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Boy Indra

General / Allgemein  - 
Hi all, anyone interested with this sets? it's ready stock and ready to ship, only available in limited quantity. Order thru this link
8 pieces of Anomaly pin.
Hard enamel platting come with an exclusive box with magnetic closure, this is only 1 time run and just available in limited edition, interested? put your order here
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Short update, global shipping will be started next Monday, so for those who didn't pay the invoice, you still have 1 day to pay your and it will be shipped in the first batch, next batch will be in the middle of week, i will change your order status to be shipped when it got shipped, thank you 🐵
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Wheels To The Max

General / Allgemein  - 
Wheels To The Max: Chair Ceremony

The time has arrived for the chair ceremony! Join us for food, drinks, and music on Saturday, October 24, in Arcadia, CA from 7 PM – 11 PM. The chair ceremony will take place at 8 PM.

Parking and space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, contact +Socrates via post for an invitation with the full details.
P.S. If you are able to arrive early to help set things up, and or stay to help clean up, please let him know.

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Cory Gunter-Smith

General / Allgemein  - 
A new update from The next generation of AR games?? There is a sign up for possible (vaporware) beta access.
Gaming brought to your real life, in real time, creating live action. Our Inceptor turns your smartphone into the ultimate combat tool.
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Myeah, got turned off pretty quickly the last time they "announced" something. I'll believe it when I see it and even then I'm pretty sure my home town will be Sahara-like just like Ingress was for 2 years.
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Berry BOdenhaag

General / Allgemein  - 
XF linkart in The Netherlands!
Some time ago, Enl The Hague planned a XF Linkart plan for 2 agents that were moving and expecting a baby frog. From Res side 6 yr old +DJdenhaag DJ​ and his father +Berry BOdenhaag​ helped. It was a blast and DJ came up with the idea to make a star in two colors.

Res agents immediately offered to help, and the preparations began. Today was the day! We started our mission at 20:00 hours and it took us only 2,5 hours in total to finish clearing and linking. Not bad, since we had to change the plan halfway because a Res agent overslept (no, the starting time is no typo, it was 8 pm LOL. How was your day +Owain van Brakel​? Hahaha). Changed some blue to green, and finished it!

Many many thanks to #Resistance agents: +Mr Barcode​ (linking and clearing) ​+René Vlugt​ (opps) ​+Hannes Janssens​ (clearing and linking) +Edwin Nadorp​ (linking and clearing) +Rob op den Kelder​ (last minute clearing).

#linkart #ingress #xf #crossfaction 
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It's yunets my girlfriend birthday can you wish her @SUCCUBUS03  happy birthday 😃 in comm and where your from thank you
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Jenisee Materiasmuggler

General / Allgemein  - 
Ingress shot glass order form :)
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Jason Decou

General / Allgemein  - 
Come on down to Cajun Country for Ingress First Saturday and make sure to sign up to reserve your Niantic swag!
Join other INGRESS Agents, new and old, for a low-pressure afternoon of friendly gameplay in Downtown Lafayette.
High-Level Agents act as the cleaning crew - clearing the ice, neutralizing Portals back to grey for Lower-Level Agents to capture, link, and level up.

Game Rules:

STEP 1: Sign in with your ""Opposing Faction Lead.”

STEP 2: Head out with your Faction at to explore nearby Portals, gain AP, and level up.

STEP 3: Report back in with the opposing Faction lead. Scanners down at 2:00 pm.

STEP 4: Scorers to tally AP and announce the winners.   
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Trang Mai

General / Allgemein  - 
Iron Fist Boxing - Là game đối kháng mô phỏng môn thể thao quyền anh rất được ưa chuộng ở các nước phương tây. Đến với game, bạn sẽ đến với những màn đo ván ngay trên sàn đấu. Với hình ảnh độc đáo và sắc nét chắc chắn Iron Fist Boxing sẽ cho bạn những trải nghiệm thú vị nhất.

>>> Game bài online : tiến lên miền nam trên yahoo

Dòng game đối kháng hầu như không có một cốt truyện hấp dẫn, chỉ là những trận đấu trên những khán đài nóng bỏng. Nhiệm vụ của người chơi khi tham gia vào game Iron Fist Boxing là chiến đấu với những tay đấm lừng danh để bước lên đỉnh cao nhất.

