouse’s city center, to Paris’ city center, the city where he was moving to. “You can’t follow me there !”. “Hmm my schedule is busy … I’ll try to, by January !”. Challenge accepted. Couple hours later, the Enlightened war machine started. This was the opportunity to test a theory we had on MU computation formula (MU reward for some embedded fields appeared to be smaller while extending the field, could the formula be mostly based on population density at the anchors, with a tuning based on its size ?). Agent @Greedo joked about that, and the opportunity to do it came !

Paris … Let’s see, what could be more central than Notre Dame de Paris ? There’s a portal often used there, “Point Zero des Routes de France”, the starting point of every French road.

Toulouse … Place du Capitole, of course.
Montpellier …… Near Antigone, there’s the famous “M de Montpellier” … We’ll do that !

Anchors are all set … farming & distribution goes easy as pie, but since another op was being prepared, preparation goes on hold for a week, and only starts a week before D-day. Within a week, the biggest french city was prepared to be … not even cut through, but sliced into oblivion. Hats off to the Paris & southern suburbs handlers for pulling that off !

All around France, near the path, everyone was getting ready. Montpellier went onto a massive decay, same with Toulouse, and fields over the cities ensured a no link policy … or so we thought. These fields tend to be taken down. Or, do they ? Sometimes they also tend to be back up almost as fast ;)

D-day, couple hours before the clean-up crews start to move … Paris meets in a bar, Toulouse in an apartment, and Montpellier at a bar. Keys were exchanged, fun was being had, people were sometimes too relaxed, slept, played games, but in due time, everyone was back in their starting blocks, and spread out to clear the path for every link !

In Toulouse itself, everything worked as planned, any hindrance gone.
Between Montpellier & Toulouse, blue agents got us to send agents out to clear out their last minute mess …@Apophyss went first, then @Kebree had to give up his potential layers to go clear out a small blocker :(
In Montpellier, cleaning went well, aside from last minute links to clear out … some were even cleared out within minutes of links being fired ! Thanks to the agents that went out of their way for this !
Between Paris & Montpellier, blockers in Lozere had to be taken out late, by agents @Oneotia, @Nicolaiho, and @Mu5t4n6, who jumped in his car to drive the 3 hours to the final blocker of the operation. High five !
In Paris … well. That’s Paris, you know. Never asleep, blocking links all day long, all night long … or not ! An insane job was accomplished by all ground teams, be it on foot, rollerblades, bikes, cars. Paris’ southern suburb was even ahead of schedule with the cleaning, and had to wait for the global go.

Suddenly …. there was light. Green light. The first field was established …………….. And 2 million MU were collected. The anchor-based MU computation formula goes down the drain. Nevertheless, everything goes according to the plan, and more and more layers are added …. Until …. checkpoint arrives, and score starts going up. Then …. Montpellier’s anchor goes under attack. Recharging coming from all over the place, a dozen Toulouse agents having the key were helping charge the portal, but alas … it ended up being taken down …. Noooooooooooooooooooo. 26 layers gone. The next 2 hours, Montpellier’s teams fight back, trying to take back the anchor, losing it, taking it back, and so on, and so forth. Paris goes under attack too, but prevails. Blue players from both ends decide to give up, and get some sleep. Sleep ? What’s that ? Resistance stops resisting ?! Okay, that’s a given, but still good :) Fields start going back up, and we end up getting all our fields up by 9 am, 7 hours after the cleaning started. 

Total MU worth of the operation : ~150 million MU. 60 out of 70 layers got through.
Agents involved : 112 were up and skipped on sleep to have a great night of fun !
Time from challenge to completion : 2 weeks. Guess what,@MaxFS63… Toulouse was able to follow you to Paris, and even show up in the high scores of your cell !

Team IDF :
Leaders :@Kiiro, @rum35h, @smugz, @Hoa
Operators :@Tiryade, @Belteral, @Nayu779, @Bleuzaille, @GilH94, @Chickychicken, @Cephalotus, @Comanchei
Agents :@0reka, @AKAJR, @Atomusk, @BDurand, @Boogrind, @Bysus, @cesarline, @ClariceStarling, @Damiinouu, @Ensu, @FuNkYkY, @Gnarfounet, @Hoa, @InnuYinais, @Kanchi, @kewoin, @Khainounet, @Kiiro, @Kurokiiro, @Kyamnil, @MarionD, @MoenArenath, @mordakGardakan, @Morka, @Nic0w, @nomAgent, @nop62, @Nosmi, @novembre, @NoVoCaiiNe, @Overboost33, @Poka77, @rikshart, @rum35h, @smugz, @Stiix, @Torkai, @Wilthril, @zqsd, @Kup3ry, @ChapelierToquée, @Raverzone, @leviet13, @Monzer, @Jaythree973, @Jillbat, @DuKyDuKe, @Xephonia, @Liotou, @Liatride, @Zizouvb, @IamTheGame, @doodoomi, @Paranosprite, @Kaichien; @xJJx; @Thus0, @Pyram, @Glou, @DrYeti, @muggz, @yoyo75, @GammaRay, @3Tron, @Morlaer

