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Missy and Madden return once again to discuss...well, errrr, many varied things I'm sure. 😀

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We managed to find the record button once again so +Missy Mwac joins moi to discuss their last fortnight.

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Has it been a fortnight already? I guess it has because here's our latest episode from +Missy Mwac and I. Episode includes a little singing....sorry.

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The dubious duo of +Missy Mwac & me return once again to look at the world in our own little way.

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Bet you never saw this coming....again?

Missy and Madden are back once again after nearly four years.....Sorry.

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+Missy Mwac turns her hand to creative photographic hardware. 

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So now we ALL know. :)

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Oh I'm sure +Missy Mwac could offer some advice here. I'd simply offer D'oh!!!!
A bad day for the primary shooter.
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While out on one of my many nocturnal explorations of London drinking establishments I happened to discover that I required a trip to the little room set aside for the release of access bodily fluids.
It was whilst entering said room that I discovered the presence of a lavatory guy. One of those chaps who stands there helpfully dispensing soap and hand towels with all the uncanny ability of a plastic dispenser.
Now I'm not sure if it's just a British thing but the presence of a man standing there watching and waiting for me to let nature take its course has always been a little off putting. Fortunately I am not cursed with a shy bladder, especially after six pints, but I do experience a awkwardly embarrassed bladder.
This situation is often compounded by the fact the guy usually insists in engaging you in conversation as you go about your most personal business.
Then the dreaded moment arrives that you have to try and wash up and extract yourself from the whole situation. So once the hand wash and the hand towel has been dispensed there is the ever present pressure to reward such courteous behaviour with a tip.
So I put forth the question, what would you tip the fella for supplying such a (in)dispensable service ?

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Thought your old Star Wars action figure set was complete? Not unless you bought these useless lumps of plastic it wasn't.

I never found out what happened to my collection. In my memory one moment they are there and I'm happily help Luke and Co overthrow the evil galactic Empire and then the next memory they are gone.

Was their loss so traumatic I have erased it from my mind or has beer claimed another part of my childhood?
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