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Animatronic name: Spark
Name before death: Anna
Age before death: 8
Forms: Toy, Normal, Shadow,
apperence: toy rosy red cheeks, purple eyelids,long eyelashes, ''panties'' and lipstick
normal greyish blue,blue underbelly, blue tip on tail blue snout and blue feet
shadow purpleish blue with black eyes, black underbelly
ship: FreddyXSpark
Bio: Anna/Spark was really mean to her parents and had no friends, she ate all day, ate all night and wouldn't sleep, one day she wanted to go to Freddy's pizza, so she went, she had 20 batches of pizza and then she wanted cake, so a purple man came and offered her cake with other children, so she wondered off with the purple man and the other children, she enjoyed the cake just when the purple man killed her and stuffed her in the suit, her parents left the pizzeria without her. so she came out as Spark, she didn't remember what happene so when the pizzeria closed she was let out of the room and she looked around for her parents. all she could find was a few more animatronics and the main gang, now she haunts that one child's house in FNAF 4. (a W.I.P animatronic of mine, she may soon have a bowtie)

also... Spark is Shadow form in FNAF 4

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Name:Nightmare Spring Foxy
Likes:scaring people, blood
Dislikes:alarm clocks, 12:00AM
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Animatronic Name: Sylvi the Silver Fox
Name before death: Sylvia Wilson
Age: before death: 18
Forms: Normal, Whithered, Toy, Phantom, & Nightmare and a human form
Appearance: Animatronic form Silver fur with black paws underbelly, tail tip, ear tips, and top muzzle. Eyes glow blue when feeling happy or sad but glow red when angered and glows white when her soul is removed/kicked from the animatronic suit she possesses. Human form Silver hair with a black streak with fox ears with black tips. Normally wearing a older fashion midevil time dress. Nightmare The left side of her face is torn off and her right ear is missing as well. Her left ear is badly chipped. Her muzzled has several tiny parts missing slightly exposing the endoskeleton. The whole outside of her right arm is torn off exposing the skeleton. A large rip is found down her chest to her hips. Her bottom jaw has three rows of teeth. Her finger tips have been ripped off so only the skeletal hands remain and to a sharp point. Both eyes have been ripped and both glow red as before used to be blue most of the time. Her voice box is now broken and has a static tone in it along with the stuttering and repeating and once in a while word replacing and the twitching.
Ship: FoxyXSylvi
Bio: Sylvia lived with her mother while she looked for a good college to study at and to find a part time job to earn money to save up to buy her own place but she had taken a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. She remembered when she was young that her mother took her there every week. Until the Bite of '87 happened then her mother stopped taking her there altogether. The first night was complete chaos when an older employee stayed too long and had to spend the night with her helping her with the animatronics. She got through that night and got home safely. She went back the second night and got through the second night easily. Foxy had payed her a visit but didn't kill her. When she went home she had found several newspapers and took them home. The newspapers were all about 5 children missing and presumed dead. She started to connect some dots and found out that the kids were stuffed into the animatronics and trying to get revenge on their killer. She went back for the third night but that's when everything went wrong. Foxy tried to help but failed when Bonnie found out and had Chica help him hold Foxy back as Freddy got her and stuffed her into the Silver Fox suit they had. (STILL A WIP.)
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