Team 19 :
Leader :@Mu5t4n6
Operators :@Mu5t4n6, @pano12
Agents :@fly2436, @tibrutos

Team 31 :
Leaders :@Malembourg, @pano12
Operators :@Malembourg, @Ricotch
Agents :@Malembourg, @vivlab, @xAkiRahx, @pano12, @Greggaeman, @Ricotch, @yauuru, @Keylia, @Cayomaster, @Kebree, @Razi3L2, @lara1, @stombi, @Axepih, @flynn18, @Darkbab, @Apophyss, @Jorzan, @Alicesly, @Elfarion, @AlphaPolaris, @egainmoney, 

Team 34 :
Leader :@Nigot
Operators :@tinangress
Agents :@D0uns, @Jobobbillybob, @Oneotia, @Sliders30, @Nicolaiho, @Baaz, @mortissia, @alphayax, @AnthaLeO, @maliceman34, @Obshidian, @Nigot, @shyz, @webermat, @Skall34

Team 45 :
Leader :@tinangress
Operators :@tinangress, @pano12
Agents :@Yetz, @Noelfhim, @akyreborn, @splash053, @Ayeur, @Mattnounet, @Laurios, @eresia

Team 46 :
Operators :@pano12
Agents :@scheem

Team 63 :
Leader :@tatooa
Operators :@Mu5t4n6
Agents :@tatooa, @lappeau, @mattnounet, @peterrider, @bbtueuse, @docreboot

Team 87 :
Leader :@emor3j
Operators :@pano12
Agents :@emor3j, @Freebeard, @Cataract, @Yeahyeahyeah

#H2H   #EnlFrance   #IngressReport  
+Ingress +Niantic Project +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Joe Philley +Brian Rose  +Brandon Badger +John Hanke 
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Raziel Kain (Razi3L2)

Enlightened [EN]  - 

175.000.000 MU

Lot of work and fun. Nice been part of it !
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Gustavo Cubillan

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Mojito en Coco
Operación Mojito en Coco
Ocho Capas para un total de 43.395.123 MU´s
 [English translation below]

El nombre de esta operación proviene de un plato emblema gastronómico del estado petrolero Zulia, de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, se conoce como “Mojito en Coco”. Bien podría ser bandera cultural de sus habitantes, no sólo por lo bueno, sino por el hecho de ser consumido de manera cotidiana.

Como decimos los iluminados de CCS, Juega libre, juega como quieras, juega iluminados. Una Op pensaba hace mucho, por allá por septiembre / octubre del 2013, ha sido ejecutada satisfactoriamente el día de hoy, por que las cosas buenas tardan pero llegan, porque el esfuerzo vale la pena, porque hoy estoy cumpliendo años (tavobearx, 9 de Marzo), porque somos más que las dificultades, porque nada apaga nuestra alegría a pesar de los problemas, porque todos juntos podemos hacerlo, indiferentemente del color de nuestra facción en el juego o en nuestra posición política, porque siempre hay que tratar de mejorar, de competir, competir contra uno mismo para superarse, y demostrar lo que se puede lograr cuando se da lo mejor de sí, superarse sin detenerse a pensar en el que está al lado. Eso…eso es competencia sana.

La operación denominada Mojito en Coco (nombre Beta Soldado al Avila) cubrió casi todo el occidente de Venezuela, abarcando los estados: Zulia, Falcón, Yaracuy, Lara, Aragua, Carabobo, Miranda y parte del Distrito Capital.

Una operación con bastantes anécdotas. El agente @tavobearx junto al agente @DDLLK se accidentaron en la Carretera Nacional Machiques – Colon, en su camino a los vértices sur de la operación en el poblado rural de Casigua el Cubo del municipio agropecuario y fronterizo con Colombia de Jesus Maria Semprum perteneciente al estado Zulia. Este percance los retraso casi 5 horas, alargando un viaje de 4 horas en uno de 9. El día anterior un jugador spoofer de iluminados capturo y enlazo unos portales que bloqueaban la operación dentro del estado Zulia, así que un equipo iluminado coordinado a media noche, se dirigió temprano al sitio para eliminar los links usando Ada Refactors. El mismo día sábado, un jugador de la facción azul (DrKnoche) tumbo varios links en CCS que igualmente obstruían nuestra operación así que con su grandiosa y oportuna colaboración nos facilito el trabajo y nos ahorró dos valiosos Adas. Lo propio sucedería en Valencia en horas de la noche cuando otro  agente azul (EsslRush) contribuyese a ahorrar 2 Adas más que hubiesen tenido que gastarse para liberar varios links nuestros que estorbaban en la ciudad de Valencia al tumbar el portal del Restaurante La Mezquita y el del Tanque C.C. Metrópolis, a pesar que desde éste último portal saldría un nuevo link azul que continuaría estorbando, este se tumbaría con mayor comodidad el mismo día de la operación con solo  el uso de busters.

