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Devvloius is a realm where many strange things happen. These strange things are tame and small compared to the most recent one. The Upper Level, where the life spans of every sentient being reside as stones degrading and turning to dust at different rates, has been sabotaged and turning corrupt. Any stone removed from it's pedestal, it's correspondent is granted with eternal life until it's been placed back. Any stone tampered with in the wrong way, the correspondent becomes corrupt until the stone breaks or turns to dust. Any one who enters the Upper Level and get's past it's guards, has control of Devvloius. And that such thing has happened. A mortal arrived at the Upper Level's gates, defeated the guards, and made himself immortal. Now corrupting anyone he wishes and killing whom ever he wants, he is now revered as a god called Totec. People are unhappy with Totec, but do not wish to show it, for fear of death. Soon, people unhappy with Totec begin an uprising. They arent afraid of death nor Totec and they wish to be freed from the corrupt beings that roam Devvloius. Years pass and the rebellion was soon known as Andarta.

The transformation of the computer did confuse Ricardo, he didn't know much about an anomoly, even if there wasn't much to know in the first place. Studying it and seeing what it turned into was what he really could do, so he got closer to look at it. The computer sat there and let him do so, not exactly sure what he was doing, only a fair idea. Ricardo circled it, noticing that the limbs had the aspect of a stuffed animal, though the fur looked reasonably real, or realistic. He reached out for one of the "paws" and tested his idea. Strangely, it was true. The body was stuffed. It baffled Ricardo, but he didn't dare question it. He circled a few more times before standing straight and walking off into a room to the side. Again, the computer was alone. It remembered what it was going to do before it was interrupted and looked back at the wall to study the picture once more. Certain things stood out to it and those features were soon sprouting from the back. Turning it's head, the computer was amazed at how they looked in person, the sketch provided was good, but not compared to the "real thing." Extending one of the new feathery additions felt natural, as well as flapping it up and down. Folding it back, the computer stood and walked in a circle before walking along the wall full of the sketches. It took note of how dirty the paper was and how there was other faded writings on there. The first thing it truly wondered was, "How hard is it here?"
Of course, it didn't really know what the phrase was, it had only lived for about a few several hours. Coming back with another dirty paper in his hands, Ricardo mindlessly waltzed to the wall and stuck it in a nearly empty spot, not at all taking note of the computer. The paper had mostly writing on it, like a few of the other ones. The writing wouldn't have made sense to a normally educated person, but Ricardo used is as another excuse to be a king. To him, it was his own language and he was proud of it. Standing to re-read over it for a couple of seconds, Ricardo then turned around to see the new additions on the computer's back. "Wings?!" he exclaimed, kneeling over it's back to get a look at them. White and strong wings placed on the stuffed body of a computer, it made absolutely no sense. This was the strangest, and only, anomoly Ricardo had ever seen, no wonder they were rare.

As it spoke, Ricardo hopped back. "You spoke?" he asked, the memory of giving it any kind of speaker was void to him. It didn't even dawn on him that it was a sentient computer, much less that it was working without a power supply. He had been in Vanaras too long. Remembering the computer's question, Ricardo stepped back up to the monitor and answered it. "You are in the valley Vanaras. To be specific, you are in it's dump, which is my home."
The head seemed to remember something, then say, "I've heard of Vanaras before," which surprised Ricardo in a way.
"Where else have you heard of?" Ricardo asked it, suddenly intrigued by the computer.
"Ollens," it replied.
Ollens. Ricardo had never heard of Ollens, or has he? It struck a familiar note to him, but he couldn't place it anywhere. Running his fingers through his oily and spiky hair, Ricardo tried to remember where he had heard of it before. Exiting his hold, he left the computer alone in search of something that might possibly jog his memory.
Now the computer was alone. It viewed the wall in front of it. Various scribbles of animals that Ricardo had drawn were stuck there randomly. The figure of a four limbed animal stood out to the computer. It studied it from the vantage point it had. As it studied the animal, furred limbs appeared, complete with a body that encased the computer and left the monitor as the head. The limbs felt disproportionate to the computer, so it stretched them longer until it felt right. Trotting in a circle within the room to test the new legs and body, it was satisfied until another drawing caught it's eye. Sitting, the computer stared at it, but was interrupted by Ricardo returning. Utterly surprised at what the computer had become, he didn't know what to do. He knew it was the computer, because there was nothing else here for miles, but he didn't know how it had gotten like that. As if answering the question plainly written on his face, the computer said, "It just happens."
An anomoly isn't bound to much, just the rules they were given. Those rules could be anything such as restrictions or what they can do in general. And if anything, this computer was certainly an anomoly, Ricardo thought.

There's a dump in the middle of the valley Vanaras. It's the biggest one in Devvloius and who know's what goes on down there. Some rumors about the place say that there's a city of monsters who call the trash heaps their home, or a poor town filled with the sick and starving people. The most famous one is that it's where all the missing persons are, but of course, no one knows because of all these rumors. No one is brave enough to venture inside because "It's like a maze," or "The monsters are going to rip your insides out and hang them outside." Of course, none of these are true as with most rumors. There lives one man, as far as he knows, in the trash piles of Vanaras. He calls himself Ricardo and The Trash King, he's quite proud of the title too. Though one day as more trash was being dumped, an anomoly(one of the many strange things in Devvloius) occurred. A computer was dumped, but this one computer harbored life. That life was it's own. It stood out to Ricardo as he went to check out the new items, that, "This thing itsn't normal," and "I need to take with me." So he did. He set it down on a rickety table within his hold and made and attempt to turn it on. The computer whirred to life, but without a monitor, it was useless. Ricardo left the hold in search of a working monitor. After countless hours, he found one in alright shape and took it back with him. He set the fairly old monitor beside the computer and hooked it up. In order to hook the monitor and the computer up properly, Ricardo had to go through various cords that didn't work for the most part, but he eventually found one after a few days. The screen flashed green with a high tone following. An outline formed in a brighter green, compared to the dark green background. The figure looked like a mammalian head with goat-like ears and a small nose. It's eyes, that were originally closed, opened and looked at Ricardo. "Where am I?" it asked in a light robotic tone.
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