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Dual-Color Ingress Logo Field Art Work Cross Faction’s Official Situation Report

#sitrep #crossfactionops #crossfaction #jakarta #indonesia #xfactionops #xfaction

Ops                        : Cross Faction Dual-color Ingress Logo
Day, date             : Friday, 26 September 2014
Time                      : 19.00 – 01.00

CAUTION: HOT & LONG – not suitable for people who do not like to read. Please, do not continue if you are incapable to read long reports

During the fasting month this year,@BillyCool came up with a plan to do a Cross Faction Ops, but he wanted other agents to execute the plan. His rationale for this cross faction ops was to enhance the visibility of Indonesia at the regional and international levels. In order to bring in more Anomalies to Indonesia, the country must carry out adequate amount of cross faction ops. On top of that, given the character of the vast majority of Ingress agents in Indonesia who prefers to have war and to oppose each other rather than to work together, cross faction ops is a good platform to test the team work between the two factions, eradicate tensions between factions and increase social interaction between agents from both factions. The drawn plan is to create dual-color field art work of Ingress logo covering most of Jakarta area and a little bit of Depok and Bekasi. In short, it is a huge area with more than 6,000 portals spread in between.
After discussing with @BillyCool, later in mid of August,@naujju contacted @Srikandhi and asked her to be the Team Leader from Enlightened faction to lead this ops together with him. He, himself will lead the Resistance team.@BillyCool has also personally contacted @Srikandhi earlier to assess her interest in leading this ops. At the beginning @Srikandhi was not sure because she rarely got involved in any ops. She felt that she does not have enough capacity to lead relatively major ops considering her last ops was technically done at the very local level, which was her area. But after a couple of discussions with @naujju and @BillyCool, @Srikandhi agreed to take the challenge.

The process to find Area Team Leaders and Cross Faction Team members was carried out for more than a couple of weeks. Eventually the Enlightened Team came up with 5 Area Team Leaders (North:@niceguy; West:@Shiryunaga; South:@theargo; East:@CapresSingkong; Depok:@senggolbacok) and 1 Runner & Destroyer Coordinator (@haladi). The Resistance Team also came up with 5 Area Team Leaders (North:@mizaradi; West:@Independenzia; Central:@kingkongs; East:@ariegepenk; South:@Predator112) and 1 Runner and Destroyer Coordinator (@Kopsky). The team has 3 Command Center Officers –@catalystro(ENL) and and @oskadonoye(RES) at the main Base; and @gurnadi(RES). At the last minute,@zaons(RES) also volunteered himself all the way from Chicago, USA to assist the ops. Although the ops is executed in Jakarta area, some agents from Bogor and Bandung are coming to join and to help. The date to execute the plan is set for 26 September 2014 evening from 7PM to 1AM (max). Only a day before the last day of Helios.

To prepare and execute the plan during the period of Helios is a challenge. Agents from both factions are busy with artifacts. Not to mention there are some agents from both factions who are frontally declaring themselves as oppositions and against the cross faction ops. Due to the size of the ops area, many farming clusters, guardian portals, links and control fields are affected and must be cleared. This has, in fact, created another challenge for the Cross Faction Team.

There were two initial plans to clear the ops area:
1)      Cover Jakarta area with a large control field from 21 September 2014.
·         Rationale: once the control field is created, the Destroyer Team can start clearing up the area and no links and control fields can be recreated.
2)      Leave the area as it is, but appeal to agents not to create links and control fields; also not to recharge portals except for guardians starting 21 September 2014.
·         Rationale: having a large control field will create an attempt to take it down. The effort to create the field might not be worth it if compared to the standing duration of the field itself, since the portals are far outside of Jakarta and it would last probably only a short time. But if the area is left as it is, the temptation is reduced and agents can still attack, neutralize and capture portals to gain Action Points.

