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Machine learning is a mixture of mathematical optimization and statistics, each tutorial disciplines in their very own right.

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Java NIO2 – Watching a directory for changes

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Other Modifiers for Members in Java

Static variables (also called class variables) only exist in the class they are defined in. They are not instantiated when an instance of the class is created.

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Top 5 books to learn Agile and Scrum Methodologies - Best, Must Read
When I started my career, it was all waterfall model. You try, fail, and then with every version you get an improved version of a software. I pretty much used to this model of software development until I was introduced to Agile development methodologies in...

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OOP'S Concept in Java

Object-Oriented Programming is a methodology or paradigm to design a program using classes and objects. It simplifies the software development and maintenance by providing some concepts:



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#TodayILearned a #gotcha with #Predicate in #Java. You can learn, too!

Here's 1 way to write a Predicate:

static Predicate<String> isEmpty() {
    return p -> 0 == p.length();

And here's another way:

static Predicate<String> isEmpty = (p) -> {
    return 0 == p.length();

Erm. What's the difference?

Well. The first is a method that generates a function, and you call it like this:

boolean test = isEmpty().test("Hello!");

Or, from a stream in a method in a class named World:


The second is a field with a pregenerated function, and you call it like this:

boolean test = isEmpty.test("Hello!");

Or, from a stream in a method in a class named World:


Notice how the method-based Predicate still has to generate a function, and thus has to be called with parentheses.

The field-based predicate already generated its function by the time it gets called, and because it's a field, no parentheses are used for accessing it.

Why Predicates at all, rather than a simple boolean-returning method?

Beats the heck out of me. 

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3 Best Spring Security Online Training Courses for Java Developers
The Spring Security is one of the leading open source, security framework which allows you to implement security in Java based web applications. It provides several security features e.g. authentication, authorization, remember me out-of-the-box, which mean...

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