Otra anécdota interesante es la historia que rodea el portal Soldado Protector, uno de los vértices de la operación. Dicho portal está ubicado en el poblado rural y fronterizo de Guarero, municipio Guajira. El portal es una escultura en homenaje al Sargento Álvarez, primer Guardia Nacional caído en servicio a su patria (Venezuela). Ya muy conocido en el entorno de Ingress Venezuela simplemente como el Soldado Protector. Como reconocimiento a este noble soldado se celebra el día de la Guardia Nacional (uno de los componentes de las Fuerzas Armadas Nacionales). El Sargento Álvarez murió en servicio en el Rio Limón ahogado. Se cuenta que este patriota nunca soltó su arma y que fue hallado aferrado a su fusil. La historia del Sargento Álvarez fue compartida por los efectivos armados que custodian el puesto fronterizo con los agentes del Equipo Moyer en su visita al monumento (portal) soldado protector. Este portal esta a unas 3 horas y media de viaje en carro desde Maracaibo. En el camino además de atravesar varios pueblos del estado Zulia fue posible detenerse en ciertos parajes y disfrutar de una comida de pescado frito con diversos contornos, los cuales fueron aprovechados por nuestros agentes para celebrar el éxito de la misión, deteniéndose para compartir un buen almuerzo en su camino de regreso a la ciudad de Maracaibo.

Otro dato interesante de la operación es que representa un record de MU’s para la facción y record a nivel nacional para MU’s generados en una sola operación, además de ser la primera operación que se organiza completamente en el Occidente y Centro occidente del país para la facción iluminados.

Los vértices seleccionados para la operación:

Soldado Protector (Estado Zulia - Norte),-72.0673942565918&z=13

Parque Nacional Hotel Humbolt (Distrito Capital / Estado Vargas),-66.87553882598877&z=15

Portales vértices para el multicapa del norte al sur:

Capa 1: 5.419.347 MU's 
Tanque De Petrolio Parque (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.513357&z=17&pll=8.745922,-72.513357

Capa 2: 5.423.307 MU's 
Busto Simon Bolívar Plaza De Casigua (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.514022&z=17&pll=8.74328,-72.514022

Capa 3: 5.423.502 MU’s 
Fuente De Agua Plaza Bolivar (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.514318&z=17&pll=8.743089,-72.514318

Capa 4: 5.424.028 MU’s 
Cruz Virgen Del Carmen (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.514731&z=17&pll=8.742663,-72.514731

Capa 5: 5.424.802 MU’s 
Estatua Plaza El Terminal* (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.514922&z=17&pll=8.742132,-72.514922

Capa 6: 5.426.378 MU’s 
Mural Liceo Bolivariano Pedro Lucas (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.5152&z=17&pll=8.741076,-72.5152

Capa 7: 5.426.648 MU’s 
Simón Rodríguez* (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.51527&z=17&pll=8.74089,-72.51527

Capa 8: 5.427.111 MU’s 
Fuente De Agua Liceo* (Estado Zulia - Sur),-72.515473&z=17&pll=8.740552,-72.515473

Al principio no sabíamos la cantidad de MU’s que lograríamos generar con la OP, la cantidad fue develada de forma aproximada luego de la primera capa, mas de 5MM de MU’s por cada capa. Así que ya teníamos una estimación de con las 8 capas, la operación generaría como mínimo unos 40 MM de MU’s.

La operación generó un total de: 43.395.123 MU’s para la facción iluminados de Venezuela, rompiendo el antiguo record de MU´s generados en una sola operación, alcanzado en su momento igualmente por dicha facción el cual fue de: 24.194.800 MU’s en la Operación Tepuy Roraima.


Tres semanas antes de la operación se creó un grupo de mensajería instantánea para hacer la planificación con un grupo pequeño de agentes que ayudarían directamente en la operación con los links y con la limpieza de la zona, además del intercambio de llaves. A medida que nos acercábamos a la fecha seleccionada de la operación se fueron incorporando más agentes que ayudarían con los detalles finos.

Varias semanas antes, durante otra operación (8[9] pal sancocho – codename Enlight-10-8) en la ciudad de Maracaibo los agentes DDLLK (L6, Casigua El Cubo) y tavobearx intercambian llaves del portales que servirán como vértices sur de la operación (febrero 8). Un día (febrero 27) antes de viajar desde Caracas a Maracaibo el agente tavobearx (L8, CCS) intercambia llaves con el agente tonyway (L8, CCS). Ya en Maracaibo, tavobearx intercambia llaves con el agente omgExodus (L8, MBO) y con el agente Hexs (L8, MBO). Una vez que todas las llaves fueron repartidas estábamos casi listos para el día de la operación. Un detalle importante de la operación fue la cantidad de llaves utilizadas e intercambiadas en la operación, ya que al ser un CF multicapa, la gran distancia entre los vértices, y que las locaciones en el Zulia eran remotas debíamos prever cierta flexibilidad para la operación, de esta forma se intercambiaron llaves suficientes para hacer los enlaces en cualquier sentido, solo tomando en cuenta en orden de las capas de los distintos CF por si en algún momento fallaba la señal de teléfono.