Based on the team discussions and feedbacks from @BillyCool as the Project Planner, the second plan was chosen. Announcements about the upcoming cross faction ops and appeal not to create links and control fields are posted in groups and Ingress COMM. However, still, some opposing agents found this appeal is profoundly disturbing and violating their right to play. Agents’ protests, cynical comments, rumors of potential disruptions, threats to sabotage the ops and anti-ops plans are coming from both factions. Provocations to sabotage the ops from a number of anti-cross faction agents are carried out. The Cross Faction Team has no options but to solidify themselves and move forward as one merged faction. Everyone collectively agrees to focus on the ops and the result, not to factions. Any disruptions from any factions will be treated as “disruption” and not as “disruption from Enlightened” or “disruption from Resistance”.

Far before the protests and provocations even started, both Team Leaders from Enlightened and Resistance had already done the mapping of potential disruptive agents. The first mitigation steps was to inform respective Area Team Leaders about these agents and try to recruit them for close supervision and harm reduction by involving them in the ops. A couple of them have agreed to join, but some declined. The next step is to prepare Troubleshooters to do direct handling on the field once disruption happens. Other step to anticipate sabotage during the day of execution is to draw a Mitigation Plan and back up plans. This includes gathering intelligence and anticipating predicted actions. Several agents from outside Jakarta are contacted and requested to be ready and prepared to be on the move to troubleshoot in case of emergency. In short, the ops must go on, no matter what.

Friday, 26 September 2014 – the D Day – tensions are increasing even from a few days earlier. Intense coordination within the Cross Faction Team is also increasing. As the time move closer to the ops hour, movements from anti-cross faction team get more and more obvious. Both Team Leaders have spotted suspicious movements from several agents since a couple of days earlier. At the same time names of potential disruptive agents from the both factions have also started to come in to confirmation. Both Team Leaders try to gather some intelligence on the anti-cross faction ops and increase coordination for troubleshooting attempts.

Three Command Centers are established for this ops; one at the Main Base in South Jakarta, one in East Jakarta and one in Chicago, USA. Each Area Team Leader also set up a local base in their area for local coordination and meeting point. The first step is to finalize the clearing up of ops area. Intense attempt to block the area and disruptions on the field are everywhere. The Runner and Destroyer Team is running against the time to clear the area and at the same time must deal with disruptive attempts on the field. Mitigation attempts by creating block links in Bogor and Cimahi areas have also been in place to anticipate long cross link creation.

At around 8PM something unexpected happened. While the runners and destroyers are clearing up the area, suddenly the scanner is covered with a large green field. Somebody has created a large control field, covering the whole city. Command Center Officers are quickly trying to see where the anchors are. Apparently portals in Ciater, Ujung Genteng and Bintan Island are linked by @BuronanHansip and @TukangKebun after the cross link in Cimahi was cleared by @Afterawake. Runners and destroyers are all reporting back to Command Centers asking for instructions. The Cross Faction Team decided to carry on clearing up the area. The large control field has in fact made clearing up a bit easier because once all the links and smaller control fields are cleared, new links and control fields cannot be created. So, the team takes this opportunity positively and starts sweeping all the existing links and fields.

While the runners and destroyers are working their best to clear up, both Team Leaders are discussing the mitigation plan to take down the large control field. At the same time, seven other control fields are created on top of the existing field using the portal in Ciater as the main anchor. Observing the situation, decision was made to send the Troubleshooters to take down the anchor in Ciater. Troubleshooters from Bandung – West Java are on standby mode, waiting for the next instructions. The plan was to let the runners and destroyers finish clearing up within a couple of hours, get all linkers to position then the Troubleshooter Team can take down the anchor in Ciater. As soon as the anchor is down all linkers must start linking at once. Sounds perfect? Yes. Adrenaline is rushing. Everyone is getting on to position while last minute sweepings are done by the runners to ensure portals are ready for linking.

Everyone is standby on position. The team is waiting for the last portal to be swept. The runners say they need two minutes to get it ready. And just when the portal is ready to link and the Ciater anchor has been taken down by the Troubleshooters, another large green control field is created by @Listrik, an agent from Tegal. Linking Tegal, Ujung Genteng and Bintan Island. Once again, the attempt to create the field art work is disrupted. Considering the late hour, both Team Leaders decided to abort the mission and let everyone goes. The team does not have Troubleshooter in Tegal area, Ujung Genteng or Bintan Island to take down the field.

