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iyou :)
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Heart touching Love story...
A young and handsome
boy was enjoying his life with all
the blessings from the god
and parents.
One day it had happened that he met with a blind girl. The girl's attitude and character was so good that she
impressed this boy and he became best to her.
After several months that blind girl started loving this
boy and use to say, she will marry him if she can see
The boy tried all over the hospitals to operate the
blind girl to get her the sight.
he couldn't succeed as the
blind girl's blood group was very rare. After a year he
got succeed in this she got the eye Sight. When the girl went to meet the boy at the same place
where they use to do before, she got shocked by
that “The boy is blind”.
She cruelly refused to marry
him as she has to serve for rest of life.
The next day morning she came to know that boy
committed suicide and receives a letter which
he has written to her as a last one.
When she opened it she started crying.........
..............and she couldn't stop for life
time........... .............
The letter says:
I was in love with you, I'm in love with you and I will
be in love with you Till I come back to see
you, meet you and love you Please take care of My eyes,
My dear :'(:'(:'(

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A 16 yr. old boy ask his father . " Dad; what are you going to get me for my 18th birthday ? " the father answers ; " son that's still a long way ' ... now the boy is 17 yrs . old && one day faints . his father
takes him too the hospital & the dr. says " sir your son has a bad heart . " being the guy on the stretcher the boy says ; " did he tell you im going to die ? " * father starts crying * the
boy finally recovers on his 18th birthday , so he comes home & on his bed was letter his father had left him . the letter said ; " son if yr reading this its because everything went well . remember one day you asked me ; what was i giving you for yr. 18 years & didn't know what too answer you . i gave you my heart . " happy birthday son ♥ . if you think GOD gave his son to die for you ; copy & paste this . The Bible Says ; " if you deny me in front of your . friends ; i will deny you in front of MY father . paste this if your . NOT ashamed of GOD

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Jiyo itna ki zindgi kam pad jaye, 
Hanso itna ki Rona mushkil ho jaye, 
Kisiko paana to Kismat ki baat hai, 
Magar Chaho itna ki Khuda dene par Majbur ho jaye..

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kabhi khaab mein socha na tha jina padega tujhe chor ke ...bhir mein tanhai mein mujhe tum yaad aate ho ...mujhe tum yaad aate ho ....

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