Por supuesto durante todo el tiempo de planificación y preparación se estuvo haciendo seguimiento en el Intel para saber que links bloqueaban la operación y donde habría que tumbar.


Para la ejecución, con un día de antelación se prepararon los portales en Casigua el cubo, los otros vértices fueron capturados y preparados el mismo día de la operación. Se diseñó un timeline para el orden en que serian capturados los enlaces. Temprano en la mañana del día de la operación, los dos agentes del grupo limpian los enlaces que estorbaban en el estado Zulia. Mientras el Equipo Moyer, agentes littletac, omgExodus y OverHell se dirigen al portal Soldado Protector para capturar, mientras en Caracas los agentes tonyway y kamameru preparan el portal del Parque Nacional Hotel Humbolt e intercambian llaves debido a que por compromisos personales el agente tonyway no podría estar presente en el portal a la hora prevista para la operación. En Barquisimeto, se llevo a cabo la suboperacion    #CrystalShield  complementaria y que ayudaría a asegurar la ejecución de la operación principal.


Agentes JorgeTHC (L6) y TomBqto (L8) lanzan una serie de links hacia distintas zonas de la ciudad con el objetivo de bloquear el acceso hacia/desde la misma para facilitar y asegurar la Operación principal (Soldado Al Ávila).


La operación comenzó desde hace unos días iniciando con la captura, obtención de keys y manutención de portales en San Felipe con el objetivo de ser linkeados hacia/desde Cabimas y Acarigua para realizar CFs de despiste y no levantar sospechas sobre alguna OP adicional. Todo salió como se esperaba.

Los CFs fueron posteriormente destruidos por parte de la resistencia del Zulia desde Cabimas (como se esperaba) y luego la agente gnomita (L8) estuvo al pendiente de destruir los portales azules de dicha ciudad para mantener la zona bajo control. Otro CF Adicional creado por Osiuko (L8) y Zynexter (L8) [Acarigua-Pinos-Bqto] fue destruido desde el Oeste de Barquisimeto por la resistencia de dicha ciudad.

El día de la OP general, fue a su vez el día de la SubOp    #CrystalShield  , agentes JorgeTHC y TomBqto se dirigieron a portales en Yaritagua y comenzaron el bloqueo desde la mencionada ciudad hacia los extremos Norte y Oeste de Barquisimeto, cumpliendo con parte del bloqueo. Luego se dirigieron a la zona Oeste de Barquisimeto, específicamente a la zona que localmente denominamos “I.L.V” (International LinkPort Village) para terminar de bloquear el acceso en toda la ciudad de Barquisimeto.

Adicionalmente, agentes Cabaldan (L8) y MrJinks (L8) nos apoyaron desde la ciudad de Cabudare, eliminando Portales que podrían estorbar con la operación a última hora, eran portales de Alto Riesgo en esta Operación.

El éxito de la operación se aseguraba finalmente en Acarigua, donde el Agente Osiuko tenía la tarea de hacer el UnLock del Link Acarigua-I.L.V-Cabimas para poder permitir el acceso desde el Ávila hasta el Sur del estado Zulia, para dicha finalidad se debía usar un ADA en dicho portal.

El agente Zynexter colaboró en la logística de la ejecución de la operación, así como en la transportación de Keys y nivelación de distintos portales en Lara y Zulia.

Justo a minutos de la fase final de la operación en Valencia el agente FirexGrimReaper inicia su labor al capturar primero el portal del Tanque C.C. Metrópolis y así eliminar el link azul dejado el día anterior para luego dirigirse a Guacara y dar uso de dos Ada Refactor para hacer caer los 5 links restantes en los portales “Plaza Bolívar” e “Iglesia de Guacara” (que curiosamente habían sido capturados por el) y liberar así la zona para el paso de los enlaces. En casigua el Cubo, tavobearx y DDLLK hacen el upgrade final de los portales para dejarlos listos para enlazar. En Caracas los agentes nagui, perliscopio y joelgomezb tumban links en la autopista Caracas – La guaira, y en el oeste de la ciudad el agente JereP usa un Jarvis virus literalmente a solo segundos de la operación tumba un portal del que salen varios links que impiden los cf, todo perfectamente coordinado para dar paso a los dos primeros links (soldado protector – Hotel Humboldt / Hotel Humboldt – Tanque de petroleo) que aseguran la ejecución de la operación. De allí en adelante los diferentes equipos siguen el orden establecido por el timeline para los primeros links mientras los agentes tavobearx y DDLLK se desplazan entre los diferentes portales para ir completando las capas. En una distracción del equipo en casigua, se pierde la secuencia del timeline, pero gracias a la comunicación efectiva entre los equipos, y al propio diseño flexible de la operación se pudo completar la operación en todas sus capas según los objetivos iniciales.