At the end of the day, the Cross Faction Team failed to create the field art work as planned. Yes, there are suspicions about the disruptions and how the timing of creating the large control fields is far too exact and too close with the time to create the field art work. The final suspicion is when the large field from Tegal was taken down only a minute after Team Leaders started to thank the team in Ingress COMM as a sign that the Cross Faction Ops has officially ended. Observations on the movements, communications among the anti-cross faction ops agents and comments made when the cross faction has found to be failed, have made it very convincing that the creation of these large control fields is part of the disruption planned by the anti-cross faction agents. But field art work is not the only indicator of success. Cross Faction Ops is not only about creating dual-color field art work. It is about team work, coordination and having fun together! And this kind of disruption is certainly not going to stop us from having another cross faction ops in the future.

That day we played for fun, to get new friends and to laugh together. We were there because we are one team with one goal and a single mindset; there was no Enlightened or Resistance that day. We worked together as one team regardless the factions. The ops in 26 September 2014 evening was a success for us. It has solidified the team altogether and everyone was enjoying both the process and the thrill.
Cross Faction Team Members
Project Planner: BillyCool (ENL) +billy david 
·        @Srikandhi(ENL Team Leader) +Ratri Pearman 
·        @naujju(RES Team Leader) +Juan Carlos 
·        @haladi(ENL Runner & Destroyer Team Coordinator) +Tessa Adiwijaya 
·        @Kopsky(RES Runner and Destroyer Team Coordinator) +Agustian Danarko 
·        @niceguy(ENL North Area Team Leader) +Diky Mulyana 
·        @mizaradi(RES North Area Team Leader) +mizar adiwijaya 
·        @Shiryunaga(ENL West Area Team Leader) +Cherry Wong 
·        @Independenzia(RES West Area Team Leader) +Mira Puspita 
·        @CapresSingkong(ENL East Area Team Leader) +Wily Wendiatma 
·        @ariegepenk(RES East Area Team Leader) +Ari Nugroho P 
·        @kingkongs(RES Central Area Team Leader) +theofilus christian 
·        @theargo(ENL South Area Team Leader) +Akmal Hakim 
·        @Predator112(RES South Area Team Leader) +bram alexander 
·        @senggolbacok(ENL Depok Area Team Leader) +Muarif Ihsan 
·        @catalystro(ENL Base Command Center Officer - Jakarta) +Dimas Ramadhan Abdillah Fikri 
·        @oskadonoye(RES Base Command Center Officer – Jakarta) +Agus sukarna 
·        @gurnadi(RES Command Center Officer - Jakarta) +Dudi Gurnadi Kartasasmita 
·        @zaons(RES Command Center Officer – Chicago, USA) +Ron Raido 
·        @firah39(Troubleshooter) +Firah Aziz 
·        @bluearmy(Troubleshooter)
·        @R3m15janari(Troubleshooter)
·        @draonebae(Troubleshooter) +stepanus indrawan 
·        @silalahi(Troubleshooter)
·        @norul3freeee(Runner)
·        @Sangkuriang(Runner) +Andy Oktavio James B. 