Cũng tương tự như một số game đối kháng hiện nay. Iron Fist Boxing sử dụng các thao tác chạm, ngắt. Đế đấm được đối phương, bạn sẽ chạm vào đối thủ. Nhân vật của bạn sẽ tự động đấm. Để có thể tránh những cú đấm của đối phương, người chơi sẽ sử dụng nút tính năng trên màn hình và nghiêng qua nghiêng lại để lắc người tránh lé.

Trở thành tay đấm số 1 với game Iron Fist Boxing

Cùng không thua gì những tựa game đối kháng cùng thể loại. Iron Fist Boxing có hệ thống nhân vật đa dạng với nhiều hình hài và những tay đấm nổi tiếng. Các nhân vật được thiết kế một cách độc đáo, đậm chất boxing. Hệ thống tính năng trong game cũng khá nhiều. Người chơi có thể lựa chọn các chế độ như đánh cup, luyện tập đấm, luyện đá…

Đồ họa của Iron Fist Boxing với những khán đài sôi nổi. Người chơi sẽ được chìm đắm trong những không khí căng thẳng của môn quyền anh. Được chiêm ngưỡng những cú đấm đầy sức mạnh.

Iron Fist Boxing không thực sự quá nổi bật và hoành tráng thế nhưng vẫn sẽ là một tựa game đối kháng đáng trải nghiệm trên chiếc điện thoại thông minh của bạn.

Trên dế yêu của bạn dùng hệ điều hành Android, bạn có thể tham gia game bài tien len mien nam bluetooth

- Các tin đã đăng :
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Những game thủ yêu thích thể loại game đối kháng thì chắc chắn ai cũng biết môn thể thao Quyền Anh hay còn gọi là Boxing. Đây là một trong những môn thể thao nằm trong top được ưa chuộng nhất trên thế giới. Xin giới thiệu phiên bản game "Đấm Bốc - Real Boxing".
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D.S. Denton

General / Allgemein  - 
Еще одна проба пера. Кривая, косая, но симпотишная :) #ingress
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Want one please.
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General / Allgemein  - 
Stay safe Agents!
This is a LIMITED RUN which means these shirts will only be available for a VERY short time. After that they are gone for good. So order yours before the time runs out!!
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Ray Mattison

General / Allgemein  - 
Both are now available in US and EU. And Teespring assured me they would be delivered before the holidays. Represent and stay safe agents!
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Luis Franco

General / Allgemein  - 

Total Mind Units Captured: 170.230.557 MU (161.827.082 MU within Check Point)
Total Number of Layers (established): 84 (78 across Check Point)
Total Execution Time: 90min
Agents Involved:56
Cities Involved: 26
Anchor Cities: 7
Regions affected: 22

It all started in one of many night gatherings between ENL agents, hanging out, sharing stories and experiences about #Ingress , surrounded as usual with the traditional enlightened drink and the smell of cigarette - favourite vices of the Lord of the Night (Karai Pyhare). It was in just one moment, between beers and laughs, that a crazy idea was conceived; the idea of running a MEGA OPERATION to build the greatest MEGA FIELD ever saw in this country and beat our own record of mind units captured.

We started brainstorming possible plans, sketching out mega field drawings, speculating about ideal vertex. In no time, the idea grew stronger and the bases for the mega field took shape. Agents from different countries were contacted, from Argentina to Bolivia, and in a matter of days every tool we needed to run the operation was right on the table. It was just about finding the perfect time to carry out the plan.

That’s how the OP KARAI PYHARE was conceived. Like Karai Pyhare, enlightened agents were in movement the whole night, standing in different locations, keeping an eye on the operation, giving their best, without hesitation overseeing that everything goes according to plan.

And that’s how in the early morning of September 27th a new regional record was set! The largest amount of nested megafields, and the largest amount of mind units captured in a single operation! And such achievement would have never been possible without the Paraguayan and Argentinian agents that actively participated in the the OP and the invaluable help of agents from Chile we exchanged keys with.

This excellent work, placed Latin American ENL community in the very top! and serves as a proof of the level of our team-work and fellowship! We all agree that for THE ENLIGHTENED FAMILY there are no barriers!, there are no limits! and that we will keep on beating our own records, we will keep evolving!

