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What will the #AndroidN -release be named? We’re nut tellin’ you yet.

But we are sharing the preview earlier than ever. Check out some of the new APIs and features in #AndroidN , more to come over the next few months:

We’re doing things a bit differently for #AndroidN . By making it easier for you to try out the developer previews, and giving all of us more time to tweak and iterate, we hope to create a stronger platform that’s fine tuned for the billions of people that use Android everyday:

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Package Explorer 3.0

Added Android TV support :)

check once in Android TV,

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check my updated app on google play with new MATERIAL DESIGN, its also support home screen WIDGET.
Package Explorar
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hello all, check my app on google play (its live). don't forgot to share review!

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hello all, check my app on google play (its in beta). so only member of this community get first chance to play with it. get download link below

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added new User Interface.... on must check

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