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Do you allow for a mortal to end up in the school of vamps?

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//Anime Vampire Pf\\

Quote: "Even with the smallest amout of light darkness can be defeated"

Name: Rose SilverMoon
Alias: Lilith
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Vampire
Sexuality: Straight

Class: Princess (Hidden Bloodline)

Loves: Sweet red whine, Music, Practicing on her own, Books and sushi.
Hates: Bloodlust, Perverts, Jerks & Assholes


Crystal Rain: This attack can cause the opponent to freeze and/or get injured badly.

Heal: To help oneself or an ally/Enemy.

Blue fire: This attack will stun the opponent but burn them at the same time with a huge amount of pain.

Nightmare Illusion: This attack allows Rose to make dark images in the mind of the opponent and make them see the blood and pain of their worst nightmare.

Poision fang: Allows Rose to bite into the skin and place poison within the body making it flow through but for her regular fang just to suck blood.

Dead Eyes: To let Rose stop the enemies attack and calculate the movements as they are slo enough for her to read them as she makes her next move.

Fury: When Rose reaches her limits thats when she becomes faster and stronger and makes her bite more powerful along with her attacks and defense

Mirror: A reflector she uses. As she makes her sphere it reflects projectiles and bullets from herself.

Weapon(s): A silver Magnum given to her by an old friend. A rod she had kept or was given to by her family.

Symbol: Heart with stakes stabbing through the heart with wings.

Personality: Kind, Stubborn, Hard headed, Smart, Short temper, risky, brave, independent.

Bio: Rose was the daughter of a vampire king and a human queen they had been holding a secret that has sealed away their enemy from attacking their home and city. The seal had been by her mother's heart to protect her child meaning she sacrificed herself for their daughter as the king waa regretfully completing the ceremony of sealing a bloody sacrifice since Rose's mom had a special blood in her that can seal and make powerful Rose had developed tht blood making her the target. Later when she turned 5 a war had begun between the enemies of the werewolves and the evil vampires they were wanting the blood that Rose had inherited. It was a bloody battle field leaving only the screams and torment to the soldiers roar. Rose is now avenging her family's deaths by hunting them down.

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Species: (non-pureblood) Vampire
Age: 16
Nickname: Flash
Likes: Being fast (hints the nickname)
Dislikes: Visions
Gender: Female
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Black 
Pet: Cat

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«Name» Eris Namitu
«Age» 16
«Gender» Male
«Occupation» Homosexual
«Appearance» Soft, creamy, pale, skin, violet pupils with specks of a whitish pink, small, long, thick eyelashes, soft, pink, lips and light pink, braided hair that reach down to his waist.
«Personality» shy, clumsy, kind.
«Dislikes» Yelling, fighting, and clowns.
«Likes» Candy, sweets, animals, stars and reading.

As a child, Eris was known as the "Pretty Boy" by all the other children. For weeks, he'd been tormented by the other kids, mostly the boys. They pulled his hair, called him names and made fun of him. Sure, he could have told his parents, even the teachers, but alas, being the shy boy he was, he couldn't bring himself to do so. So, as days went by, the tormenting kept going. Eventually his parents found out, seeing him coming home with bruises. His parents decided to move, believing it was better if he moved to another environment. Years went by, as each day passed, it was finally his 10th birthday. Getting up, he made his way into the bathroom. Reaching for his toothbrush, he felt something different. He opened his mouth, looking into the mirror. A small gasp escaped his lips, inside his mouth were two small, but pointy fangs. He quickly ran out the bathroom, and down the stairs, and into the kitchen where his mother and father were. They both smiled at him, he saw that they did smile showing their teeth. His mother saw that he had a confused look on his face, She asked what was wrong. Eris opened his mouth, showing her what he saw this morning. He expected her to gasp and scream, but she only looked at her husband with worry in her eyes. Her husband nodded his head. After a few minutes of talking, Eris finally knew the truth. Now 15, he could finally attend real school. His parents passed away due to being in an accident, and he was currently living with his aunt. She believed it was time to forget the past, and move on. Eris missed his parents, but he didn't want to break their promise. As weeks went by, he couldn't help but see how he grew. He was slightly tall, had a slim figure, a little big near the hips, his hair grew longer, and his eyes shone with a light pinkish, violet color. He had just finished the 8th year, as he was now going to attend high school. He worked a waiter for a small cafe. He could easily hide his fangs, the sun didn't bother him, he did have a thirst for blood but his aunt took care of that. It was summer, but he couldn't wait. Sure, he was nervous, really nervous but he hoped for the best. Gently laying on his bed, he fell into a deep slumber as he awaited the next day to come.

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He would finally arrive at the school, with a emotionless expression

"Hmm.. This is the place...? I Dont see her anywhere.."

He would continue to search for his sister

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Name:Ren Shimuzu
Age:20 (Real age only known by his sister)
Appearance: Black hair and Red eyes
Traits: Sadistic, Confident, Loner, Creepy, A Little Good a little evil
Likes: Her Sister, Pets, Quiet spaces
Dislikes:Angels,Cool Kids, Sun

Bio: Ren, along with his sister +Miss Quinn had been Abused most of their life. He has no wings because of this. His sister, Shinko, Had told him to help her "Repay our Mother" (Hurting her) Ren agreed with this and they eventually Drove their mother to insanity. Shinko and Ren Were Partners in crime, usually hurting others, or Vandalizing. Ren wouldn't care if someone got hurt unless if it were his sister.
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Updated Profile:

Name:Shinko Shimizu
Half Angel half Vampire
Traits: Kind, Protective, Hyper, Awkward, Clumsy, Creepy
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Likes: Sweets, Swimming, Her Brother, Music, Nighttime
Dislikes: Strangers, Small Spaces, School, Brightness

Bio: Shinko does not have many friends and doesn't trust many people because she was often "used" by people. Her mom abused her because she was not only a Angel, but a Vampire. This caused Shinko's Mother to Tear off half of her wing. Shinko never felt the same again. And only trust's her closest's friends.

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Goodnight 😪😴😴😴

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As she was unconscious on the cold damp grass, Her eyes would fade into dark blue eyes, But Along with that, her hair would turn black as night

She would wake up

W-What..? H..How did this.. Happen?

She would look around, hoping someone was looking for her

But. No one..

As she got up she would notice several cuts on her arms and think "Who did this..."

(She had lost her memory)
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