Todo inició en una de las tantas reuniones nocturnas de varios agentes iluminados, confraternizando e intercambiando anécdotas y experiencias sobre ingress rodeados como es costumbre de la tradicional bebida iluminada y tabaco - vicios predilectos del señor de la noche-, fue así que se gestó la idea de realizar un MEGA OPERATIVO y superar nuestro propio récord. 

Empezamos con las lluvias de ideas y esbozar los posibles vértices, se fue concretando  el plan, una vez diseñada la base del mega fields, se procedió a contactar con varios agentes iluminados de distintas celdas (Argentina, Bolivia), ya con todas las herramientas necesarias, solo esperábamos el momento concreto para llevar a cabo el plan.

Así nació el OP KARAI PYHARE como el señor de la noche, agentes iluminados movilizándose toda la noche en distintas posiciones, atentos a los operadores, con la predisposición y dando lo mejor, sin vacilar para que toda salga a la perfección.   

Es asi es como el Domingo 27 de Setiembre del 2015, se logró el nuevo record de la región, la mayor cantidad de capas, con la mayor cantidad de Mind Units capturados, con la participación de agentes de varios países, con vértices en Paraguay  Argentina, Bolivia y la invaluable ayuda de agentes de Chile para el intercambio de llaves utilizadas en el operativo.

Deja a los Iluminados de  Latinoamérica en lo más alto, demostrando el nivel de juego y de compañerismo 

#OPKaraiPyhare nos dejó muchas anécdotas y enseñanzas. Y todos coincidimos en que para la FAMILIA ILUMINADA no hay barreras, ni límites,  para superar nuestros propios récords, seguiremos evolucionando para bien de la humanidad, iluminando mentes.   

VILLARRICA Y SAPUKAI: Kluaka, LadyPeshmerga
PARAGUARI: diegoultra, pinky85cc
CARAPEGUA: Tuutoo, Jeremyvb
YBYCUI: marulo, heineken666
SAN IGNACIO: Garotinho
CONCEPCION: Falez, MorticiaMorbs
LUQUE: FBenitez 
YAGUARON: Alvaro7rojas, Ligia7, Joel7, Paz7 

FORMOSA (ARGENTINA): Cabadu, Cimafer, Sacsabado, BUBAHT, Deriza, nesderfsa, XNatsuuX, ElPollitox
PILAR: MartinChilly, Vans86TF, s2FarnyTF
RESISTENCIA (ARGENTINA): Jhonny86TC, enverTC, LuichoTC, Glinka, Guarara, Anderwsont,  KaozConnection
CAAZAPA: GMRammus, Jazzchu, p0nisher, totilml, DeadlyFerx 
SAN JUAN: dixxi, Munrra 

PUERTO CASADO: Jhonny86TC, enverTC. Colaboración de: dixxi, GMRammus, Ligia7,totilml, jesabell, MartinChilly, MandiocaTF, Pikymar, JPBPY, Vans86TF, Cimafer, Cabau, sacsabado p0nisher, VitoJEDV2, LadyPeshmerga, LuichoTC, s2farnyTF
SAN MATIAS (BOLIVIA): aikanaro1981 (Chile) Labryst(Chile) 
PILAR: MartinChilly
SAN JUAN: Cabadu, cimafer, sacsabado
CAAZAPA: GMRammus, Vans86TF, MartinChilly, totilml, DeadlyFerx
FORMOSA(ARG): Jhonny86TC, enverTC, LuichoTC, Vans86TF, diegoultra

dixxi, Cabadu, JPBPY, RWx2aXM, Pikymar

Agradecimientos por el apoyo y colaboraciones a: gloglomi, Calito, kingbrowser, RossyCrvc,TiestoTC

#IngressPY   #IluminadosPY +NIA Ops+Ingress+Ingress Paraguay
+Olga Garcia​ +Brandon Badger​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​ +Matilde Tusberti​ +Brian Rose​ 

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arab money

General / Allgemein  - 
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General / Allgemein  - 
Stock is nearly gone!

Microfiber screen cleaning cloths, that stick to any flat surface and peal off leaving no residue behind, Printed with +Ingress faction logos.

Time is running out, and as of the 1st of September this current incarnation of Stuckies will no longer be on sale. 

if you need swag for an #ingressfs  or to get ready for #abaddon  get your orders in quick! 

