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Archie Dasal

Enlightened [EN]  - 
On November 14, 2015...
The Enlightened Philippines from all parts of the nation has come together in the Abaddon Anomaly...
Emerging with another impressive victory...
Proving all possibilities with unity and teamwork.
Congratulations, ENL Philippines! #ingress 
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Hrvoje Vrček (esseker)

Enlightened [EN]  - 

Get these while you can!
Printing minumum is secured and the orders should arrive just on time for anomalies.
Send a loud and cristal clear message to your Ingress enemies by wearing this T shirt to Abaddon Ingress Anomaly and win the event for the Enlightened.
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Planning and Networking FTW!
Impressions from a Different Ingress Op

Operation PapaSmurf went off in the very early hours of October 4.  Planning for this began back in August, with the same designer/planner who’d done the previous Ingress operation I have blogged about.  During September, the original planner had to drop…
Operation PapaSmurf went off in the very early hours of October 4.  Planning for this began back in August, with the same designer/planner who’d done the previous Ingress operation I have blo…
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Wheels To The Max

General / Allgemein  - 
Wheels To The Max: Chair Ceremony

The time has arrived for the chair ceremony! Join us for food, drinks, and music on Saturday, October 24, in Arcadia, CA from 7 PM – 11 PM. The chair ceremony will take place at 8 PM.

Parking and space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, contact +Socrates via post for an invitation with the full details.
P.S. If you are able to arrive early to help set things up, and or stay to help clean up, please let him know.

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General / Allgemein  - 
This is a LIMITED RUN which means these shirts will only be available for a VERY short time. After that they are gone for good. So order yours before the time runs out!!
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arab money

General / Allgemein  - 
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Aradia from homestuck

Enlightened [EN]  - 
Lvl 3 now 
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Kelly Heesakkers (Tuimel) originally shared:
For people who rather don't order by Redbubble, i started a campaign at Tee-spring with the same design. 

The campaign runs till 24 August 2015! There are woman V-shirt, woman fitted shirts, man shirt and hoodies. Available in different colors. They will be only printed, when there are 20 sold. Hope you people like it!
It's a real struggle for woman to find a nice Ingress Resistance shirt. So I decided to make my own design. There are  shirt available for woman and man available in different colors. Also you can get a hoodie. Available till august 24, year 2015. So rock in the real world and show proudly you are from the faction Resitance! 
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Billy Harlow

Resistance [EN]  - 
My #Ingress agent profile. Hello there been playing as a resistance agents since February
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About this community

A global Ingress community for both factions by players for players. Discuss the game, exchange tips and investigate together to find out more about the Niantic Project. Get the latest proceedings of the investigation while you help your faction to domination. Follow the official Ingress Google+ Page:
Anywhere in the world

Gowtham Hegde

Game Discussion [EN]  - 
Ingress is getting older, so let's look at some #randomFacts .

First chat messages ever?
2012-11-15 12:55:12 Klaatu<ENL> hello
2012-11-15 12:55:33 Klaatu<ENL> help world
2012-11-15 12:55:38 golaclippers<RES> hi there from venice
2012-11-15 12:56:19 Klaatu<ENL> hello from my. view
2012-11-15 12:56:30 finn<ENL> it's alive
2012-11-15 12:58:21 Klaatu<ENL> indeed
2012-11-15 14:21:06 neo<RES> I'm Neo. This is your new reality.
2012-11-15 14:45:10 kat<ENL> hallo
2012-11-15 15:21:27 dogfart<RES> I hate blue
2012-11-15 15:26:30 potatoyaks<ENL> it is on Blue
2012-11-15 15:33:08 Warlax<RES> it's on!
2012-11-15 15:37:26 mengo76<ENL> Hello world! :)
2012-11-15 15:45:21 ucoo<RES> so good to be back!
2012-11-15 15:48:09 Taral<ENL> There's a funny bug.
2012-11-15 15:46:26 Taral<RES> Time to grind...

