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Name: Legend

Nicknames (if any): Ledgy (only her best friends can call her that ok-)

Age: 18ish-

Species: pony

Height: 3'10''

Power (if any): uh, not very powerful unicorn magic-

Family (if any): unknown

Friends (if any): she considers Cat as a friend, but cat doesn't, she has quite a few friends

Crush (if any): that's a secret shhh-

Likes: food, friends, her computer, Eddsworld (which kinda explains the colours I guess??)

Dislikes: quiet/cramped spaces, being alone (has to have 1 person with her, can be online or by phone, too), abusive people/mean people (I mean, isn't that most people???)

Sexual orientation: grey asexual

Romantic orientation: Pan

Status: single right now

Personality (positives): friendly, caring, giving, musical, willing to make new friends, good in a relationship

Personality (negatives): sometimes a little annoying, gets depressed when alone for too long, complains sometimes

Bio: coming soon hhh-

be nice, respectful, etc.
yes, you may swear, but not too much!
you MUST fill out this sheet with a picture of your OC before you can roleplay! And you must wait for me to say "approved"!

Nicknames (if any):




Power (if any):

Family (if any):

Friends (if any):

Crush (if any):



Sexual orientation:

Romantic orientation:


Personality (positives):

Personality (negatives):


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