Lamentablemente los CF’s no duraron mucho tiempo en pie por la acción de un agente iluminado desconocido (Boeing7770) que algunas horas después de la operación y por razones que desconocemos, uso un Ada en uno de los vértices ancla (portal Parque Nacional Hotel Humboldt, común a todos las capas), sin embargo esto no nos quitan el dulce sabor de una operación bien planificada y ejecutada, nos queda la satisfacción de haber jugado de manera limpia; levantarse temprano para salir a manejar hacia un portal remoto, el sudor de estar bajo el sol jugando, de muchas horas de carretera, no lo cambiamos por nada.

Lista de agentes involucrados en la operación:





Operation “Mojito en Coco”
Eight layers for a total of 43,395,123 MU 's

The name of this operation comes from an emblematic gastronomic dish of the
the oil and gas state of Zulia, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, known as "Mojito en Coco". The dish could be a flag of their inhabitants culture, because it's a tasty dish, and it's also consumed frequently.

The operation called Mojito en Coco (Beta codename Soldier to the Avila) covered most of western Venezuela, covering 7 states including: Zulia, Falcón, Yaracuy, Lara, Aragua, Carabobo, Miranda and part of the Capital District.

Fixed vertices for all layers:

Soldier Protector (Zulia State - North),-72.0673942565918&z=13  

Parque Nacional Hotel Humbolt (Capital District / State Vargas),-66.87553882598877&z=15  

Last vertex for each of the 8 layers from north to south:

Layer 1: 5,419,347 MU’s
Tanque Petrolio Parque (Zulia State - South),-72.513357&z=17&pll=8.745922,-72.513357   
Layer 2: 5423307 MU’s
Busto Simon Bolivar Plaza De Casigua (Zulia State - South),-72.514022&z=17&pll=8.74328,-72.514022  

Layer 3: 5423502 MU’s
Fuente de Agua Plaza Bolivar (Zulia State - South),-72.514318&z=17&pll=8.743089,-72.514318 
Layer 4: 5424028 MU’s
Cruz Virgen Del Carmen (Zulia State - South),-72.514731&z=17&pll=8.742663,-72.514731  

Layer 5: 5,424,802 MU’s
Estatua Plaza del Terminal (Zulia State - South),-72.514922&z=17&pll=8.742132,-72.514922  

Layer 6: 5,426,378 MU's
Mural Liceo Bolivariano Pedro Lucas (Zulia State - South),-72.5152&z=17&pll=8.741076,-72.5152  

Layer 7: 5426648 MU’s
Simón Rodríguez (Zulia State - South),-72.51527&z=17&pll=8.74089,-72.51527  

Layer 8: 5427111 MU's
Fuente de Agua Liceo (Zulia State - South),-72.515473&z=17&pll=8.740552,-72.515473

At the beginning we did not know the amount of MU's that we would capture with the OP, but it was unveiled after the first (and smallest) layer of more than 5M MUs, we realized that we'd capture about 40MM MUs.

In the end the operation generated a total of: 43,395,123 MU's for the Venezuelan Enlightened faction, breaking the old record of MU's generated in a single operation, also achieved by the Venezuelan Enlightened in Operation Tepui Roraima, which was 24,194,800 MUs.


This OP was initially planned and proposed by agent @tavobearx last September, but it was not operationalized then because of logistical difficulties.

Three weeks before the operation a few agents created a secure channel for planning, help with key exchanges, link clearing and linking tasks of the operation. This group grew as operation deadline came closer.

Key exchange happened in the context of another, much smaller, operation codename Enlight-10-8, that happened in the city of Maracaibo on February 8 where agents DDLLK (L6, Casigua El Cubo ) and tavobearx (L8, CCS ) exchanged portals keys that will serve as south vertices of the operation. On February 27, before traveling from Caracas to Maracaibo tavobearx also exchanged keys with agent tonyway (L8, CCS). Then in Maracaibo, tavobearx exchanged keys with agent omgExodus (L8, MBO) and the agent Hexs (L8, MBO). Key exchange played a major role in this operation because it is a big multilayer CF with log distances between vertexes, including some remote portals in the Zulia state.

The way keys and teams were distributed provided enough flexibility and redundancy needed to cope up with most of the foreseen risks of the operation.

The day before the OP, portals in Casigua el Cubo were captured and prepared.


Early in the morning of the operation, two agents in the group clean the blocking links within Zulia state, while agents littletac, omgExodus and OverHell (from Team Moyer) made their way to the portal Soldado Protector, meanwhile in Caracas agents tonyway and Kamameru prepare the Parque Nacional Hotel Humbolt Portal.

In Barquisimeto, the SubOperation    #CrystalShield  was executed by agents JorgeTHC (L6) and TomBqto (L8) which launched series of links shielding against any harm links coming out the city into the main operation area.


The operation began few days before the Control Fields could be established, capture of key portals, collection of keys and maintenance of portals in San Felipe linked to and from Cabimas and Acarigua for CFs that would serve as misdirection for any resistance lead and not raise suspicions about an ongoing major operation. Everything went as expected.