o  @3DGVIU8Y
o  @ak4sa +bayu ajie 
o  @8r0
o  @achanhp +Acnahp Hoeget 
o  @Adipati +Syam Alliazzchui 
o  @ahrz +Muhammad Taufik 
o  @AkungMart +Martono Wibowo 
o  @ApdeY +apay Gurembell 
o  @ardhie
o  @Arjunaireng +handy a.k.a arjunaireng 
o  @aroaaslim +Aro Aslim 
o  @aryajuanda +Tablin Arya Juanda 
o  @ayunurachan +Ayu Nur Alfiani 
o  @Bams25 +Bambang Wahyudi 
o  @Benggo +Cessna Bangga 
o  @berryanblack
o  @blueblackened +Andi A. Fuadi 
o  @boim
o  @briandiga
o  @brutalleRR +Andri Augusta 
o  @Cassa9 +cassa brilliananda 
o  @Castorus +Polluxa C 
o  @caucan
o  @cidho +Delvyn Shahputra 
o  @coeloen
o  @digidamdigidum +digidam digidum 
o  @dkero +Divlaa Garina 
o  @dryand85 +Andry ST 
o  @Ebiet
o  @evolis +bakti Al'akadarnya 
o  @fadliselaz +Selaz Fadli 
o  @faturom +Fatur Oman 
o  @fendyz
o  @Firmanprtama +Firman Pratama 
o  @gamebell +Pipin Suripin 
o  @griffonACE +Hendy Hendy 
o  @haryyyss +Hary Susanto 
o  @Holydragon
o  @Hsx238 +Rusmana Hsx 
o  @iankharisma +ian kharisma 
o  @iceone +Manneke Mailuhu 
o  @iem
o  @ikay21 +rizky darmawan 
o  @ininajib +Najib Bienveillant 
o  @inlander66 +Vetroez inlander Inlander 
o  @Intanahza +Intan Puspitaningrum 
o  @Izkhalegend +Anindya if 
o  @Jackcomboys
o  @Jarvis2014
o  @jupiterriders +Anggo Anggoro 
o  @juskentang
o  @kamvlenk +yudhistyra pratama
o  @kamseupay +Palupi Handayanie 
o  @kremozz
o  @kuple
o  @kiyosiro +imam febrianto
o  @kwaliek +agung sutomo 
o  @l0n3wolf
o  @ladyinred26 +Lasiah Hattmi 
o  @lupus07 +Rico Sandi 
o  @marisyav3 +Marisya Fitriyani 
o  @mbagor001 +didik mbagor 
o  @mbul10
o  @mistermono
o  @mojowski
o  @moonrays +Eric Suryawirawan 
o  @NITRATE +Arya Ruby 
o  @nitrite
o  @nuv
o  @oncom1104 +Vidya Dharma 
o  @piyod110 +happy thinkfast 
o  @Pras06 +Sundoro PRASetiyo 
o  @Putra20 +Putra iky
o  @ragiel +arief budiman 
o  @rdtfab
o  @rhiedz +Farid Julianto 
o  @Ridtze +Ridwan kinatze 
o  @Rodzky
o  @RoelWish +Sahrul Hidayat 
o  @RogueJosh +yo su 
o  @SilentBayWind +Bayu Wichaksana 
o  @Sirkentos
o  @slowboy +Andre Sastra 
o  @spicyrendang +alviedo hasdanil 
o  @Spiderwebid +Indra Wahyudi 
o  @tapefm +Purwo Adi Rinanto 
o  @Tata28
o  @Temenggungadeka +Ade Septodwinanda 
o  @terbal +Albert H 
o  @thetitoo +Christophe Hubert 
o  @TheUndeaD +Mochamad Shaifadha 
o  @Udalah +Wildani Dani 
o  @V4HN +vahn dhanoe 
o  @Versaill +Andi Johan 
o  @vindeload +Angga Tb. 
o   VIPER Team
o  @whisker17 +Whisker Whisker 
o  @wettomato
o  @youngman99 +yudha fadilla guruh agung 
o  @Z3G3R001
o  @ziqun +Irvan Rivai 
o  @Qjoe +Qjo doank 

Special thanks to all additional agents who have made the ops and pre-ops period even extremely more thrilling, fun and interesting whose names cannot be mentioned here.

18.30                     Team Leaders, Command Center Officers standby at the Base.
19.00 – 20.00      Briefing with Area Team Leaders, Runner & Destroyer Teams.
20.00                     Destroyers standby on position.
20.00 – 24.00      Execution – destroyers clear up ops areas.
22.30                     Linkers move to positions.
                                Runners standby at the Main Base (Sevel Satrio).
24.00                     First set of link starts.
                                Destroyers regroup back at the Main Base.
24.30                     26 sets of link are done. Field art work is created.
01.00                     Regroup and debrief at the Main Base.

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Dear NIA,

The battle for XM and mind control has always been very intense here in Warsaw, Poland. We have experienced many fearless conquers, merciless revenge crusades and sleepless nights. We have had agents patrolling the city 24/7.

