can someone please link me to information. i need to learn how to program my windows xp so that i can run tapchatapp script. i can learn fast... i am so stuck

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Hello. I was following instructions on until pic related. What's the cure?

I'm a programmer, but not a Node programmer.

How to registrasi in tapchat...
Help me please...
I'm not have a PC...

any news on when commands will be supported? it shouldn't be that hard to implement (i know, I know), especially as it's supported on the web client so it's not an issue with the server :/

I love how much this /could/ be, and it fills a niche that znc.push can't, but it falls short at the actual being an irc client part of things, even if it is good at the notifications and nonpersistent connection bit.

I love Tapchat server! I got everything setup and working! Only problem that gets me in trouble: my nick is not registered and I can't do commands on the web portal or the phone. If I register in my desktop client, I'm afraid Tapchat won't be able to login! Does anyone have a solution for this?

So I've been using tap chat now for a good while, until I got my new HTC One Mini 2 today. While on my old to everything was working properly, on the new phone not getting any notifications. Anything is turned on, like autosync an notifications in tapchat menu but nothing... Anything suggestions or tips that might help me?

Thanks a lot

The latest app update seems to have broken the use of older server versions. It loads the channels fine but instantly disconnects from the server and then refuses to reconnect.

I have not upgraded the server component for a few reasons:

1. The proper update process is never described anywhere.
2. The update process seems very flaky and seems to fail for almost everyone.
3. Due to the above and potentially needing a new node.js version seems like it might cause some downtime and make me lose my channel history in irssi. It also feels like I'd want to make a complete backup of the sdcard my cubieboard2 currently runs from to have a working setup if the upgrades was to fail.

Has the update process been fixed now?

I tried upgrading my tapchat installation today, it failed and I no longer have a working installation.

"sudo npm install tapchat -g" fails with: "npm ERR! Failed at the sqlite3@2.1.19 install script."

Tried on two Ubuntu 13.10 servers. One that has never had tapchat installet before. Same error message.

Any suggestions?

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