The CFs were subsequently destroyed by the resistance from Cabimas Zulia as expected, and then agent Gnomita (L8) was called to destroy the blue portals of this city to keep the area under control. Other CFs created by Osiuko CF (L8) and Zynexter (L8) [ Acarigua - Pinos - Bqto ] were destroyed from west Barquisimeto by the city's Resistance.

The day of the main OP, SubOP    #CrystalShield  was initiated, addressing portals in Yaritagua and linking to close the north and west of the city. Followed by the west of Barquisimeto, specifically the area locally called "I.L.V." (International LinkPort Village) to shield operation “Mojito en Coco” of any harmful links from the city's resistance.

Additionally, agents Cabaldan (L8) and MrJinks (L8) supported us from the city of Cabudare eliminating high risk portals that could interfere with the operation at the last minute.

The success of the operation was finally secured in Acarigua where agent Osiuko (L8) had the task of making the UnLock Link Acarigua - ILV- Cabimas to allow access from Avila to the South of Zulia state, using an ADA for that purpose.

Then agent Zynexter (L8) assisted in the logistics of the operation in transporting Keys and leveling different portals in Lara and Zulia.

Just minutes from the final phase of the operation in Valencia, agent FirexGrimReaper starts his work in site, first capturing the portal "Tanque CC Metropolis", thereby eliminating the blue link left the day before and then going to Guacara to use two Ada Refactors to drop the other 5 links on portals "Plaza Bolívar" and "Iglesia de Guacara" (which incidentally had been captured by himself) and thereby release the area for the passage of the links. In Casigua el Cubo , agents DDLLK and tavobearx make the final upgrade to the portals to get them ready for linking. In Caracas agents nagui, perliscopio and joelgomezb knock down portals and links in Caracas - La Guaira Highway, while in west side of the city agent JereP uses a Jarvis Virus literally just seconds before the operation on a portal that breaks several links that prevent our CF's , all perfectly coordinated to make way for the first two links (soldado protector – Hotel Humboldt / Hotel Humboldt – Tanque de petroleo) securing the execution of the operation. Thereafter the different teams follow the order established by the timeline for throw the first links while agents tavobearx and DDLLK move between different portals in order to complete the layers. In a distraction, the team in Casigua, lost timeline sequence, but thanks to effective communication between the teams, and the flexible design of the operation itself, it could be completed in all the corresponding layers according to the initial objectives.

Unfortunately the CF 's did not last long due the action of the "enlightened" agent Boeing7770 that destroyed the common vertex “ Hotel Humboldt National Park” throwing an ADA at it.

Our faction has never had notice of this enlightened agent Boeing7770 before this incident and we are currently investigating the account.

Despite of this action we're very happy with the accomplished work.

List of agents involved in the operation:


Online Operation Intel:


+Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Brandon Badger +Susanna Moyer +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress Venezuela +Ingress LatinoAmerica +Ingress Enlightened Latin America +Club lvl8 LatinoAmerica - Ingress   #ingressreport     #sitrep     #enlightened     #iluminados     #megafield   
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felicitaciones, un gran trabajo de equipo
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D.S. Denton

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Ingress Enlightened Games 2014 SITREP
By +Adam Booth  Founder

The Ingress Enlightened Games came to a close on January 18 bringing to an end an inspiring, uplifting and challenging couple of weeks for the organisers and participants. Featuring more than 80 agents from 26 countries, the Games had an impact on a global scale, reaching far beyond their original scope. The 9 events of the Games claimed 40 million AP, influenced 8.4 million mind units and resulted in more than 270 actions during the week of January 11-18, 2014.

The Games started as an idea I had in mid-2013 to celebrate reaching Level 8. Instead of designing a complex field system or building a farm, I thought it would be fun to challenge my local agents to see who was the best. As I sat between several communities I hoped I could get them to compete against each other in a friendly way. Like all good ideas I parked it until I had time to work on it, and it wasn’t until January 1 that I officially launched the Ingress Enlightened Games.

Within hours of announcing my new community I had a dozen UK agents signed up, and then the first surprise. Somehow word had reached France, and then Australia. This introduced +Rai Molki  to the event, a vital contact as the message continued to spread. As requests to join increased rapidly the event was spiralling beyond the manual systems I had in mind to manage it.

Now a team was required. Local agents like +Hassan Yate and +Samantha Clinton  were vital early support before the technical genius of +Ted Juch  , the eagle eye of +Vitaly Kabernik  and the various skills and opinions of many other agents were added. A moderation team was also formed with 25 members covering all of the countries now requesting access. Despite a couple of scares the Ingress Enlightened Games community now reached 1200 members.

With the back end in place (or rapidly being built) and the competitors lined up, it was time to open the Games. It had been only 10 days from the idea being launched to the opening and we had no idea what would happen. At first… nothing… but then, screenshots and event entries started to arrive. We were off and running. And what a run it has been. Here are some of the highlights.