Most @mentions in Chat ever?
Morka<ENL> with over 18,000 mentions in chat!

And who writes all that stuff - besides of ItemShom90d1<RES> with over 54,000 messages?
For example, nightrider2001<RES> or kifug<ENL> with each over 22,000 sent messages.

But besides chat, what's about the beginning of game play?
First capture and first link ever:
2012-11-15 13:03:30 golaclippers<RES> captured Binoculars
2012-11-15 13:05:32 golaclippers<RES> captured Ballerina Clown
2012-11-15 13:08:07 golaclippers<RES> captured Cool Fence
2012-11-15 14:07:20 golaclippers<RES> linked Ballerina to Cool Fence

Sometime later the first field was created:
2012-11-15 16:43:04 Zorkstation<RES> created Field (1 MU)@Dais at Peace Gardens

Playing with the same name all the time is boring, so let's change it!
9MPTS<RES> did this seven times.
- ResVendettaa
- batt0jutsu
- ResVendetta
- JubeiKibagamie
- PakTuanSyed
- JubeiiKibagami
- JubeiKibagamii.

HagieKhiei<ENL> only six.
- ReanKhiei
- OiberKem
- KhieiNgian
- VoidParadise
- ReJinKhiei
- NomadKhiei.

So ignoring that, how many players are there?
Over 7,186,000 players! And only about 5,451,000 portals to play at!

Luckly, not all of them are still active:
Player appearance in Comm within the last 24h:
RES: 84,259
ENL: 84,796

Within the last 7 days:
RES: 170,584
ENL: 174,670

How to know all this?
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Hrvoje Vrček (esseker)

Resistance [EN]  - 

We need 1 more order to start printing these! Let's go RES!
The orders should arrive just on time for anomalies if you order now.
Last chance to order!
Send a loud and cristal clear message to your Ingress enemies by wearing this T shirt to Abaddon Ingress Anomaly and win the event for the Resistance.
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Luis Franco

General / Allgemein  - 

Total Mind Units Captured: 170.230.557 MU (161.827.082 MU within Check Point)
Total Number of Layers (established): 84 (78 across Check Point)
Total Execution Time: 90min
Agents Involved:56
Cities Involved: 26
Anchor Cities: 7
Regions affected: 22

It all started in one of many night gatherings between ENL agents, hanging out, sharing stories and experiences about #Ingress , surrounded as usual with the traditional enlightened drink and the smell of cigarette - favourite vices of the Lord of the Night (Karai Pyhare). It was in just one moment, between beers and laughs, that a crazy idea was conceived; the idea of running a MEGA OPERATION to build the greatest MEGA FIELD ever saw in this country and beat our own record of mind units captured.

We started brainstorming possible plans, sketching out mega field drawings, speculating about ideal vertex. In no time, the idea grew stronger and the bases for the mega field took shape. Agents from different countries were contacted, from Argentina to Bolivia, and in a matter of days every tool we needed to run the operation was right on the table. It was just about finding the perfect time to carry out the plan.

That’s how the OP KARAI PYHARE was conceived. Like Karai Pyhare, enlightened agents were in movement the whole night, standing in different locations, keeping an eye on the operation, giving their best, without hesitation overseeing that everything goes according to plan.

And that’s how in the early morning of September 27th a new regional record was set! The largest amount of nested megafields, and the largest amount of mind units captured in a single operation! And such achievement would have never been possible without the Paraguayan and Argentinian agents that actively participated in the the OP and the invaluable help of agents from Chile we exchanged keys with.

This excellent work, placed Latin American ENL community in the very top! and serves as a proof of the level of our team-work and fellowship! We all agree that for THE ENLIGHTENED FAMILY there are no barriers!, there are no limits! and that we will keep on beating our own records, we will keep evolving!