As of the 1st of September i will exit the time agreed with Niantic/Google where i am allowed to sell these you wont be able to get them anymore.  

Order form here >>
Ebay here >>

If you want to discuss discount prices for quantities get in touch! 
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General / Allgemein  - 
This is a LIMITED RUN which means these shirts will only be available for a VERY short time. After that they are gone for good. So order yours before the time runs out!!
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Jeremy “AoKitsune” Benson

General / Allgemein  - 
Please bid & reshare!
Gris Gris Ingress Cancer Auction
For those of you who know him, +Mischa Krilov  is an incredible agent from the New Orleans Blue Voodoo team. He's been recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer... at 39 and with kids. +Cade Roux  broached the subject of a benefit auction, and after a two weeks of accepting an incredible number of donations from around the world, we are auctioning off what is likely the single most complete ingress collection (excluding Niantic-produced swag) on Mischa's behalf.

For those not wanting to participate in the auction but wanting to help, donations will be accepted
By Google Wallet directly at

The auction is broken up into several categories - each a separate auction.
They are listed for 10 days on eBay and have been converted to normal no-reserve auctions (people were confused by the silent auction format).

The auctions are here:
Challenge Coins:
Shirts and Clothing:
Stickers and Papers:
Pins and Buttons:

A couple notes:
1) Niantic-produced swag is NOT included in the auction unless it is available for purchase from Niantic directly; if it looks like a Niantic item - it's either a reproduction or something that's publicly available through the google store/welovefine, etc.
2) I've already spoken with +Joe Philley, who thinks this is acceptable per TOS.
3) Nothing included has an existing agent name on it (though several items will be customized for the winner post-auction).
4) Some donated items have not yet arrived and are noted in the auctions and images; we fully expect that these items will arrive and offer them in good faith, but can't be held responsible for items that we don't receive; we will comment on auctions as pending items arrive.

Challenge Coins
UEF "Glow Jarvis"
BRRN 1st Ed (Edge Engraved: "For Special Service to NOLA")
BRRN 2nd Ed (Edge Engraved: BRRN Says, "Fuck Cancer.")

Flagstaff Interitus [E] (M)
Gettysburg Interitus [R] (2x)
Effingens Futuro [E] (L, Phoenix)
Ishinomaki Initio (White JPN L = ~M)
Ishinomaki Initio (Black JPN 2x = ~XL)
   *with valid initio code card and initio lapel pin (1/110)*
We Love Fine Founder (2x)
Sacramento Helios [R] (2x)
Cambridge Helios (M)
New Orleans Darsana [R] (Black 2x)
New Orleans Darsana [R] (Brown 2x)
Taiwan Resistance (2x, pending from Taiwan)
2-year (L, special color silver on black 1/10, pending from Glasgow)
Crankysmurfland (unknown size, pending from WA)
Galveston Resistance Shirt (small, pending from Galveston)
Berlin Resistance Scarf (pending from Atlanta)

Custom LED Nametag (to be produced post-auction 1/~12)
Custom NFC Agent Badge (to be produced post-auction)
New Orleans Darsana Poster [R] (20"x30" signed by artist 1/4)
New Orleans Darsana Voodoo Candle [R] (Darsana Engraving 1/6)
Sacramento Helios [R] Water Bottle
New Orleans Meet Joe Philley Mardi Gras Cup (blue)
New Orleans Enlightened Pint Glass
For A Better Tomorrow Magnet [E] (Wilmington NC)
ILM Eye Magnet [E] (Wilmington NC)
Berlin Resistance Beer Coaster
Taiwan Screen Wipes [R] (pending from Taiwan)
Andrew Bell Autographed Dead Zebra Android Collectible (pending from Malaysia)
Enlightened Eye Magnet (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Magnet (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Beer Mug (pending from New Orleans)
VanRe Color Changing Cup [R] (pending from Vancouver)
Cross Faction Plaque (pending from Atlanta)
New Orleans Meet Joe Philley Mardi Gras Cup (not pictured, green, pending from New Orleans)