* +Yusuf Supriyadi (cupiiiii): Winner - 5km and Shooting, Overall Enlightened Games Champion*

Yusuf came through with some excellent scores to lead the outstanding Indonesian team. But for a timezone mixup they would have been the run-away winners. Surely the agent and the team to catch next time. Here is his description of the Games:

+Martin Fuzzey  (entron):  Winner - Archery

Martin has provided an excellent write up of what it took to achieve a high score in this very technical event. It is really worth taking the time to read:

Agent mrseeker: Winner - Boxing

mrseeker took advantage of a well defended and maintained Resistance farm to batter his way to a gold medal in this event. Using his strong arsenal of weapons he managed to reduce the farm to a single L8 portal and depleted the precious resources of the Resistance.

* +jaco van der Merwe (L3st4t): Winner - 100m*

Jaco took to the games once his early high score was pushed down the ranking. He now found the challenge in Ingress that he had been missing before. Working hard to get himself back up the leaderboard also gave him top spot in three of the new regional cells and provoked the Resistance agents into retaliation.

+Aravind Retnakumar (ARKode): Winner - Javelin

Aravind pushed through a 6.8 million MU field to take the title in the Javelin (greatest MU) competition.

+Roland Erdrich (OrdinaryOyster): Winner - Marathon

Roland clocked in 2.6 million AP over the course of the Games to claim the endurance crown. With entries in five different events he also helped lead the German team to second place overall.

Agent AjaxMaximus: Winner - High Jump

AjaxMaximus stacked up 43 layered fields on a single anchor to take the title. As one of many strong entries, he helped the Australian team to overall victory.

Agent wadonorton: Winner - Triple Jump

In a twist on the usual field measurements, we challenged agents to cover the maximum geographic area, Agent wadonorton covered 175,383 km2 in South Africa.

New Zealand Write Up of the Games

Those Crazy Russians

So now it is all over. What did we learn from this event? Firstly, that we need to improve the way we run the Games and make it easier and more reliable for agents to submit their scores. There was far more interest in these Games than we had expected and the short planning time left us struggling to keep up. We will make it better next time.

Secondly, we learned that for many agents this was just the challenge they were looking for from Ingress. We like to joke that the recent regional scores were inspired by the Enlightened Games but they both have the same goal, to make Ingress fun again for more experienced agents and to stir up stagnant and well-fortified areas.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Organising Committee, The Moderation and Judging teams, and the competitors who put in countless hours of their time to make this event work. The energy, enthusiasm, and good will with which they have taken part has often left me stunned, delighted, and proud in equal measure. In all regards this event has shown the very best of what being an Enlightened agent can be.

Adam Booth (DaddyWookie)

+Ingress +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 
#ingressreport   #ingress   #Enlightened   #IEG   #Fun   #lighthouse  

Enlightened Games website for events and rules :
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Next time +D.S. Denton hook it up in America or I'll steal your idea and start one myself lol. Our mod was in Canada. The farthest from Florida ever!!! And because of such amazing interest I was sadly unable to join. Even though I signed your petition... thank you you are all amazing for putting this together!!!!!!!!
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D.S. Denton

Enlightened [EN]  - 
#Lighthouse  is only just beginning. The Enlightened will not rest until every human has had the opportunity to know about XM and decide if they want to be a part of the discoveries to come. Mobilize agents! Spread the good news by capturing the transportation and communication hubs. The newly enlightened will spread the word even further. Fire up the #lighthouse  in your area and bring your fellow man out of the darkness! Phase 3: is operational! Go go go!
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Bill Bynum

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Operation Pretentious, Meaningless Accomplishment

The past half year has been an interesting period for Central Ohio Enlightened agents. With many players long since Level 8 and no new missions added to Ingress, we have had to invent new accomplishments for ourselves, while simultaneously motivating ourselves to continue playing once these goals were achieved.

We had long moved past the era of flash Level 8 parties, turning them into Level 8 harvests across entire swaths of Columbus that lasted months at a time. We repelled attack after attack, to the point that our strategic superiority was blamed on "agent density." Despite even numbers across the region (or even lower numbers on our side) we had successfully held down the opposition from holding Level 8 portals for even a full day. We challenged ourselves to see how many high-level portals we could make across Columbus. And then we challenged ourselves to make the discrepancy between our portals and their portals as large as possible. We made giant fields, many lasting for more than 480 seconds . We tasked ourselves with making an arbitrarily high number of fields in one night. We wiped all blue fields from the area. We eradicated all blue portals level 7 or higher from the map. In short, we had established dominance in Columbus. And there was much rejoicing.

Yet there were also issues.

We have contended with some negative situations in the area. We have witnessed a growing number of non-legitimate opposition DROP into our zone. We have witnessed attacks on empty streets and empty cemeteries. We have witnessed deliberate attempts to remove stronghold portals from the game through shady methods. Many times we discouraged our teammates from quitting the game due to these situations, though we felt hollow doing so. Since we accomplished most of what you could in the game and we were fighting an unfair battle anyway, how do you convince your teammates it's worth the effort to continue?