Todo inició en una de las tantas reuniones nocturnas de varios agentes iluminados, confraternizando e intercambiando anécdotas y experiencias sobre ingress rodeados como es costumbre de la tradicional bebida iluminada y tabaco - vicios predilectos del señor de la noche-, fue así que se gestó la idea de realizar un MEGA OPERATIVO y superar nuestro propio récord. 

Empezamos con las lluvias de ideas y esbozar los posibles vértices, se fue concretando  el plan, una vez diseñada la base del mega fields, se procedió a contactar con varios agentes iluminados de distintas celdas (Argentina, Bolivia), ya con todas las herramientas necesarias, solo esperábamos el momento concreto para llevar a cabo el plan.

Así nació el OP KARAI PYHARE como el señor de la noche, agentes iluminados movilizándose toda la noche en distintas posiciones, atentos a los operadores, con la predisposición y dando lo mejor, sin vacilar para que toda salga a la perfección.   

Es asi es como el Domingo 27 de Setiembre del 2015, se logró el nuevo record de la región, la mayor cantidad de capas, con la mayor cantidad de Mind Units capturados, con la participación de agentes de varios países, con vértices en Paraguay  Argentina, Bolivia y la invaluable ayuda de agentes de Chile para el intercambio de llaves utilizadas en el operativo.

Deja a los Iluminados de  Latinoamérica en lo más alto, demostrando el nivel de juego y de compañerismo 

#OPKaraiPyhare nos dejó muchas anécdotas y enseñanzas. Y todos coincidimos en que para la FAMILIA ILUMINADA no hay barreras, ni límites,  para superar nuestros propios récords, seguiremos evolucionando para bien de la humanidad, iluminando mentes.   

VILLARRICA Y SAPUKAI: Kluaka, LadyPeshmerga
PARAGUARI: diegoultra, pinky85cc
CARAPEGUA: Tuutoo, Jeremyvb
YBYCUI: marulo, heineken666
SAN IGNACIO: Garotinho
CONCEPCION: Falez, MorticiaMorbs
LUQUE: FBenitez 
YAGUARON: Alvaro7rojas, Ligia7, Joel7, Paz7 

FORMOSA (ARGENTINA): Cabadu, Cimafer, Sacsabado, BUBAHT, Deriza, nesderfsa, XNatsuuX, ElPollitox
PILAR: MartinChilly, Vans86TF, s2FarnyTF
RESISTENCIA (ARGENTINA): Jhonny86TC, enverTC, LuichoTC, Glinka, Guarara, Anderwsont,  KaozConnection
CAAZAPA: GMRammus, Jazzchu, p0nisher, totilml, DeadlyFerx 
SAN JUAN: dixxi, Munrra 

PUERTO CASADO: Jhonny86TC, enverTC. Colaboración de: dixxi, GMRammus, Ligia7,totilml, jesabell, MartinChilly, MandiocaTF, Pikymar, JPBPY, Vans86TF, Cimafer, Cabau, sacsabado p0nisher, VitoJEDV2, LadyPeshmerga, LuichoTC, s2farnyTF
SAN MATIAS (BOLIVIA): aikanaro1981 (Chile) Labryst(Chile) 
PILAR: MartinChilly
SAN JUAN: Cabadu, cimafer, sacsabado
CAAZAPA: GMRammus, Vans86TF, MartinChilly, totilml, DeadlyFerx
FORMOSA(ARG): Jhonny86TC, enverTC, LuichoTC, Vans86TF, diegoultra

dixxi, Cabadu, JPBPY, RWx2aXM, Pikymar

Agradecimientos por el apoyo y colaboraciones a: gloglomi, Calito, kingbrowser, RossyCrvc,TiestoTC

#IngressPY   #IluminadosPY +NIA Ops+Ingress+Ingress Paraguay
+Olga Garcia​ +Brandon Badger​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​ +Matilde Tusberti​ +Brian Rose​ 