Resistance Pendant (PuddingPet, silver)
ATL Resistance Key
New Orleans Darsana Doubloon [R]
New Orleans Darsana Mardi Gras Beads [R]
Resistance Lanyard (North Carloina)
Sacramento Helios [R] Phone Leash
Sacramento Helios [R] Dogtag (plain)
Tulsa Dogtag [R]
Galveston Dogtag [R]
Australian Resistance Keychain (Melbourne)
Ingress Hex Keychain (Cologne)
Level 8 Keychain (Quexser)
Roxo Bracelets/Charms
   Ingress, Initio, Helios, Resistance Key, Recursion [R], Smurf
   Seer [G], Interitus, Verified, Builder [S], Darsana, Guardian [P], Connector [S]
   Hacker [G], Explorer [S], Liberator [S], Recharger [O], Purifier [B], Pioneer [S], Mind Controller [S]
ENLorGTFO Bracelets (set of 3) (Phoenix)
Never Give Up Keychain [R] (Puerto Rico)
Wooden Faction Tag [R] (pending from Japan)
Wooden Faction Tag [E] (pending from Japan)
Acrylic Faction Tag [E] (pending from Japan)
Copper Darsana Medallion (pending from India)
Enlightened Eye Medallion (pending from the Netherlands, 1/100)
Resistance Hex Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Hex Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Keychain (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Money Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Cuff Links (pending from Xm Swag)
Resistance Key Tie Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Money Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Cuff Links (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Tie Clip (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Bottle Opener (pending from Xm Swag)
Charleston Darsana Bracelet (pending from SC)
Charleston Darsana Dogtag (pending from SC)
Team Alpa Strike Lanyard [R] (pending from Vancouver)

Berlin Resistance Post Card
XM Collection Vehicle Bumper Sticker (Treehouse Stickers)
Ingress Large Blue (google store)
Ingress Small Blue (google store)
Ingress Reflective Blue (google store)
Resistance Silver (google store)
Life is Art (Japan)
NIA Takedown (Germany)
Resistance Nametag (google store)
Ingress Reflective Black (google store)
L8 [R] (google store)
Ingress Black (Cologne)
Helios Artifact #40 "Zelda" [R]
Sacramento Helios Tattoo
Kraken Interitus (Mexico City)
Kraken Initio (Mexico City)
Helios Tacoma
Helios Tulsa
SLC UR Darsana [R] (Utah)
X-Fac Helios (orange, MA)
Blue Dot Helios [R] (blue, MA)
Dragon Helios [R] (blue, MA)
Paris Resistance Postcard
Small Resistance Key Envelope
Portalyst (light)
ResistStl Business Card (white)
ResistStl Business Card (blue)
DMV Resistance Business Card
Viva La Resistance Sticker (Atlanta)
Hangouts (Boston)
Resistance Skull (Jacksonville)
ATL Resistance
Detroit Resistance
Ohio Resistance
Toronto Resistance
St Louis Resistance
Delaware Resistance
BAR Cocktail Shield (MA)
Chattanooga Resistance
PAIR [R] (Philadelphia)
Resistance Belgium (logo)
Eastern Massachusetts Resistance Key (MA)
Arecibo Resistance
Resistance Belgium (words)
Blue Voodoo Hex (New Orleans)
Blue Voodoo Flag (New Orleans)
Houston Resistance
Antelope Valley Resistance (CA)
c-base (Germany)
Charleston Darsana Calvinball Bio
Kyoto First Saturday Resistance (pending from Japan)
Kyoto First Saturday Enlightened (pending from Japan)
Eve (pending from Japan)
Resistance Kyushu (pending from Japan)
Ingress Kyushu [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Kobe [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Tokyo [E] (pending from Japan, first)
Ingress Kansai [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Tokyo [E] (pending from Japan, second)
Ingress Tokai [E] (pending from Japan)
Ingress Tohoku [E] (pending from Japan)
Taiwan Resistance Tatoos (pending from Taiwan)
Charleston Darsana (pending from SC)
Pony Riders [R] (pending from UT)
Glasgow Resistance (pending from Glasgow)
Netherlands Recruiting (pending from Atlanta)
RMX Helios [R] (Mexico) (pending from Atlanta)
Washington DC Resistance (pending from Atlanta)
UK Resistance Recruiting Card (pending from Atlanta)
Belgian Resistance Recruiting Card (pending from Atlanta)