We leaned on community. We had developed a fondness and camaraderie unseen since the days of the KGB. Then, through the discovery of agent skyssx of a #sitrep  on this very site, we learned to lean on absurdity and invention.

Let me set the scene a bit. We started to see humorous operation reports from the area - reports filled with gross inaccuracies and fanciful invention. We realized one could simply invent any achievements desired and post them to this page and the world would never question it! We started to craft missions that would sound preposterous to the world at large, simply to see if we could get away with them. You can only kick a dead horse so many times, so this fun, too, quickly faded.

Agent skyssx then noted a report of a mission that created the world's first Level 9 portal. As we all know, Level 9 does not exist yet in our game. We all thought this mission was completely pretentious and meaningless. But then we realized that it actually fit our "make up crazy stuff" mission goals, while simultaneously actually being "real." The agents in mind were theoretically Level 9 by the current point structures.

With absolutely nothing left to accomplish as a team in Columbus, we decided to task ourselves with creating the world's first Level 10 portal. We did not have eight agents at 4.8 million points when we conceived the notion, but we knew a sizable crop was nearing the mark. Five agents reached the plateau within days of each other and suddenly we had not just eight, but 10 Level 10 agents.

Since all but one Columbus Enlightened member is composed of working adults, we knew the toughest part about this mission would be to simply pick a time and place. We wanted to leave no one out, but our members were spread across the city. Since it was for history, we knew we had to do it right. Several attempts were made to coordinate. None of us is a high school or college kid, so time was a major factor. It's one thing to get eight people together to make Level 8 portals. It's another thing when those people have to be a specific set of players. Attempt one fizzled. Attempt two never materialized. Finally, we set to a plan that seemed destined to happen.

At one point we wondered if we could scrape eight of us together. But the stars (future pun intended) aligned and suddenly all 10 people could be there! We decided to make a trip to Polaris for the historic portal. The North Star was a fitting spot to crown another Enlightened first in Columbus.

The Players

MattyMojo - 14+ million AP
billbishere - 11+ million AP 
VaguelyRandom - 10+ million AP
blandestk - 8+ million AP
TableFlipper 8+ million AP
widow - 6+ million AP
qluxe - 6+ million AP
UpwardSpiral - 5+ million AP
ladybee - 5+ million AP
Brakus - 5+ million AP

We met for food, beverages, and jolliness beforehand with over 25 members of our community. We burned out some Level 8 portals for good measure. When all the Level 10 agents were in place, we held a special lottery to determine the owners of our first four Level 10 Portals. Agents VaguelyRandom, widow, ladybee, and Brakus were the lucky contestants, though Brakus ceded his winning ticket to MattyMojo. We gathered around the North Star, snapped some photographs for posterity, used an ADA on our own Level 8 portal, smashed it to pieces, and waited for MattyMojo to claim the portal. Once his resonator graced that lucky portal, the rest of us followed suit.

Before our eyes stood a gleaming moment of perfection: the world's first Level 10 portal.

We made the other three portals in the immediate area Level 10 as well. VaguelyRandom, ladybee, and widow can all say they have owned a Level 10 portal. It is a pantheon few will ever enter.

The crowd erupted in a roar of applause. Some community members were even seen weeping at the moment. Not since Enlightened Agent screamingnaked hit Level 8 had such tears of joy been shed. It was a touching display of talent, dedication, and love for the game. In a word: paragon.

We reentered the pub to finish the night's revelry. For one night, the stagnation, the impropriety, the tedium, and the falsities were all behind us. For one evening we were a completely united community, relishing in the opportunity to share rarefied air with such worthy combatants. Many backs were slapped, many highs were fived, and the servers were tipped fantastically.

Was this 100% the world's first Level 10 portal? Who knows! Even if it's not, if my sitrep says it is, it must be! We are confident it is the first. If it's not the world's first, it's the first in the USA. If it's not the first in the USA, it's the first in Ohio. If it's not the first in Ohio then we sure as heck know it's the first in Columbus. But forever from this day onward, October 11, 2013 shall be known as the day that Columbus Enlightened brought the world its first Level 10 portal. (We also destroyed the first Level 10 portal, as we used an ADA on our own Level 10 and brought it down, just to notch another first!)

What now? Who knows! Short of seeing an influx of new game objectives and stronger opposition, we will most likely continue to invent absurd, pretentious, meaningless goals for ourselves. Deep down, the Level 10 portal really means nothing: it was our love for each other that served as a guiding Polaris for us. No lethargy, boredom, or impropriety can ever take that from us!

We stand as an enlightened group in solidarity and we are proud to bring another first to the greens!

(special photographic thanks goes to agents Vritas and phreddie!)

+Brandon Badger 
+Joe Philley 
+Matt Moore 
+Bill Bynum 
+John L. Voegeli
+kevin king  
+Jamul Smith 
+Ilya Kruglov 
+Frank Deck 
+Debi Stout 
+Myles Stanton 
+Eric Hansen 
+Phred Doolittle 
+Travis Fleak 
+Jacob Antoun 
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Now. Do it again.
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