Anyone still there?

Anyone wanna RP with me on hangouts?

I am very bored... -_-

What just happened to this community?

It was just made and now it is dead. XD

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Hey... I need help coming up with a name for my oc

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This is my fursona Renegade
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Name-mud wolf
Race\Species-timber Wolf with a little German shepherd hybrid
Personality-fun fluff ball Moody at points but is a gentle dog
Mate- +God of the Demons And Queen of the Sexy Girlz
Type- anthro
Abilities- can go demon dog
Apperence- mud is six foot five has Brown muzzle and paws with a Brown mud like splat on his muzzle
Bio- MUD is a timber wolf German Sheppard hybrid he loves meeting new friends and playing around

My character for RolePlays is here

Name: Zackery/Zack
Age: unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 100.02 lb
Extras: scar on his right cheek. Has a mechanical right arm.
Appearance: Light gray fur as primary(Torso, neck, head, muzzle, legs, upper tail half). Black fur as secondary (ears, nose, paws, bottom tail half). Has teased spike hair, and thick fur.


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Aye mates! My fursona is on my shall have to wait a while for it to be mended!
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