Sacramento Helios [R]
Galveston Helios "Blame Wylie" Resistance Key
Resistance Puerto Rico
Helios Artifact #36 "Speedy" [R]
Helios Artifact #40 "Zelda" [R]
Monterrey Helios X-Fac (orange)
Monterrey Helios [R] (blue)
Ingress Bakery (Berlin)
Smurf You (Berlin)
Gettysburg Interitus [R]
Monterrey Resistance
Boston Helios [R]
Berlin Resistance
Baltimore Helios "Portal Kombat" [R]
SLC UR Darsana [R]
Chicago Helios [R]
Helcat Pin/Sticker (Japan)
Resistance Key Lapel Pin (WeLoveFine)
Niantic Lapel Pin (WeLoveFine)
Colored Plastic Helios Lapel Pin (Holland 1/100)
Paris Resistance
Charleston Darsana Calvinball [R]
New Orleans Darsana P.E.R.V. [R]
Taiwan Resistance (pending from Taiwan)
Haloweengress (pending from Taiwan)
Reproduction Helios Lapel Pin (pending from Taiwan)
Glasgow Lapel Pin (pending from Glasgow)
2-Year Button set (pending from Glasgow)
   Interitus, Black Niantic Hex, Blue Helios, 2-Year
   Glasgow Resistance, Scanner Iris, Resistance Key, Hangouts
   Blue Niantic Hex, Founder, Resistance Hex, Orange Helios
Resistance Key Lapel Pin (pending from Xm Swag)
Enlightened Eye Lapel Pin (pending from Xm Swag)
Color Anomaly Series Lapel Pins (pending from Xm Swag 1/200)
VanRe Lapel Pin [R] (pending from Vancouver)
Jacksonville Bluebirds [R] (pending from Jacksonville)

13Magnus Repro (WA)
L8 [R] Repro (WA)
Recursion Repro (Black Box, WA)
Recursion Repro (Cut, WA)
Resistance Key Repro (WA)
Interitus Repro (WA)
Helios Repro (Cologne)
Helios Repro (Atlanta)
Founder (WA)
Founder (Netherlands)
Darsana Repro (Atlanta)
Chatanooga Resistance
Helios Monterrey [R]
ATL Resistance (purple)
MWV Resistance (Mt Washington Valley, NH)
NEFL Interitus [R] (Florida)
Floria Resistance "Fister"
St Louis Resistance
Detroit Resistance
Blue Voodoo [R] (New Orleans)
GAAR [R] (Asheville)
United Chicagoland Resistance
Houston Resistance
Helena Interitus [E] (MT)
Helios Tacoma [R]
Darsana New Orleans [R] "Voodoo Doll"
Recursion Calvinball [R] (Florida 1/300)
UCR Interitus Krakow Connected Cell [R] (Chicago)
Chicago Helios [R]
Decode Ingress (Tacoma)
Hangouts (stitched, MA)
Resistance Bakery (Berlin)
Burgress (Netherlands 1/100)
Beergress (Netherlands)
JJ Fundraiser (WA)
Black Darsana Brussels (pending from Atlanta)
Charleston Darsana (pending from SC)
Platinum Explorer (pending from Chicago)
Munich Helio (pending from Munich)
BAR [R] (pending from MA)
Seattle Herons (pending from WA)
Bermuda Resistance (pending from Bermuda - will ship separately)
Black Resistance Key Repro (WA) (pending from Atlanta)
NEFL Manitee [R] (pending from Jacksonville)
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Allison Wegleitner

General / Allgemein  - 
This survey will work best on a computer screen. It's not very phone friendly. Please participate and reshare with everyone you can think of!
Ingress Survey

I am studying +Ingress and its players for my doctoral dissertation and need your help! If you are a player or have ever been one, please participate in my study by taking this survey. It should only take about ten minutes and you get to talk about the game we all love so much. Also, please share and spread this link as far and wide as you can. Ingress is a global phenomenon and I'd like that to be represented in the results.

Thank you!

#ingress   #mobileapps   #gaming   #augmentedreality   #virtualreality   #survey   #research  
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Dean Reeds

General / Allgemein  - 
Thanks to everyone across the world who participated in our commbomb to SteveB (aka @koz9)- he's a real force in the game and today he became the proud dad of a new baby girl!
Eve M's profile photo
Eve M
Done! From @linsomnie ;)
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