But something has changed, recently. What used to be a constant struggle between The Enlightened and The Resistance is no more. We have discovered that in certain cases exposure to XM transforms agents into automated machines that fight humans. This is a war that flesh-based organism will loose unless YOU ACT NOW.

Therefore we, the agents from both factions, have decided to conduct an experiment: for one week both green and blue agents refrained from capturing grey portals. Our western half of the city is no longer abundant in XM, no longer a colourful, living battle arena. It became grey desert of over three hundred portals, where only machines play against those few of us left.

Originally we wanted to conclude our experiment with a huge, cross-faction "GAME OVER" caption carved in our precious portal tissue. This is when spoofers and bots of both colours got lured and caught in our grey trap. Capturing hundreds of distant portals in minutes? No problem. Teleporting to make huge fields? No problem. Publicly discussing cheating techniques and mass item drops on bot-only instant farms? Obvious. In such circumstances normal agents prefer rather to meditate at their headquarters about the meaning of life, Ingress and everything.

Dear NIA, unless YOU TAKE A DECISIVE ACTION NOW against the cheaters spoofing their location and using bots, the grey may eventually become an Ingress future globally. Please, ACT NOW.

+Niantic Project +NIA Ops +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 

#Ingress   #Warsaw   #Resistance   #Enlightened  

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Why my wife plays #ingress  ?
1. Because those who play together stay together. #forevertogether  
2. Having two players hacking for keys, helps for our badges. #teamwork  
3. Hack while driving - no laws broken if we together #lawabiding  
4. Knowing were the other is by checking comms just makes us feel safer. #feelsafe  
5. Having the same friends cause we both have the same interests #greatfriends  
6. Other players asking me to get her to convince their wives to play #soproud  
7. Looking for new portals to submit and finding portals we have not hacked #greatadventures   #seetheworld  
8. Taking out lv 8 green farms #destroyforfun   #killenlightened   #vivalaresistance  

So to my #resistance  partner & #mylove , I made you a #heart  and covered it. Let the Cybers (CyberBS and CyberSA) #protect  the #world  from the #enlightened  as we the #resistance  will #neverdie  

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All the three portals are linked together but there is no control field. Is this a glitch in map or a bug in the game? what do u guys say.

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Once upon the time... and then, everything is getting "green" :-( Ok, it was good job, congratulations! 

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As temperature hits -22°C, Voronezh Ingress players put one more cross-faction field-art — compass rose over the city!


Field agents:

Intel coordinators:

#ingress #fieldart #crossfaction #crazyrussians  
Межфракционный филд-арт "Роза ветров".
Россия, #Воронеж .
Температура воздуха -22° C.



Небо и координация:

Ссылка на карту:,39.187546&z=13

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Awesome 😊Today is my 1 year Anniversary of being invited to play ingress! 
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Excellent work!
Cross-faction megafield art "Cyan Christmas tree"

Link length: up to 1950 km
Link perimeter: 4700 km
All key portals are in the middle of nowhere (400 km/7 hrs driving from locations of any active players)

From the idea to the departure: 2 hrs
Review of available keys, plan making: 1 hr

Driving one car for 2400 km, 39 hrs. One driver (Toxyd), 2 hrs of sleep for the whole trip.

Location: Siberia, Russia

Organization: +Anton Khudozhnik (@Toxyd), +Irina Belousova  (@Raspberries)

The main expedition, field making:
@Toxyd (Re)
@Raspberries (En)
@wRAR (Re)
@Bartleby41 (En)
@PaulFaceControl (En)
@Pavluntig (Re)
@Ivelok (En)

Cross link removal:
@Sonara (Re)
@saaroon (Re)
@agenttatus (Re)
@DronZaless (Re)
@0wl007 (Re)
@ivan101 (En)
@Laas (En)
@OlegSSH (En)
@egg01 (En)
@danyazi (Re)

Intel operator:

Uporin: only the best quality and aging

#ingress #ingressreport #crazyrussians #crossfaction #ingressnewyear #fieldart #megagieldart #russia   #IngressNYE  

+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 
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