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Hey guys I'm excited to say that we can role play now! ×3 So you can be any character you want!
Here are the stuff you can put on your profile:
Favorite food
Favorite color
Magic powers (if they have any)
Weapons (if they have any)
And you can put the rest XD
Hope you guys have fun!
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Your getting chased by a spined arachnid (giant spider) and you trip and slid down a hill but you quickly regain your footing and start running again, as your running you notice someone is following you up in the trees, but the person doesn't seem to be a threat, you make eye contact with the person ...

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The description of my rp character

Name: sage

Eye color: light blue

Hair color: very dark blue

Personalitys: loves music, is single, caring, will never let people down and will always love someone forever

Name: Drake
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17
Personality: Shy at first with a spunky attitude once she gets to know you.

Prompt: you choose!

DM me for RP

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Russian Name
Romaji Name
Pravda Girls High School.


Nonna is a student from Pravda Girls High School. She's the second-in-command of her school's Sensha-dou team, as well as its sniper, and she mainly operates a Soviet T-34-85 tank, although she can operate an IS-2 as well. In the anime, she only missed one shot when she served as the gunner of IS-2.


Nonna is a tall, elegant girl with long, straight black hair and a pair of light blue eyes. Her composure is absolute, and she is never seen to raise her voice or lose her temper. Everything she does is with the same measured grace and calculated resolve.


Nonna is well known for her calm and gentle personality, and for her loyalty to Katyusha; she does everything Katyusha asks of her, usually without hesitation or protest, most notoriously giving her a piggyback ride to compensate her small height. Despite this, she is not above making fun of her on occasions; it is fairly clear that only Nonna could get away with such behavior without inviting Katyusha's wrath, as their relationship is very close, very similar to that of a mother and daughter, despite the fact that Katyusha is ultimately in charge.
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