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A new update from The next generation of AR games?? There is a sign up for possible (vaporware) beta access.
Gaming brought to your real life, in real time, creating live action. Our Inceptor turns your smartphone into the ultimate combat tool.
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Myeah, got turned off pretty quickly the last time they "announced" something. I'll believe it when I see it and even then I'm pretty sure my home town will be Sahara-like just like Ingress was for 2 years.
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We knew this day was coming
New Ingress Items Coming

The next version of the Ingress Scanner to hit your phones & tablets will be 1.83.1. A big jump from the 1.80.1. you’re running now, and boy does it show.  FEV Games did a tear-down of the new version and found a bunch of both newly- and…
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General / Allgemein  - 
Stock is nearly gone!

Microfiber screen cleaning cloths, that stick to any flat surface and peal off leaving no residue behind, Printed with +Ingress faction logos.

Time is running out, and as of the 1st of September this current incarnation of Stuckies will no longer be on sale. 

if you need swag for an #ingressfs  or to get ready for #abaddon  get your orders in quick! 

As of the 1st of September i will exit the time agreed with Niantic/Google where i am allowed to sell these you wont be able to get them anymore.  

Order form here >>
Ebay here >>

If you want to discuss discount prices for quantities get in touch! 
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De eerstvolgende First Saturday Twente zal plaatsvinden in het mooie volkspark van Enschede.
Deels sociaal, deels competitief; Ingress: First Saturday is een door Agents georganiseerd event dat plaatsvindt op de eerste zaterdag van de maand. FS is een excellent event voor nieuwe spelers om in contact te komen met de veteranen en te levelen op een leuke en sociale manier.

De registratielocatie is het pand van Oxilion, Maarten Harpertsz. Tromplaan 52, Enschede

Hoe deze dag er uit zal gaan zien, is te lezen op

Tussen 12.00 en 14.00 kun je je registreren, kennis maken en uitleg krijgen.
Tussen 14.00 en 16.00 vindt The Battle plaats.
Na 16.00 zal er een groepsfoto gemaakt worden en is de bekendmaking van de winnaars.

Informatie over parkeerplaatsen: volgt nog.
RES: +Tim Jansen (Damoi) en +Wouter Schoot (@ascent)
ENL: +Kay Stoll (@keetjeh) en +Ezram van Rijnberk (@Fleppensteijn)



The next First Saturday Twente will take place in Enschede, near our beautiful volkspark.
Partly social, partly competitive; Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organized meetup that happens on the first Saturday of the month. FS is a great way for new agents to join hands with veterans and level up in a fun and social way.
The registration location is Oxilion, Maarten Harpertsz. Tromplaan 52, Enschede

How this day is expected to proceed can be found at

Between 12.00 and 14.00 you can register, meet up and receive information (both about this day and Ingress in general)
Between 14.00 and 16.00 The Battle for Eternal Glory will be held.
After 16.00 a group picture will be taken and the winners will be announced.

Information about parking: will be added soon
RES: +Tim Jansen and +Wouter Schoot 
ENL: +Kay Stoll (@keetjeh) and +Ezram van Rijnberk (@Fleppensteijn)
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#IngressFS: Twente, Enschede
Sat, September 5, 12:00 PM GMT+2

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Aradia from homestuck

Enlightened [EN]  - 
just some screen shots i took from my dads house and my moms house and driving to my brothers new apartment (dont mind skype my friends are doing Steven universe thing)
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Michael McGarry

Questions & Answers [EN]  - 
Just today, my custom avatar changed over to this generic one. I did not think you could even change this. I made a custom one the day that became possible and never changed it. My custom avatar still appears in my "avatar maker", but I cannot change it back. Any ideas why this happened or how I correct it? 
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+Lukas S. was correct. It changed back. I never saw that before.
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The website (Hailstorm) with global (at this moment most Europe) banner missions is moved to:

Please update your bookmarks/favs. And everyone can submit a banner mission, so don't be scared to submit your country too! 
After all we are a global community who love the same game: Ingress.
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